Hide Toys with Creative Toy Storage

Shelves with baskets

The holidays are hectic enough without constantly cleaning up toys. Give yourself (or your significant other) a present this year and plan to store toys, creatively. Whether purchasing a storage solution or taking on a DIY project such as hanging floating shelves – you’re on the right track to calming the chaos of the holidays by corralling the influx of toys!

Here are a few cool storage solutions available from Amazon:

Storage bean bags

Linen folding toy box chest

Toy storage net

You can also purchase shelving units from Ikea and most national retailers. These units are relatively inexpensive, easy to assemble and are great at holding bins and baskets. For shelving units, bureaus and bookshelves – always use the safety anchors and secure them to walls because they can topple onto children who use furniture to pull up and stand.

If you have a toy box or hope chest and children in the home, use your power drill to add breathing holes into these containers in case a child gets trapped inside.

Shelves are great for stacking books, figurines or baskets to collect stuffed animals, cars, blocks, games and more.

  1. Repurpose materials for new shelves
  2. Install DIY floating shelves
  3. Storage space under the stairs

If brainstorming storage got you thinking – Mr. Handyman has more ideas on how to create a themed playroom for your little one(s)! If you simply don’t have time to build shelves or handle another repair, maintenance and improvement project in your home, you can trust the experienced professionals at Mr. Handyman. Call us at (877) 685-1377 or contact us online to request service from the local franchise near you! For the rest of your home service needs, call one of our many sister brands at Neighborly to get the job done.