How to Install a Wood Accent Wall

how to install a wood accent wall

If you’re looking to add warm accents and rich texture to your home, a wood accent wall could be the answer you’re looking for! Let the pros at Mr. Handyman help you find the perfect location and wood type for your accent wall.

Between store-bought products to reclaimed barn wood, there are a variety of options, but what will look best in your home? Learn the ins and outs of wood accent walls below.  

How to Install a Wood Accent Wall in 8 Steps

Building a wood accent wall is an exciting way to add a focal point and statement to your home. View these eight steps to build your perfect wood accent wall. If at any time you require assistance or would simply like the professionals at Mr. Handyman to take on the project, give us a call at.

Pick your wall

  • The accent wall should not be selected randomly. Great options for the accent wall include the wall behind your headboard, where your mantel sits, or even where the television is. Many times, the chosen wall is already the focal point of the room.

Measure the wall

  • Properly measuring the wall will ensure you purchase enough wood to complete the job. Who wants to run out of wood when they’re almost done with the project?  Measure height and width (highest and widest points) and multiply them. This gives you the approximate square footage of the wall. You should plan to purchase 10-15% more than you need to make sure you don’t run out or pieces at the end of your project. If you choose reclaimed wood, plan on extra waste, as some of the reclaimed material will not be suitable for use.

Select your type of wood

  • Wood planks can be purchased distressed or painted and ready for your project. If you’re looking for a more unique route, purchase the planks unpainted and stain them yourself.
  • Purchasing tongue and groove boards can save time in the installation process. They fit together and can be easily sawed to fit perfectly to the corners of the walls.
  • Sourcing your wood from a locally salvaged barn or historical building is a unique way to add a piece of the community to your space. Reclaimed barn wood can also be purchased at larger stores; some even come with pre-adhesive backing.

Collect your tools and supplies

  • Building an accent wall is a pretty major project that can require a variety of tools and supplies based on the type of wood you select. Here are the basic items that every accent wall builder will need:
    • wood planks or reclaimed barn wood
    • stud finder
    • level and pencil
    • a securing agent; consider a hammer and nails, nail gun, or adhesive to secure the planks on the wall. If you do plan to use adhesive, make sure you are not hanging or anchoring anything on the wall such as pictures or a mirror. The adhesive is great to install lighter-weight products, but anything that will be carrying weight should be secured with nails.
    • miter saw or table saw (to cut off the edges of the wood plank for the perfect fit)

Mark the project out

  • Find all of the studs and mark them all so you know where to nail them during the project. If you’re using an adhesive, it’s recommended to mark out where you’ll be putting the planks to make sure you’re ready to adhere to them.

Cut the wood

  • After you measure the project, you will know how many pieces of wood you will need to cut to allow for the perfect fit.
  • If you have any outlets, light switches, or a thermostat on your wall, make sure you measure and cut out a place for them on the wood before you start the installation process.

Adhere the wood to the walls

  • Starting from the bottom, remove all baseboards and start placing your wood as originally planned out when you were marking the project. Always make sure these boards are straight and level by using your level with each row of wood installed.
  • After getting the board where you want it, apply the adhesive and hold the cut board tightly to the wall. If you’re not using an adhesive, you will first need to use a nail gun to hold the board and then you will be able to use a nail on a stud to secure the board.

Apply stain or paint

  • Once you have your wooden planks secured to your wall, it’s time to make it your own! Add paint or stain as needed. If you decided to go with pre-distressed wood or reclaimed barn wood, you will not need to apply anything additional.

Alternative Options for Your Walls

Are you on the fence about installing a wood accent wall? The professionals at Mr. Handyman can help! From wood and paint and wainscoting, Mr. Handyman can help you create the accent wall that’s perfect for your home. We can also recommend additional options and provide installations for projects such as floating shelves, shiplap, and more.  

Schedule Mr. Handyman Services

Don’t let life keep you from the wood accent wall of your dreams! If you don’t have the time or experience necessary, or if you don’t feel comfortable doing this type of installation on your own, trust the professionals at Mr. Handyman to provide quick, quality, and accurate installation services.

If you’re ready to get started creating your wood accent wall, call your local Mr. Handyman expert or schedule an appointment online.