How Much Does Drywall Repair Cost in 2024?

Image of damaged drywall with a large dent.

Depending on the issue, fixing drywall can be as inexpensive as $10, or it can cost over $1,500.

When it comes to homeownership, one of the most popular types of maintenance or repair concerns drywall. Depending on the issue, fixing drywall can be as inexpensive as $10, or it can cost over $1,500. Whether you’re dealing with accidental water damage or holes made to hang photos, at some point, you’ll find yourself asking, what does drywall repair cost? In this article, we’ll review some of the different types of drywall repairs and factors that can affect the cost.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Drywall Repair

Just like any other home repair project, a few factors will affect how much it costs to get drywall repaired properly, including:

  • Size of the repair area
  • Type of damage 
  • Presence of water damage
  • Geographic location 
  • Presence of pests, lead paint, or asbestos

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Drywall repair materials

The cost of materials is a major factor in how much your drywall repair costs. After booking an appointment with Mr. Handyman, you can purchase the materials yourself, or our service professionals will provide them for an additional cost.

Here’s the approximate cost for materials you’ll need:

  • Drywall patch: $7 per patch
  • Drywall: $13-$24 per 8-by-12-foot sheet
  • Drywall tape: $10 per roll
  • Spackle: $5 per 8 ounces
  • Putty knife: $4
  • Screws: $6 per pound
  • Sandpaper: $6 per sanding sponge
  • Paint: $20-$40 per gallon
  • Mud: $5 per gallon

Drywall repair cost per square foot 

When determining how much your drywall repair will cost, consider the total square footage of the drywall that needs repair. Once you calculate the total square footage, you can get a cost estimate for the repair from a drywall repair professional in your area.

Chart recaps the drywall repair cost by square foot

Here’s an idea of how the cost per square foot can vary:

Square Feet














Drywall repair cost by type of solution 

There are a few ways you can repair drywall, depending on the type and extent of the damage. These are the average costs for common drywall repair solutions:

Image recaps the average prices for drywall repair




$7 per patch


$5 per 8 ounces


$10 per roll


$6 per sanding sponge


$5 per gallon

Drywall repair cost by type of damage

Certain types of drywall damage are more costly to repair than others. For example, you can sometimes repair a small hole from a misplaced anchor with an inexpensive patch kit, but ceiling repairs are costly because they require specialized equipment and expertise.

Here’s the cost range you can expect for each type of repair:

Type of Damage






Small holes


Large holes






Nail pop


Water damage



If you need a small drywall crack repair, chances are the repair costs will also be small. However, your costs will be higher if the crack requires removing and replacing a large amount of drywall to complete the repair.

Average cost to repair: $10-$450

Ceiling repair 

A drywall ceiling repair may be necessary if something was hung from the ceiling or the ceiling was damaged as a result of water, fire, or some other event. Since ceilings are not as easy to reach and work on, these repairs require more effort and have higher labor costs. In addition to the complexity, the extent of the damage will also be a factor since it may require more people and equipment to complete the job.  

Average cost to repair: $230-$1,400

Small holes 

Sometimes, the drywall anchor that’s used to hang a picture might break. When this happens, you’ll have to remove it, install a new one, and repair the hole it left behind. This is a relatively easy and minor repair that should only take a few minutes.

Average cost to repair: $10-$135

Large holes 

Larger holes in drywall can be replaced with larger patches or by hanging a new drywall sheet, depending on the cause and extent of the damage. 

Average cost to repair: $60-$225


Small dents in drywall can be repaired fairly easily, which means the cost of drywall repair per square foot is going to be pretty affordable.

However, if the dent is on the corner of a wall, you may need to remove the corner bead that holds the two pieces of drywall together. This will add time and labor to the job, which will increase the costs of the repair.

Average cost to repair: $10-$160


If the tear in your drywall repair is relatively small, you may not need to remove any drywall to repair it. Some torn drywall paper can be fixed using a primer or sealer and a joint compound. If this is possible, it will keep your drywall repair cost low.

Average cost to repair: $25-$130

Nail pop 

Over time, there’s some natural movement in a house as the frame settles and shifts. This can cause the nails to shift or “pop” out of place so they’re visible through the wall paint. Repairing nail pops is usually simple and inexpensive.

Average cost to repair: $10-$70

Water damage 

If you need to replace drywall after water damage, it will be a pricier repair. Ensure you fix the root of the water damage, hire a professional to remove all the damaged drywall, and install water-resistant drywall to prevent further issues.

Average cost to repair: $550-$1,600

Common Causes of Drywall Damage 

Various issues can cause drywall damage, from normal wear and tear to natural disasters. Here are the most common culprits:

  • Water damage: Occurs when a leak reaches drywall, affecting its integrity
  • Cracks: Occur when temperature, humidity, or foundation movement causes drywall to shift
  • Dents: Occur when there’s force applied to a wall, such as a heavy object hitting it
  • Holes: Occur with improper tool or anchor use 
  • House settling: Occurs when a home’s foundation shifts and causes a variety of drywall issues, such as nail pops

How To Save Money on Drywall Repair 

While all home repairs and maintenance come with some associated costs, there are ways to reduce the cost of drywall repair per square foot. Some ways to save money on drywall repair include:

  • Repair weak drywall spots or damage before they become a larger problem.
  • Use repair patches instead of whole sheets of drywall.
  • DIY small and minor drywall repairs yourself.
  • Use a primer-sealer for torn drywall repair.
  • Save old scraps of drywall for future repairs.
  • Reinforce repairs with drywall tape.
  • “Sand” drywall repairs with a wet sponge.
  • Use spray foam instead of drywall patches.

When considering a shortcut or "hack," make sure that the pros outweigh the cons. If you’re not confident you can fix a hole yourself, your drywall mistakes may cost you more in the long run.

When To Call a Drywall Repair Professional 

While there are situations where a DIY repair might be sufficient, hiring a professional for drywall repair is usually a better option. Many drywall repairs may seem simple and straightforward but require some expertise to get the repair looking just right.

Here are some examples of when a DIY repair might not be the best idea:

  • If you’ve never repaired drywall before
  • If you don’t have enough time to commit to ensure a thorough repair
  • If the repair is in a highly visible area
  • If a corner or corner bead repair is required
  • If the repairs are extensive and cover a large area
  • If ceiling repairs are needed

In most cases, calling in a professional is the best way to get a job done quickly and correctly without adding more work and stress to your to-do list.


Check out these responses to your top questions about drywall repair costs.

Is it better to replace or repair drywall? 

For smaller areas, a drywall repair can be a quick and simple solution. But if the wall needs extensive repair or it’s from water or pest damage, a drywall replacement might be more suitable to ensure you address the root of the issue.

What does drywall repair include? 

Drywall repair typically includes everything needed to restore the structural integrity of the damaged drywall. Ask your service professional if the repair includes repainting.

How long should a drywall repair take? 

A simple drywall repair job can take up to two hours to complete. Then, it takes 24 hours to dry before the repair can be painted. More extensive repairs such as ceiling repair can take several days.

Contact the Pros for Drywall Repair

While many minor drywall repairs can be done quickly and easily, some require the experience and expertise of a professional. If you have drywall damage that needs repair and you want to save time, effort, and stress, contact a Mr. Handyman near you and get a quote for your drywall repair cost. 

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