Must-Know Reasons Why You Need Brighton Gutter Repairs

A damaged gutter system filled with roots and debris, with one section entirely broken off, that should be fixed or replaced with professional gutter repairs.
Gutters are made to efficiently direct water away from your Brighton property, so heavy rainfall won’t cause major water damage to your siding, roof and other parts of your home or business. Subsequently, they are one of the most important (if one of the most overlooked) systems on your property and come with a huge responsibility. When damaged or clogged, gutters can cause a wide range of problems, from severe foundation damage to enabling wood rot to spore and grow. For this reason, it's essential that you deal with any minor or major damage quickly by calling a reliable handyman for expert rain gutter repair in Brighton, CO.

Although your outside drainage is constantly exposed to the elements, it is designed to protect and perform, just like any other system in your Brighton home. That said, routine maintenance and repairs from a trusted Brighton handyman will help you keep everything in the best possible shape.

If your drainage system is not working properly, water that should otherwise be emptied at a safe distance away from your home will spill down your siding. This can cause staining on your siding, erosion to your lawn or paving stones, and even flooding in your basement. The sooner you complete repairs, the less likely you’ll have to deal with those complications in Brighton.

Gutter repair is an unpleasant job. And, it can be unsafe if you're not accustomed to climbing ladders or are wary of heights. Hiring a reliable Brighton handyman from Mr. Handyman of Brighton and Surrounding Area for gutter repair services will ensure a safe rainy season.

How Do I Know if I Need Brighton Gutter Repair?

Although eavestroughs are made to last, you will need Brighton gutter repair sooner or later. Don’t ignore any serious warning signs; instead, call your local handyman for immediate gutter repair. Brighton CO homes are in great danger during the rainy season, especially if it has been a while since your last gutter cleaning service. Our team of experts has made a list of red flags below, so you can address issues well before they escalate into serious problems.

1. Clogs

One of the most common problems with drainage systems in Brighton and many other areas is that they can become clogged from time to time. This is why regularly scheduled cleaning services are so important. Clogged gutters cause a lot of problems, from roof leaks to foundation damage. By scheduling routine maintenance with your Brighton handyman, you can prevent the following problems:

  • Flooding basements and attics
  • Destroying gardens and landscaping
  • Staining and damaging siding
  • Causing problems with wood rot, mold and mildew
  • Cracking your home's foundation
  • Eroding paving stones and walkways
  • Enabling pests to infiltrate your home
  • Damaging the gutter itself, by causing it to break away from its brackets

2. Leaks

Any type of leak in your home is a sign of alarm, even leaky gutters. Usually, leaks in your drainage system are caused by loose fasteners or cracks/holes. Hangers, screws, or fasteners that hold your rain gutters to the fascia boards can pop out of place during strong winds. This will lead to leaks or even make the drainage system break off your roofline.

Cracks and holes can also be the culprits if your system is older and severely worn. Cracks and small holes will lure pests and rodents into your attic if you don’t call for Brighton gutter repair immediately.

3. Joint Separation

If you don’t have gutter guards, and you don’t regularly clean out debris, it won’t take long for your system to take on weight. Besides water, leaves, pine needles, dirt, garbage and other debris will make their way into your eavestroughs, and sometimes even pests and critters.

All that accumulated weight on your drainage system will only get worse as time goes by until the joints, brackets, and your fascia boards give up. Without proper maintenance and gutter repair, Brighton CO property owners will experience joints and brackets separating or falling off the roof edge entirely, resulting in the need for more serious roof repairs.

4. Poor Downspout Drainage

As a crucial connector to your gutters, downspouts need to be installed at a specific angle that allows water to flow smoothly. The elbow connector at the bottom ensures the rainwater drains as far from your home’s foundation as possible, so water won’t overwhelm your weeping tile or even flood your basement via foundation cracks. This could lead to structural problems and also destroy your landscaping.

Your Brighton handyman recommends installing downspout runoffs several feet away from your home. You’ll need a minimum of four feet for efficient drainage. If extra space is available, six feet is even better to ensure your Brighton property’s safety.

5. Slope Issues

Like downspouts, your drainage system needs to slope correctly to work properly. Since downspout pipes operate with the law of gravity, the right slope angle is critical. If sloped incorrectly, the water will not flow properly. It might leak over the sides of the pipes, or not move through them at all. This could result in serious issues that require Brighton gutter repair. Often, issues with slope occur because the system was not installed properly to begin with. At Mr. Handyman of Brighton and Surrounding Area, our team are not only pros at gutter repair. We also provide professional gutter installation services.

Need Help With Brighton Gutter Repairs? Call Mr. Handyman!

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We'll expertly complete the necessary cleaning services and/or make the necessary repairs or installations required to ensure your system works properly year-round and stays in pristine condition. We offer efficient solutions for all situations in Brighton and nearby areas, whether completing a minor repair or a large project.

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