As summer comes to an end and cool, crisp weather begins to set in, residents of Brighton, CO find themselves prepping their homes for the winter. Perennial flowers and shrubs are pruned to promote growth the following growing season, leaves begin to fall and are raked up to be composted and lawnmowers are tucked away in the shed for next year. These are the tasks that most homeowners don’t mind, but there’s one that many would prefer to forget in Brighton: gutter cleaning.

Those who use wishful thinking to convince themselves that this task isn’t necessary will tell themselves that the main benefit of gutter cleaning comes down to curb appeal. While everyone wants their home to look well cared for, the appearance of clogged gutters doesn’t do any real damage to one’s financial situation simply by looking unappealing. Or so you might think.

In reality, clogged gutters can lead to all kinds of problems, including property damage that can result in costly repairs. Whether you’re a residential property owner or a business owner, you should clean your gutters out at a minimum, once every autumn—but preferably in the springtime as well. With the help of a Brighton handyman, you can get your gutters clean without lifting a finger or shelling out more money than your gutters are worth. To book your Brighton gutter cleaning service, give us a call today or continue reading to find out more about what our service entails and how it can benefit you and your home.

A handyman wearing a yellow glove and pulling wet, rotted leaves out of a home’s gutter during an appointment for gutter cleaning in Brighton, CO.

Why Brighton Gutter Cleaning Is A Non-Negotiable

There’s a common misconception that professional Brighton gutter cleaning companies promote annual and semi-annual use of their services to line their own pockets rather than customers truly needing these services this often. While some homeowners may not need to clean their gutters as regularly, this is rare. For this to be true, you would have to live on a property that not only didn’t have trees or bushes but also neighbors who are vegetation-free. If you look out your window right now and can see several trees, you can pretty much guarantee that you need annual gutter cleaning in Brighton, CO.

The overarching reason that gutter cleaning is so important comes down to cost. Time and time again, homeowners find that the cost of investing in a regular Brighton gutter cleaning service is much less than the cost of making repairs that arise from neglecting this home maintenance task. Some of the main consequences of failing to clean your rain gutters include:

Roof damage. Wood is a builder’s best friend, but this natural material also comes with substantial drawbacks. Wood rot, a form of fungi-induced decay, is essential to recycling deadwood and revitalizing nutrients in the ecosystem, but this process is less desirable when it takes place within buildings. Once begun, wood rot is incredibly difficult to stop.

When your gutters are clogged with leaves and other debris, water will spill over the edge of the troughs and come into contact with important wood roofing structures, such as fascia boards and wood siding. Replacing damaged fascia boards will cost much more than a series of affordable gutter cleaning appointments. Plus, because fascia boards protect your attic from the elements, their deterioration may make them less effective and result in water infiltrating your attic, where it will do even more damage.

Basement and foundation damage. When water is unable to be carried away from the side of your home, it ends up pooling on the ground close to your home. Here, it sinks into the soil and—if the rain is heavy enough—seeps into your foundation. If this water freezes and thaws, you can end up with significant foundation damage, or even basement water damage.

Pest problems. Gutters full of leaves, twigs and other debris can be a very appealing home for insects, birds and small rodents. While they may not do significant damage to your gutters, you never know what kind of critter might be attracted, nor what damage they’re capable of doing.

These are serious issues, but they can be easily avoided with regular cleaning. Though gutter cleaning in Brighton, CO and everywhere else is messy and involves going up and down the steps of your ladder more than you’d like, the time spent doing this menial chore is well worth the price you’ll pay for basement, foundation and roofing damage. You can certainly clean your gutters all by yourself with nothing more than a ladder, some gloves and a trash bag, but if you’d rather dedicate your time and effort to more enjoyable activities, consider using our Brighton gutter cleaning services instead.

Our Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

At Mr. Handyman of Brighton and Surrounding Area, we have the tools, equipment, knowledge and experience to help you achieve clean gutters. Some of the basic tools we’ll need and use to deliver our professional service include:

  • Trowels or gutter scoops
  • Ladders and extension ladders
  • Buckets
  • Garden hoses
  • Safety goggles
  • Durable gloves
  • Face mask

It’s not always obvious what kind of contaminants are in your gutters, so wearing a mask and goggles protects our expert handyman professionals from being exposed to anything that might be harmful to their health.

Every handyman has his own tricks, but generally, your service technician will start by cleaning out your downspout. Using two buckets—one with tools and one for debris—they’ll move along the roof’s edge and shovel debris into the bucket for disposal. Once all the large debris has been removed, a hose will be placed at the highest point (or the area the furthest away from the downspout) to flush out any tiny remaining debris.

The service will conclude with a quick inspection to ensure that all clogs have been removed. Your technician will also clean up thoroughly behind them, leaving your yard just as clean as they found it, except for much cleaner gutters than you had before!

How Do I Avoid Needing A Brighton Gutter Cleaning Service?

Many of our customers ask if there’s a way to avoid gutter cleaning in Brighton, CO. Unfortunately, gutter cleaning is completely unavoidable if you don’t want to have to worry about needing costly repairs. However, there is a solution to reduce how often this task must be done.

Gutter guards are devices that can be installed on or within your troughs to reduce the amount of debris that ends up inside. A professional gutter cleaner can install these for you, or you can pick some up from your local hardware store and install them yourself. Plus, there are a ton of different styles available so you’re sure to find a design that works for your system. These styles include:

  • Screen guards. Similar to a screen door on exterior entryways, screen guards have small holes in them to allow small debris to get through and flush through your troughs. Because they have a flat design, leaves and twigs tend to collect on top of them and still need brushing off now and then.
  • Micro mesh guards. Essentially a very fine screen guard, this style prevents even less debris from entering your troughs. Like screens, they also require occasional cleaning.
  • Foam guards. Whereas the above two types sit on top of troughs, foam guards sit within the trough itself. This open cell foam allows water to be absorbed and pass through while blocking almost all debris. Though this is one of the cheapest guards available, it will only last you a handful of years.
  • Brush guards. Like a big water bottle cleaning brush, these guards sit within troughs and trap large debris in their bristles.
  • Reverse curve guards. Widely understood as the most effective type of guard, these units are generally installed on your fascia boards. They’re completely covered with a curved edge that overhangs the troughs and a narrow slit beneath them. Using principles of surface tension in water, these guards allow water to curve along the edge and flow into the troughs while forcing larger debris to slide right off the edge.

Before rushing off to the store to invest in gutter guards that you’re sure will solve all your problems, there are a couple of things that are important to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to remember that gutter guards do not eliminate the need for gutter cleaning. You’ll still need to do maintenance or hire someone else to do it for you. Second, be careful with guards that ask you to staple or nail them to your roof. Doing so can void your roof warranty.

Handyman of Brighton and Surrounding Area Is a Leading Choice For Gutter Cleaning in Brighton, CO

If you need gutter cleaning in Brighton, CO, there’s no better choice than our expert team. Our experienced team has an average of 12 years’ experience in the handyman and carpentry industries and has done many gutter cleanings over the years.

In addition to the job being done right—and our complete satisfaction guarantee when it comes to quality workmanship—we’ve developed a reputation for being a handyman company that consistently provides outstanding customer service. We don’t just see our customers’ needs as a standalone job but as an opportunity to cultivate customer trust and create relationships with our clients. When you choose Mr. Handyman of Brighton and Surrounding Area for Brighton gutter cleaning, you can’t go wrong.

Brighton Gutter Cleaning FAQs


Understandably, our customers want to know exactly how much our Brighton gutter cleaning service costs before committing to it. While we’d love to be able to indicate pricing here, it’s difficult to do so without knowing the size of their homes, the complexity of their gutter system and potential repairs that need to be completed at the same time.

According to some widely available national cost guides, the cost of gutter cleaning is, on average, between about $120 and $250. Keep in mind that your service could be more or less depending on the kind of shape your gutters are in and the amount of work involved. Regardless, we strive to provide local residents with gutter cleaning services at an affordable price.

To find out exactly how much it will cost, contact us for a quote. In some cases, we may be able to provide a quote over the phone, but we generally prefer to come out to see your home in person so that we can provide the most accurate quote possible.


You certainly can! If you’re confident on a ladder and perhaps even need a bit of alone time away from your active family, gutter cleaning might seem rather appealing. However, because this is one of the most affordable home services, many homeowners and commercial property owners prefer to hire us to do the job for them. For many, the amount of time and effort that goes into cleaning is worth the cost of hiring a professional.


Though this page is dedicated to gutter cleaning, there are circumstances in which cleaning may no longer be enough. If you’ve had your gutters installed for several decades, or you’ve neglected gutter cleaning in the past and have ample deterioration to show for it, you may find yourself in need of gutter replacement. Cracks and holes can be repaired temporarily, but the best strategy to protect your home from water damage is to have them entirely replaced.

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Whether you need Brighton gutter cleaning or one of our other services, such as window cleaning and roof cleaning, you can count on the experts at Mr. Handyman of Brighton and Surrounding Area to get the job done right. In addition to Brighton, we proudly serve areas such as Thornton and North Glenn.

For a complete list of our quality services, take a look at our local services list online or give us a call directly. We’re happy to help with any home improvement, maintenance or handyman-type project. Not only will we get the job done right, but you can count on quality customer service throughout the project as well! Check out our local reviews and be fully confident in choosing our team to help you, your family or your business with your next project. And be sure to check for any current special offers. We look forward to working with you!

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