Brighton Concrete Polishing

Whether you have concrete floors for your garage, your bar, or your living room, the material brings with it a hardy charm. Naturally porous, the mixture is mostly derived from limestone and clay with a handful of additional ingredients. When left dirty and unpolished, concrete is susceptible to cracks and chipping, not to mention it gives the surfaces in your home the look of a construction site. When you schedule Brighton concrete polishing services, not only will you elevate the visual appeal of your flooring but also increase its durability.

Are you considering concrete floor polishing? Your Brighton handyman is the right choice for the job. Bringing an average of 12+ years of experience and a dedication to every service we provide, you can rely on the expert team at Mr. Handyman of Brighton and Surrounding Area to leave your floors glistening and stronger than ever. Read on to discover more about our Brighton concrete polishing process and why we’re locals’ preferred handyman.

About Our Brighton Concrete Polishing Process

You’ve just learned a bit about why concrete polishing may be the right choice for your floors, but there’s so much more to know about the project. So, why is polishing concrete such a good idea, and why now? Whether you’ve had your concrete polished before or this is the first time, your concrete surfaces will thank you. Polishing is more like buffing or sanding in that it transforms a very porous floor into a sealed surface that repels water, oil, and other substances that can seep into its tiny holes. This act can help extend the life of your concrete flooring and prevent the need for costly repairs.

The other main benefit of polishing? It looks incredible. Buffing your floor will turn dull, dry concrete into a shiny, reflective surface. There are different levels of polishing available, and while not all of them result in an extremely shiny surface, if you choose to use finer grit materials, it will. The finer the grit, the higher the shine and the tighter the seal. Here’s a look at exactly how our Brighton concrete polishing process works:


At Mr. Handyman of Brighton and Surrounding Area, we offer dry polishing services. Dry polishing is quicker and less messy, but it still requires the use of proper safety equipment. Our qualified crew will wear protective gear and ensure your surfaces are free from obstructions and debris. We need a clean and dry floor to start the process, so the first step in our polishing service is always a thorough inspection of the work area.

First Polish

There are a few different steps in the actual polishing process, depending on your preferred level of shine. The first removes surface finishes and is typically called the grind and seal process. It’s common for paint to be applied to concrete, and as the surface is naturally porous, dirt often collects in its microscopic openings. The first polish will remove all of this as well as scuff marks or black heel marks. After this first step, we may find chips or small holes on the surface of your concrete. We’ll need to fill these before letting them dry and going over the surface again with the same level of grit.

Second Polish

The next polish will be using a much smaller grit. We’ll polish the entirety of your floor before cleaning up the dust. Once the surface is free from concrete dust, we’ll apply a sealant. If you prefer to have a highly reflective floor, we’ll continue with additional polishes using finer and finer grits ranging up to 3,000 grit. For reference, we likely started with a pad with 15 grit.

Final Steps

When polishing is complete, we’ll remove the dust and wipe down the surface. We will apply the final layer of sealer to give your floors that classic mirror finish. It will take under an hour to dry and then you can go about your day as usual!

The entire polishing process can be completed in under a day, causing minimal disturbance to your everyday routines. Keep in mind that polishing does produce dust, so it’s important that we section off the work area before we begin. Before we leave, you can rest assured knowing we will clean up all of our mess.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Concrete Polishing in Brighton?

In the case of Brighton concrete polishing, this particular type of concrete flooring service is one you want to be completed by a professional team. You can trust Mr. Handyman of Brighton and the Surrounding Area for top-tier service no matter what you hire us for. When scheduling a service, on your appointment day, you can expect a team with an average of 12+ years of experience to arrive at your home on time, in uniform, and ready to get to work. We’ll complete the service in a timely manner with respect for your home.

Because most of our services are charged by the job and not the hour, the price you pay isn’t dependent on how long it takes. Other reasons our customers love us? Just check out our local reviews!

From bathroom remodeling and drywall repair to handrail and stair installation, Brighton chooses our experienced team whenever they’re looking for high-quality workmanship, a wide range of services, and total customer satisfaction.

FAQs About Brighton Concrete Polishing

Is Polished Concrete a Good Idea?

You bet it is. Regular concrete that hasn’t been polished will damage much more easily than polished concrete. It also doesn’t look as polished. However, polished concrete is only a good idea if it’s done correctly. It needs to be performed, sealed, and maintained with time to help it look its best and last as long as possible. Compared to other types of flooring, such as carpets and hardwood, concrete slabs require much less upkeep.

That’s the importance of choosing a professional for the job. We know exactly which grits to use, how many coats of sealant are required, and how to maintain it so that it continues to look great and stay damage-free. If you’re looking for a long-lasting flooring option, polished quality concrete will always be the top choice. It will far outlast wood floors, laminate, and luxury vinyl planks.

Is There a Difference Between Concrete Grinding and Polishing?

Yes and no. Technically, they are the same thing, but they do have subtle differences. Let’s go over them.

Concrete grinding is considered the first step of any concrete polishing service. It involves using a coarser grit to grind off the top layers of concrete. This process makes the surface more durable and creates a tighter seal. Sealer can then be applied to further protect the floor.

Concrete polishing is the final step in the process for home and business owners who want a mirror-like finish. It involves using a series of finer grit polishing floor pads to polish the concrete into something highly reflective. If you’re at all familiar with marble polishing, the technique is the same. Without polishing, marble is matte and porous. When polished, it becomes shiny and impenetrable. The same goes for concrete.

In both, a chemical densifier is applied for added protection. The amount of polish you choose depends on your unique preference. You may not need a reflective concrete finish in your garage, but you may want one on your concrete patio or bar floors. Not sure which to choose? Give us a call. We’ll show you all of your options, and you can pick the best fit for your space.

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Polishing in Brighton?

You’re familiar with some of the benefits of Brighton concrete polishing, but there are actually quite a few more than just looks and durability.

  • Stain resistance: Thanks to the tight bond that polished concrete has, it is resistant to stains. This makes it an excellent choice for homes with kids and pets; just be sure to put down a few rugs, as this surface is quite hard. Install polished concrete in your kitchen to avoid the risk of stains on spaghetti night.
  • Visual appeal: Aside from a shiny surface providing an attractive appearance, service professionals can sometimes even include patterns while polishing.
  • Slip resistance: While it may look slippery, a polished concrete floor is, in fact, not. Unless you spill water on the surface, you won’t run the risk of slips. Oddly enough, polished concrete is actually more slip resistant than unpolished concrete.
  • Easy to clean: Thanks to its non-porous nature, polished floors are a breeze to clean. When you clean, you don’t have to worry about staining your floor with oil-based products either. Plus, you won't need to use chemical cleaners to get an effective result—soapy water will suffice!
  • Upgrades old floors: Concrete tends to look dull with time. With chips and cracks, not to mention its absorptive nature, it can take on stains and look quite shabby. One quick polish is all that’s needed to buff off imperfections and fortify its strength.
  • Reflects more light: Surfaces that are better at reflecting mean that you can use fewer lights in your home and get the same level of brightness. While turning off a few of your lamps may not seem like a big energy saver, it all adds up.

Buff & Beautify: Call Mr. Handyman for Brighton Concrete Polishing Today!

Do you currently have dull concrete in your home, garage, or business? Let Mr. Handyman of Brighton and Surrounding Area buff it with our professional concrete polishing service. If you never thought you’d need a concrete project, we’ll show you the difference it will make. Plus, the benefits truly do speak for themselves once the service is complete. You’ll enjoy a beautiful, luxury-looking space that’s protected and scratch-resistant. If you have concrete flooring on your property, polishing it is the ideal solution to maintain it.

We’re proud to serve locals in East Colorado, including Brighton, Denver, Hudson, and Thornton. Give our friendly team a call or use the online contact form today if you have any more questions or would like to schedule service.

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