Q & A - Re-piping Your Home

Q: We’ve had two plumbing leaks in the last year. Not dripping faucets, the pipes are leaking. Both plumbers have recommended a “re-pipe”, and that’s not cheap. Are there alternatives to this process?

A: Unfortunately, no. The hard water in NE Florida eats old copper pipes up from the inside and they start to leak. There is no ‘trick’ to fix this. If your pipes are starting to leak, you need new pipes.

Rather than replacing each pipe as it leaks, and bearing the expense of water damage to drywall, floors and the like each time this happens, it’s generally best to re-pipe the home. If you are at work or out of town for the weekend and one of the old pipes fails, this could cause significant home damage before you discover the issue. It would be best to re-pipe your home before this happens.