Q & A - Caulking

Q: My neighbor had a home inspection done and they said every window needs caulking. Our homes are of similar age. Is caulking every window normal, or a sign of faulty construction?

A: Exterior caulking of homes, especially around doors and windows, is a real thing. Even brick homes need caulking where wood meets brick. Frame homes with wood trim around doors and windows need greater attention. Wall penetrations (hose bibs and AC lines) also need to be checked periodically. Wood siding can warp and open seams that need to be caulked. Caulk dries out, shrinks, and opens places for water to intrude.

While all this may seem like a big hassle, caulk keeps water out of places is shouldn’t go. An annual inspection of all caulk on your home can prevent costly repairs down the road. If you are not up to the task, call Mr. Handyman.