Q&A - Deck Refresh

Q: What’s the best way to refresh an aging deck?

A: Decks are a special place for many. They are a place to spend quality time with family and friends. Keeping the deck up is important.

First, inspect the deck for any rotten wood. Wood has imperfections. Some of those spots may deteriorate more quickly than the rest of the deck. Replace boards with rot or other damage. Next, use a deck cleaning solution, a strong brush and some elbow grease to clean the deck. You can pressure rinse it, but pressure washing it will raise the grain and blister the wood.

Allow the deck to dry thoroughly and then re-seal everything with a quality stain. Translucent stains allow some wood grain and character to show through, but don’t last as long. Opaque stains last longer, but show no wood character. Last, enjoy!