Is This Company A Professional?

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Your local grocer has recognized brands, and they also carry “off-brand” products whose appeal is cheaper. How does this play out in the home service industry? Are their branded (professionals), and off-brand (non-professional), service providers and what is the difference?

Professionals are licensed. Some might pay a fee and just get a business license, but a plumber also has a plumbing license. A home improvement or remodelling company also has a contractor’s license. As licensed professionals they operate their businesses within the accepted norms and standards of their respective industry, pulling permits and operating “above board”.

Next, professionals are insured. They carry Workers Compensation Insurance which protects their workers in case of injury. They also carry General Liability Insurance which protects you and your home should unexpected damage occur. A burst pipe during a project can flood a home and do significant damage. Somebody that simply has auto-insurance for their work truck is not offering you or your home protection in any way.

Professionals will answer the phone or have people to do this. While licensing and insurance are about credentials and risk management, the simple courtesy of answering the phone (or not) tells you a great deal about a company. If there are no customer service staff available to take your call, then they are not taking you seriously.

Professionals have an online presence and reputation. That reputation may be good, or it may be bad, so always check businesses out. Google reviews are a quick and easy read, and often quite informative. Fully licensed and insured companies with office staff to take your call can be poorly run and have quality issues and should still be avoided. But if somebody comes knocking on doors in your neighbourhood offering services and you cannot find his or her business online, I would be very cautious.

Some consumers buy off-brand products at the grocery store, save a bit, and are happy. Non-professional service providers expose you to greater risk and often offer a poor customer experience, but they are generally cheaper. Some consumers will be happy with this.

If you have not been happy with your past service providers in the Jacksonville market, then try a professional with a great reputation and see if your experience improves. They will likely cost more than who you have used in the past, but you should have a better customer experience. Less frustration reaching somebody, better quality work, and the peace of mind in knowing that if the worst were to happen, that they have the resources to rectify the situation.

If you have questions, or home improvement, maintenance or repair needs, around the home, call Mr. Handyman to discuss how we might help. Professional, safe, and reliable, Mr. Handyman is here for you.