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  • Storm Season Preparation

    Weather is getting more extreme. Drought and fires in the west, tornadoes are happening earlier in the spring in the south and mid

  • The Perfect Yard

    Spring is when the real estate market goes into hyper-drive. As you work with your realtor to find the home of your dreams, I want

  • Falling Limbs and Trees

    Limbs falling from trees can crush fences, damage decks, and penetrate roofs. A sizable tree falling can seriously damage a home.

  • Accent Your New Home

    Many want to personalize their new home. Whether that home is brand new (just built) or new to you (previously owned), many want t

  • Reclaim Your Backyard

    After our short, often mild, winters here in Florida many are eager to get back outside. They have pools, a patio or deck where th

  • Cost Vs. Value

    According to the 2021 Cost Vs. Value Report© ( not a single one of 22 common home upgrade projects in Jac

  • What happened to wallpaper?

    With the invention of printing processes in 16th century Europe, not only could books be printed in volume, but block printing on

  • Fascia 101

    Someone called recently with a home inspection report in hand. It had been noted that they had rotten fascia, and to please work w

  • Home Inspections 101

    As homes are bought and sold, they generally get inspected. Inspections generally fall into two categories, a general home inspect

  • You Can Repair Drywall

    Owning a home comes with upkeep. That includes regular cleaning, maintenance and repair, and seasonal needs. Your home does not ta