Procrastination Peril

Halloween is on the horizon to end October, and then Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas round out the year. The supply chain issues that have bedeviled businesses all year (labor and material shortages and jacked up prices on those items that can be found) are about to bedevil your holidays. It is time to prepare and take action now, or risk being labeled a member of the Scrooge family.

Some countries where products are manufactured are still in various stages of lockdown or production slowdowns. Some products were late to be shipped, if they have been shipped at all. Container ships are backed up in ports because there are labor shortages, in general, and truckers specifically to move those containers around the country. The average cost to ship a container is also up considerably, impacting the cost of whatever is in it.

All this means it will be harder to find that perfect gift, and whatever you do find will likely be more expensive. If you are one of those individuals that generally scramble at the last minute, that may be a losing strategy this year.

Not only will there be challenges purchasing products but purchasing services will also require lead time. If you hire help to catch you up on your ‘to-do’ list before friends and family gather for holiday meals and revelry, say stringing your holiday lights, know that preparing your home for the holidays will face some of the same challenges.

Every in-home service trade that I interact with is facing both labor challenges, and supply issues. That may mean you cannot find the faucet you really wanted, nor can the plumber accommodate your schedule to install it. The service providers you really want to work with, the ones with the best reptation for great staff and quality service, will be the service provider booked out the furthest.

The obvious answer here is to start preparing early. I often roll my eyes at holiday stuff hitting the stores before autumn hits the calendar, but this year may be the year you want to take advantage of that.

We worked the Fall Home & Patio Show the first weekend in October and air purifiers were a popular item attendees were carrying as they walked by our booth on the way out. A few folks I spoke with commented that it was a holiday gift for their parents, who were both worried about COVID and spending more time at home as a result. As such, air purification seemed like both a unique and practical holiday gift. Consider this an idea to research as you consider your holiday gift-giving needs.

If you are ready to get a jump on your holiday needs, know that Mr. Handyman is here for you. We are also busy, but we still have room on our schedule for both the Thanksgiving and December holidays. We can hang your holiday lights, add a tile backsplash in your kitchen before friends and family arrive, or just help with general ‘to-do’ list chores. You can print a copy of our home services checklist elsewhere on this site, or call the office and we will email you a copy to help you get organized.