Why Have Gutters?


Water is tough on Jacksonville homes. Mildew, algae, Mold, and rotten wood are all direct results of moisture. One of the best ways to manage water runoff from your home is with gutters. They collect water coming off your roof, channel it down to the ground, and move it away from the home.

You will often see homes without gutters having a ‘splash line’ coming up 12” – 18” from the ground. Water coming off the roof splashes a mixture of dirt and water up towards the home. If you have wooden siding or cracks in your stucco, this is where many of your problems begin. Even if you have vinyl siding or brick, both relatively impervious to water, your home may look dirty.

Gutters are one of the builder options you should consider for your Jacksonville home. If not from the builder, explore getting gutters done by a local service provider once you have moved into the home.

For your gutters to work, however, water must be able to flow through them. If they are clogged, the water will not flow. Over time debris in the gutter rots into a fertile mass and things start to grow in it. Overflowing gutters can damage soffit and fascia and everything you were trying to achieve with gutters is defeated. If gutters get heavy with organic materials, they can sag and even tear free from the home. This only happens in a case of extreme neglect, when weeds start to grow in the gutters but believe me - it happens.

Whether you cut your own lawn or hire somebody, this simply must be done. Similarly, doing home maintenance on a regular basis, including cleaning the gutters, is part of owning a home. I suggest twice a year that you remove any debris that collects in roof valleys (it is damaging your roof, and its next stop is your gutters), and then inspect and clean your gutters. While leaves and pine needles are the obvious debris to be cleaned, you may also find sticks, kid’s toys, and possibly unexpected surprises.

There are many products on the market claiming to keep your Jacksonville gutters debris free. I have yet to see any that are a 100% solution. Things do get through them, and some are then tough to remove for cleaning. Others are simple to remove, but prone to dislodge during strong winds. Some work well for ‘normal’ rain, but gully-washers can flow ‘over them’ instead of flowing through them as desired. Do your research and read reviews if considering this option.

If you take the time to care for your gutters, your gutters will care for your home.

While Mr. Handyman does not install seamless gutters, we are happy to take care of your gutters by cleaning them and taking care of issues like leaks and sagging. We will ensure your downspouts are clear so water can flow freely down them and away from your home. We also clean roof valleys, when we can access them safely, blow off the roof, and we will not leave all that debris strewn across your yard. We bag everything and place it at your curb for disposal.

Keeping your gutters clean is important, doing it yourself is not. If you do not have the time, the desire, or the ability to do this yourself, know that Mr. Handyman is ready to help. We can also take care of other items on your ‘to-do’ list while onsite.

Mr. Handyman is redefining the home improvement experience. Call today, and we will show you how we do this.