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Gutter cleaning before and after of completed jobs from Mr. Handyman


Mr. Handyman fun fact: the word “gutter” is of Latin origin (“gutta”) meaning “a droplet”.

Gutters are designed to collect the runoff rainwater from your roof and redirect it to the ground, away from your home.

A gutter system is comprised of the following components:

· Gutter – a trough along the edge of a roof that catches water

· End Cap – closes off the end of the gutter

· Downspout – also known as a leader, it directs the water down from the roof to the ground

· Elbow – connects to the downspout and changes the direction of the water

Gutters are constantly battling the elements, especially here on Long Island with our four seasons. Rain, wind, snow, ice, and leaves can all cause havoc on your gutters. They can easily become clogged, dislodged or damaged without regular maintenance, so it is essential you get them cleaned or repaired right away to protect your home and prevent potentially costly repairs in the future.

When debris fill gutters and downspouts, rainwater has nowhere to go, so it overflows towards the foundation of your home, causing water damage to the interior and exterior.

Homeowners are shocked when they realize damage to their home was caused by improperly functioning gutters. We get calls from customers whose clogged or damaged gutters have caused unnecessary and costly damage to their homes such as:

· Foundation erosion

· Damaged drywall

· Ceiling damage

· Rotted eaves and soffits

· Rotted wood and windowsills

· Flooded basements

· Roof damage

· Rotted shingles

· Animal infestation

Beware of unwanted guests. Another important reason to keep your gutters clean is to deter animals and insects. Decomposed leaves and twigs inside a gutter create a nest for birds and squirrels and once they are comfortable living in your gutters, it’s only a matter of time before they try to infiltrate your attic and home.

Mr. Handyman “Done Right Promise”

Most homeowners don’t like to get up on a high ladder to clean their gutters, and we don’t blame them, which is why they call us once or twice a year for regular cleaning and repair.

Our professional service technicians clean out the gutters, and make sure the system and downspouts are all secure and facing the direction they should be. If any gutters need repair or replacing, we let our customers know, and we can take care of it right then and there.

Gutter Guards

More and more customers, especially those who have many trees on their property, have been having us install gutter guards for them.

Gutter guards are a protection system that lays over the gutters and helps keep debris out. Gutter guards help homeowners cut back on cleaning needs, and instead of twice a year, we only come once a year for maintenance and to review the condition of the gutters. We clean the gutters completely and then install the gutter guards. This way, you know you are starting with a clean slate.

Call Mr. Handyman

If you are interested in joining your neighbors and having us install gutter guards or need gutter cleaning or repair, call or text us at (631) 257-3213. Mr. Handyman is licensed, bonded, insured and we warranty our work. We treat your home as if it were ours.