A Complete Guide to Safety and Mobility Home Modifications in Charleston, WV

Getting older and experiencing physical challenges can be difficult. Homes aren't usually built to accommodate either. From steep staircases and deep bathtubs to inadequate lighting and slippery floors, the average home is an accident waiting to happen. For many of us, the need for safety and mobility home modifications in Charleston, WV, is clear. And thankfully, there is a bounty of options available to improve the safety of your daily life. Implementing them can help seniors and disabled persons feel a sense of independence and will also help their loved ones have greater peace of mind. 

Ahead, Mr. Handyman of Kanawha Valley will explore the importance of safety and home mobility modifications in Charleston, WV, along with the many different options available. 

Improving Freedom and Independence: The Importance of Safety and Mobility Home Modifications in Charleston, WV

Your home is a place you're supposed to feel comfortable, but for many with mobility issues, it can be a place of danger. Whether it's difficulties getting up a staircase or fearing a slip in the shower, the risk of injury is often enough to prevent homeowners from completing daily tasks.

Safety and mobility home modifications in Charleston, WV, can help turn this around. Installing a grab bar in the shower or non-slip tiles in the bathroom can instill confidence, while voice-activated smart home systems provide a feeling of security should someone who needs help be unable to reach the phone. In addition, certain safety and mobility modifications can simply increase enjoyment in the home, allowing anyone living there to have access to any room with ease and see clearly in spaces that once had poor lighting.

What are the other benefits that come with safety and mobility home remodeling in Charleston, WV? While a regular home may not be a suitable place to grow old, implementing modifications means individuals will be able to stay in their homes for longer. If you or your loved ones hate the thought of an assisted living facility, making small changes now will have big payoffs in the future.

You may be surprised to find the difference some of the smallest changes can make, so keep reading as we dive into 15 essential safety and mobility home modifications in Charleston, WV. 

11 Essential Safety and Mobility Home Modifications Charleston, WV To Consider

As indicated by the number above, we have a whopping 11 different ways you can modify your home to make it safer and easier to move around in. Not all of them must be implemented for you to feel more comfortable and secure in your house, and which ones you choose will depend on the unique challenges you face. Come along as we explore each option to help you understand if it's the right fit for you and your home.

Grab bars

Grab bars can be installed in your bathroom, shower, or anywhere around your home that you feel you could use a helping hand in your daily living. They're usually installed in the shower or bathtub to help seniors and disabled people in and out of the tub without slipping and falling. Grab bars are an affordable and quick-to-install item that can make a big difference in your day-to-day activities. Talk with your Charleston handyman to get an idea of where this feature can be used in your home.

Widen doorways

Older and smaller homes are typically built with narrower doorways. This isn't ideal for individuals with wheelchairs. Narrow doorways can prevent individuals from moving freely from room to room, preventing them from enjoying their entire home. Some demolition and construction will be needed to make doorways wider, but this project is typically one that is completed quickly.

Wheelchair ramps

Staircases just aren't plausible for many people with disabilities or those who are in wheelchairs. Installing ramps inside and outside homes allows for more movement from room to room and to the yard. This one modification will eliminate the need for people to struggle up the stairs or get someone to help them into their homes. The ability to move at will through the house will also increase feelings of privacy and independence which can also improve quality of life. 

Comfort Height Toilet

Until you start aging or have a disability, you won't realize that toilets are actually quite low to the ground. Comfort height toilets are slightly higher than regular toilets, making it easier to sit down and get up. The increased height is easier on joints and knees, making it more comfortable for those who have joint pain and decreased mobility. Coupling a comfortable height toilet with a grab bar can help further, allowing individuals to feel a sense of privacy when going to the bathroom.

Flooring modifications

This type of safety modification will take the risk out of getting around the house. While regular tile or laminate floors can be slippery, installing slip-resistant flooring in the bathroom and kitchen can help prevent falls. Other types of flooring modifications such as installing a type with cushioning and shock absorption can also cushion the impact if and when falls do happen, as well as provide an easier surface to walk on for those with musculoskeletal conditions. 

Shower and bathtub modifications

From installing accessible showers and walk-in tubs to grab bars and handheld shower heads, many different modifications can be made to make personal care routines easier, safer, and more comfortable. Eliminating the need to step over the side of a tub can give individuals the confidence they need to carry out daily routines, helping them feel a greater sense of independence and self-confidence. Some shower and bathtub modification ideas include:

  • Grab bar installation
  • Handheld showerhead installation
  • Walk-in bathtub
  • Adjustable shower seat
  • Roll-in shower installation
  • Level faucet installation

Improve lighting systems

The right amount of lighting can make a big difference in a home. Lighting that is easily controlled can too. From moving light switches to more accessible locations, installing additional lighting systems, and configuring smart home systems that can be voice-activated, with easy to use and enough lighting, living is made much easier. In the case of those living with autism, installing customizable lighting features can help make their home environment more relaxing and less stimulating.  

Get rid of clutter

Living in a home for a lifetime means you may have accumulated a ton of “things.” From furniture and appliances to knickknacks and books, the amount of stuff in your home may make it difficult to move around. Getting rid of clutter isn't a remodeling service, but can involve getting rid of excess furniture, packing away items into storage, and installing easy-open cabinets to place personal items into while getting them out of sight.

Install a stairlift

For many disabled people or seniors, a living room becomes a bedroom, as making it up a large set of stairs simply isn't possible anymore. Or if it is, it surely isn't easy or pain-free. Installing a stairlift means individuals can enjoy their entire home and stay in the bedroom they always have been in. This will increase independence and enjoyment of life, expanding the areas they feel comfortable roaming. 

Medical alert systems

Medical alert systems are usually in the form of a wearable device that an individual can press to get help when they need it. Pressing the button will connect them with an emergency center that will answer and send help. Some medical alert systems can be installed around the home and operate the same way. This valuable method allows individuals to have confidence in performing daily activities around the house, knowing that help is available at the push of a button.

Smart home devices

Smart home devices are found in many modern homes today. Controlled by voice, they can connect individuals with loved ones and emergency centers easily, without the need to ever pick up the phone. In addition, these devices allow individuals to control the lights, music, and even the TV, eliminating the need to fiddle around with remotes. 

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