Taking a shower or a bath is supposed to be a relaxing part of your day. But if you have limited mobility and can't physically get into one without assistance, they become a point of stress and frustration. The solution? A walk-in shower installation in Charleston, WV. Whether you need an ADA-compliant shower with wheelchair access or simply want to eliminate stepping over the side of a tub, your Charleston handyman has you covered. 

Mr. Handyman of Kanawha Valley is the expert you can trust for this critical service. Acting with professionalism and respect is just the bare minimum you can expect from our qualified team. Dedicated to customer service and satisfaction, we deliver exceptional quality on all projects we perform, taking the time to understand your needs and a thorough approach to each and every job we perform. 

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How We Approach Your Walk-in Shower Installation in Charleston, WV

The choice to install a walk-in shower or walk-in tub in Charleston is one you won't regret. These types of products create more ease in your personal care routines, allowing you to bathe without stress. After all, what good is a warm bubble bath if getting in it causes you pain or a potential injury?

So, what can you expect during a walk-in shower installation in Charleston, WV? We'll walk you through the ins and outs of the service that takes place after you have your new accessible shower or tub ready for installation.

Inspection & Preparation

Victory loves preparation, and we start all of our services off with a thorough inspection of your space to understand what's possible. The good news: If you already have a tub or shower in your bathroom, you can most certainly upgrade it to a walk-in model. During your inspection, we'll take measurements and assess the area for water damage and any other repairs or preparations that need to be made before we can install your actual shower.

The preparation of your walk-in tub or shower will likely mean that we need to remove the existing one. Before we begin demolition, we'll equip ourselves with all of the necessary safety materials and equipment, including gloves, booties, and masks. If you are installing an accessible shower, we'll need to add the new framing to your wall to hang the door.


The next step in the process is the mechanical rough-in of the plumbing and electrical. This includes installing new water supply lines for your tub faucet or showerhead if they don't currently exist. We'll set up the nozzles and get the drain set in place. Some walk-in showers also include built-in lighting, and if you've opted for this, this is the stage where we'll configure it.

If you haven't chosen a prefabricated walk-in shower or tub, we'll also need to install the wallboard over the studs before installing the shower pan. At this stage in your Charleston walk-in shower installation, you will have the unit completely installed, but there are still a few more steps to complete before we can call it a day.

Final Touches

Unless you have chosen a prefab shower, we will need to install new shower wall tile. At this time, you will have picked out your preferred type of tile, material, and color or pattern. There is a wide range of options to choose from, so make sure to take your time weeks ahead of your installation service to find the right fit. Of course, if you would like any guidance on the best material to choose for your tile, just ask! We're happy to steer you towards popular options for common materials such as ceramic or porcelain tile. Tile will then need to be sealed with clean grout lines to produce a polished look and secure seal.

The final step in the installation of a custom walk-in shower in Charleston is to add the glass wall panels or hang the shower door. And there you have it! Your brand-new, accessible tub or shower that simplifies your personal care routines. 

Why Choose Mr. Handyman For Your Walk-in Shower Installation in Charleston, WV?

Completing a Charleston walk-in shower installation is no easy feat. There is a lot of preparation that needs to be made to ensure your new shower or tub is installed correctly and that there is no existing water damage. Choosing a professional team for the job is paramount, and if that's something you agree with, we're glad you found us. Mr. Handyman of Kanawha Valley is the expert you'll want in charge of this project. 

When it comes to home improvement projects, locals love us for our dedicated and transparent approach. But we don't expect you to just take our word for it. Check out our customer reviews and ratings to get an idea of what you can expect during your very own service! When you do, you'll find a few common themes as to why we're the go-to handyman in Charleston:

  • We're true professionals. With an average of 15 years of experience, our reliable handymen will always arrive on time, in uniform, and ready to get to work. 
  • We offer convenient appointment times. Never again will you have to wait around for a handyman to show up before realizing they never will. With us, you'll pick a time and date that work for you and we'll be there. No questions asked.
  • We're your one-call solution. With our wide range of professional services, you can get a walk-in tub installation, tile floor replacement, drywall repair, or a complete remodeling service, all from the same company!
  • We're locally owned and operated. Part of a national brand of companies, Mr. Handyman of Kanawha Valley is locally owned and operated. This means we have strong core values and care deeply about building up our community.
  • We guarantee our workmanship. Backing our services with a Done Right Promise, should our workmanship and labor not be up to a high standard, let us know. We'll come back to make it right at no additional costs.

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FAQs: Walk-in Shower and Tub Installation in Charleston, WV

What is an Accessible Shower?

Accessible showers can also be considered handicap showers, and both of them have design elements that allow those with mobility issues to use them with ease. With these types of showers, getting in and out will be easy, and you'll have easy access to the shower knobs or controls, along with your personal care items such as shampoo and soap. Accessible showers may also feature a shower seat, along with grab bars and slip-resistant flooring.

While accessible and handicap showers can be considered the same thing, ADA showers, while similar, have additional safety and comfort features to meet regulations set out in the Americans with Disabilities Act. While most homes don't need a fully ADA-compliant shower, public buildings do. ADA-compliant showers also need to be accessible for all people, including those in wheelchairs.

How Does a Walk-In Tub Work?

Changing your existing tub to a walk-in tub comes with many questions. For example, you may be wondering how it works and if it will allow water leaks. Walk-in tubs feature a small door and a built-in seat, but will this door allow water to seep onto your bathroom floors? No. Walk-in tubs are made with a watertight door that will not let water pass through. When the door is shut, the watertight seal is secure. To prevent water spillage, you will enter the tub before you turn on the tap and will empty the tub before you get out. 

How Much Do Walk-in Tubs Cost?

Walk-in tubs and walk-in showers vary in price depending on your preferred features. The price range is quite vast, so your best bet for an accurate quote is to get in touch directly with a company that carries barrier-free showers or bath tubs. Dreaming of a custom shower? Contact our customer care team today to discuss what's possible!

What Should I Consider Before My Walk-in Shower Installation in Charleston?

There are many factors to consider while planning out your walk-in shower installation in Charleston, WV. A few of the most important include:

  • Shower size or tub size
  • Preferred shower heads & plumbing fixtures
  • Shower chairs
  • Special features such as shower lighting, water jets, textured slip-resistant floor
  • Custom or prefab unit
  • Type of shower wall tile (ceramic tile, glass tile, natural stone, etc.)

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