Why Babyproofing Your Home is Important

Baby grabbing cabinet doors

Before you became a parent, you probably had in your head how parenthood would go. You may not have realized how challenging it can be with seemingly everything out to harm your child, from outlets to stairs and even the utensils they use. If you truly thought about everything that could injure your child, you’d probably cover them from head to toe in pads and never let them leave the house again. Unfortunately, you (and they) have to live, and you deserve to make lasting memories without constant fear.

The good news is that babyproofing is an easy way to ensure your home is child-friendly and your infant is safe. Still, babyproofing your entire home can be time-consuming and overwhelming, but it’s important. Why? Here are a few reasons.

Gives You Peace of Mind

We’re sure you’re probably still considering making your child wear full-body padding for the foreseeable future, but you don’t have to go to that extreme to protect your baby. Babyproofing specific areas of your home can give you that peace of mind you’re longing for. Our Memphis team is more than happy to:

  • Secure any large and top-heavy furniture to walls
  • Add covers to electrical outlets
  • Install safety gates in appropriate areas
  • Inspect smoke detectors and add a fire extinguisher

With these safeguards, you can watch your child grow into a curious, precocious toddler and have complete assurance that your home is properly babyproofed.

Allows Your Baby to Explore

Babies are going to explore. It’s in their nature. Your baby will be fascinated by the most inconsequential things like your blender, washing machine, etc. Anything that lights up makes noise, or is colorful is usually on their list of things to investigate. This behavior is perfectly normal, but it can put them in situations that aren’t entirely safe.

Because babies explore the world using their senses, it’s commonplace to find them staring intently at something, with objects in their mouths, or gripping an item tightly. Babyproofing your home allows your child to figure out life without incident. We believe your infant deserves to live life to the fullest (and safest) extent, even if it’s within the confines of your b1abyproofed living room.

Provides a Safer Night’s Sleep

Sleep is an elusive concept for most parents with children younger than a year old. New research even suggests that new parents will be sleep deprived for six years! Can you imagine barely any sleep for over half a decade? (Now that we think about it, you probably can and have been living it.) Nevertheless, a full night’s sleep may be out of your reach for a while longer, but it doesn’t have to be for your baby.

Many parents assume that cribs need babyproofing when leaving their child’s crib alone is safer. In fact, padded crib bumpers have been linked to 113 infant deaths between 1990 and 2019. So, if you’re thinking about babyproofing your child’s crib, consider other areas that could be hazardous to them.

You might want to start with:

  • Installing double-hung windows that open on top to keep your baby from potentially crawling out the window
  • Installing childproof locks on bathroom and kitchen cabinets to keep them away from harsh chemicals and cleaning supplies
  • Placing doorstops and door holders throughout your home to keep babies from opening the front or basement access door

We can help you note any areas that need babyproofing and install the necessary components for you.

Quick Tips to Babyproof Your Home

Start Indoors Going Room by Room

As a new or prospective parent, this journey you’re about to embark upon probably feels overwhelming. Looking around your home, all you see are the dangers, which can add to the anxiety you’re already experiencing. First, take a deep breath and focus your thoughts on the areas that need babyproofing attention, like doors, windows, outlets, and stairs. Go from room to room and think about places your child could bump their head, stick tiny objects, or cut themselves. Making your babyproofing a bit more granular based on the room will help you focus on what’s most important.

Stay Diligent When Outside

Hazards aren’t reserved for the inside of your home. Perils are lurking outside around your property as well. While there isn’t much you can do to babyproof the exterior of your home, staying alert will go a long way in keeping your child safe. Typically, accidents happen when you look away for just a second or step away for a moment. Stay diligent and keep your eyes on your child at all times and off your phone when they’re in your presence.

Mr. Handyman of Memphis Can Make Babyproofing Easy!

Most stores have babyproofing kits full of generic items to help keep your infant safe, but is that enough? We don’t think so. Our licensed and qualified handymen in Memphis are ready to help you install everything needed to make your home a safe sanctuary for you and your baby.

Call us today or schedule your babyproofing services online.