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  • Why Babyproofing Your Home is Important

    Before you became a parent, you probably had in your head how parenthood would go. You may not have realized how challenging it ...

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  • Get Ready for Fall with These 6 Home Improvement Projects

    With summer coming to a close, have you been looking at your home and considering all the must-dos before winter rolls in? That’s ...

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  • 6 Renter-Friendly Art Hanging Hacks (Without Nails)

    Hanging paintings and pictures on the wall seems pretty straightforward, right? Take a hammer, nails, a level, and get to work! In ...

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  • 10 Back-to-School Home Improvement Projects You Need to Try

    With a little less than a month away from starting a new school year in Shelby County , do you feel prepared to reinstate your ...

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  • 9 Easy Ways to Hide Unsightly TV & Computer Wires

    Picture your beautiful new 65” TV mounted to the wall, serving as a beacon to all your friends that you’ll host the next ...

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  • The Benefits of Insulating Your Attic

    Is It Important to Insulate Your Attic? While you may not give much thought to your attic beyond storage, it can affect the ...

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  • Avoid These 7 Bathroom Tiling Mistakes

    In August 2019, NerdWallet found that 61% of homeowners surveyed had already completed a remodeling project by March 2020. At the ...

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  • How to Choose the Perfect Summer Home Improvement Project

    At Mr. Handyman of Memphis, we’re not in the business of telling you what to do with your home. We are, however, in the business ...

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  • Choosing the Right Cabinet Materials & Finishes for Your Home

    There’s more to home renovation than simply painting walls or switching light fixtures. Typically, most people start renovation ...

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  • 9 Hacks to Keep Your Memphis Home Cooler This Summer

    Summer is synonymous with barbecuing, hanging out by the pool, and basking in warm temperatures. Most Memphians will crank up the ...

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  • 8 Things Your Professional Handyman Wants You to Know

    Hiring a handyman doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it’s as simple as checking out the types of offerings Mr. Handyman of ...

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  • 7 Inexpensive Ideas to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

    Are you still considering what to do with that small room in your home that gets very little sunlight and doesn’t have a defined ...

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  • 10 Simple Driveway Entrance Ideas for Added Curb Appeal

    Your home’s exterior is one of the first things visitors will see when they head up your driveway. That very first impression they ...

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  • Keep Your Fireplace Makeover Simple with These 4 Ideas

    Fireplaces are a hot (no pun intended) commodity in a home. It can create a focal point for the eyes and be a beautiful ...

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  • 7 Fun & Easy DIY Outdoor Projects on a Budget

    You don’t need to be a professional landscaper to reimagine your backyard or make your outdoor living space more functional and ...

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