6 Renter-Friendly Art Hanging Hacks (Without Nails)

Woman hanging frames for a wall gallery
Hanging paintings and pictures on the wall seems pretty straightforward, right? Take a hammer, nails, and a level, and get to work! In theory, that’s typically how easy it should be. Still, what if you’re renting a home and the property manager has completely forbidden putting holes in the walls? That’s certainly a bummer, but it doesn’t have to be all she wrote for your picture-hanging aspirations.

Several renter-friendly decorating ideas don’t require you to use nails, screws, or put any holes in the walls. At this point, you’re probably asking, “How can I hang pictures on the wall without nails? Magic?” Not exactly. However, by the time we’re finished with our list of hacks for hanging paintings and pictures sans nails, you’ll swear it was witchcraft.

1. Hook Up Your Pictures

So, you’re ready to turn your rental space into a home that shows off your personality, but you don’t want to make any permanent holes in the walls? Use Command Wire Hooks to hang your art and pictures. What’s great about this renter-friendly decorating idea is that it requires zero tools, the hooks are out of sight and durable, and everything is easily removable when it’s time to move out. We recommend purchasing hooks that can support up to 22 lbs of weight. Most pictures aren’t this heavy; however, we always like to err on the side of caution so that everything stays intact and doesn’t accidentally dislodge from the wall.

2. Just Lean Into It

Let’s say you want to display art more uniquely than just hanging it (and your landlord said no to holes in the wall). How do you hang art without actually hanging it? Lean it against the wall. There are so many ways around hanging art if you don’t want to. We imagine you have a TV console, an entry table, a kitchen hutch, or a sideboard. These sturdy pieces are great ways to display personal pictures, framed kid’s drawings, and your favorite art pieces without potentially ruining paint or drywall. You can also create different picture configurations and design an art gallery to be a focal point and conversation starter in your home.

3. Strip the Wall (Kind of)

Are you, not a fan of leaning your art against the wall or using hooks? No problem! This personal renter-friendly decorating hack involves wall strips. Yes, you heard us right! You can add Command Large Hanging Strips to the back of frames and the wall. You’ll have zero gaps and zero chance of falling, and you can remove the strips easily when you want to change the art and pictures.

Pro tip: Keep scissors on hand to cut the strips to the perfect size to fit the back of your frames. You don’t want parts of the strips sticking out or unattached to a surface.

4. Freshen Up Floating Shelves or a Mantle

Floating shelves like hanging paintings and pictures don’t require nails to be secure (although they help). Damage-free adhesive is a perfect alternative to hanging floating shelves where you can display your pictures without putting holes in the wall.

For renters fortunate enough to have a working or non-working fireplace with a mantle, take our earlier advice and lean it up! Freshen your mantle with a collage of personal art, framed degrees, and family photos that give your space (and mantle) character.

5. Make Use of Rail Molding

Have you ever heard of rail molding? It’s similar to board and batten, creating a visible and aesthetically pleasing break in the wall. The difference is that some rail molding is designed with a grove on top to accommodate hooks that hang decorative elements like pictures. Not only do you get a visually stunning wall, but you can hang art to your heart’s content without putting a single hole in the wall. Trust us; your landlord will appreciate your eye for design and a damage-free wall.

6. Decorate with Decals

We may have jumped the gun a bit, assuming you’ve collected several pieces of art, a gaggle of framed pictures with family, or you have children who love creating one-of-a-kind artwork to show off. None of these scenarios could suit you, and that’s okay. You don’t have to hang personalized images of yourself all over your house. You can opt for unique, decorative decals. And guess what? There won’t be a nail or screw in sight!

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