7 Inexpensive Ideas to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Are you still considering what to do with that small room in your home that gets very little sunlight and doesn’t have a defined purpose?

You don’t have to be an interior designer or décor guru to make a small room look larger or bring some life to an undefined space. In fact, you can have very little experience with interior decorating and still nail this look. When done right, your room will appear more spacious and have that light and airy feel you didn’t realize was possible before now.

All you need is some imagination, a small budget, a few decorative pieces, and the help of Mr. Handyman of Memphis for all your tips and tricks.

1. Incorporate a Mirror

All the world’s great designers (and magicians) understand illusions and how you can use mirrors to play with your space. You can create a greater sense of openness when you mount a mirror, large or small, on the wall. The great thing about mirrors is that they reflect light and the opposite room view to fool your eyes with the perception of more space.

Additionally, mirrors can brighten up a room because they catch the light, so no matter how gloomy the weather is outside, you can still have a bright and airy room. And let’s not forget that mirrors will always be the ultimate décor piece to help hide any imperfections that you just don’t have time to fix right now.

2. Paint a Contrasting Accent Wall

Most interior designers will tell you that going lighter will always make a small room look bigger. However, when used correctly and in the right finish, darker colors can aid in your quest to make your small room look more expansive.

They can benefit a small room by:

  • Creating a dramatic tone
  • Blurring the edges of the walls
  • Enhancing the illusion of more space

We recommend choosing dark paint swatches and seeing how they fair on your designated wall. Companies like Samplize have peel-and-stick paint swatches to help you visualize the color before you paint the entire wall. You can save yourself a major headache with this convenient option.

3. Choose Soft Lighting

Soft lighting can give your room that je ne sais quoi it’s been missing and help your room appear larger. We all know that lighting can create a specific ambiance for a space. Soft white light bulbs can mimic sunlight and brighten corners and areas natural light doesn’t always reach. It’s not just the lighting color that can enhance the appearance of your room but also the placement.

If you’re thinking about adding a chandelier to your small kitchen, dining room, or bedroom, a pendant light can give the illusion of elongation. Typically, for 8-foot ceilings, you’ll want a pendant light to hang 12-24 inches from the ceiling. You should include an additional 2-3 inches for every foot of ceiling height for the appropriate drop length.

4. Keep the Color Scheme Neutral

Bright colors are great for rooms that already have an expansive floor plan. Yet, for smaller rooms, your best bet is to keep the color scheme neutral if you want them to appear larger. Now, we know we said a contrasting wall color can add depth, but the rest of your walls and décor should be kept neutral. Whites, beiges, and light grays are ideal colors to give the effect of more space to a small room.

5. Use Acrylic & Lucite Furniture

Using transparent or lucite furniture is a great way to keep a room from looking cluttered and help it appear larger. One of the attractions of clear furniture is it eliminates chaos and adds a bold touch to a room without compromising your minimalistic theme. Whether you have chairs with lucite legs, a completely transparent coffee table, or lucite table lamp, it’ll make a statement without overloading your line of sight.

6. Avoid Layering

One of the latest trends in the interior design world is layering, from rugs to curtains and everything in between. For a smaller room, you’ll want to keep things as simple as possible and avoid a lot of layering. This includes layering picture frames on a mantel, curtains over large windows, throw pillows on seating, or using various tchotchkes on shelves. The key is to keep the room from looking muddled.

7. Utilize Airy Fabrics

Movement and light are everything when it comes to making a small room look bigger. You don’t want to restrict light because a dark room will look much smaller than it actually is. Choosing slightly opaque, free-flowing, and lightweight fabrics and textiles is a must to let in some light and brighten your space.

Examples of airy fabrics include:

  • Linen – Thank goodness for the flax plant because we wouldn’t have linen material without it. Like cotton in weight and breathability, linen requires a bit more maintenance to preserve its appearance.
  • Semi-sheer polyester – If you want sunlight, sunlight is what you’ll get with semi-sheer fabrics. These drapes will brighten up your space and keep things from feeling heavy and restrictive.
  • Faux linen – With a blend of polyester and cotton, faux linen is less expensive and easier to maintain than its authentic counterpart.
  • Voile – This type of fabric is made from linen, polyester, and a cotton blend, and is preferred by homeowners because it’s durable and makes a space feel more “breathable.”

Mr. Handyman Is Here for Small Home Improvement Projects

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