Learn About Door Installation Services & Ideas in Newtown & Yardley

Doors don’t just exist to give us privacy; they are designed to protect us from severe weather conditions, intruders and pests. Instead of taking good care of them, we might have slammed them too hard a few times or our anxious pet has scratched the life out of them. But we shouldn’t attach blame to anyone.

Older homes are more likely to face wear and tear, if not other bigger problems like rotting wood. Other times, some parts are easy to replace; air leaks, squeaks and dents are easy to replace. But to protect your home for many years to come, a new door installation could be your best bet.

On the other hand, Newtown’s fluctuating weather and excess humidity is beyond our control, making a new door installation almost inevitable. If your front door has seen better days and even your guests have pointed at a pointy wood chip, it’s time to rethink. Our Newtown handyman team are door installation specialists and have over 20 years of experience helping homeowners and business owners choose their front interiors and exteriors wisely.

Common Interior Styles

You can be more flexible and creative inside your home, which means that you can use your interior as a statement piece by painting it yellow in a dark room, for example, or design it in any way you wish. The choice you have for interior Newtown door installations is grand, and your local handyman will get it done right the first time.

Interiors add a finishing touch to any home. They're another design element in your home that allows you to showcase your style. They not only provide privacy but depending on the material and style you choose, they can make your home stand out.

Here are a few popular styles to give you an idea of the possibilities.

  • Solid Wood: Either inside or outside, you can never go wrong with these. They are durable and reduce sound when installed correctly, not to mention flexible for additional panels if you want to design a specific finish.

  • Glass Panel: These are elegant and inviting. If you choose clear glass, you’ll be able to supervise children and still enjoy some quiet. Or frosted glass will provide you with a bit more privacy.

  • Moulded Composite: This cost-effective type is made of wood byproducts and other synthetic materials. It can be solid or hollow and mimics the look of wood.

  • Sliding Barn/Double-Sliding Barn: This type adds a rustic element to your home, serving as a visual centerpiece that will impress your guests.

Prehung vs. Slab

Interiors can be prehung or slab. Prehung are already snugly mounted into a frame, whereas slabs are basic and don't include frames, handles, or hinges. Slabs are usually unfinished and require painting and staining (prehung often does too).

Technicians recommend prehung if you don’t have an existing frame in place or if you plan to purchase a new exterior. Prehung is easier to install and fit and generally weathertight and efficient when installed correctly.

Alternatively, slabs are convenient for renovations where frames already exist. Our expert technicians highly recommend prehung if you want something fast and less stressful. All it needs is some lining up and shimming without too much extra effort.

Common Exterior Styles

While carrying the functionality and aesthetics of interiors, exterior ones require extra sturdiness to adequately serve their purposes. Our Newtown door installation services will ensure that you make the correct choice for your home.

Exteriors also add curb appeal and provide you with peace of mind that your family feels more secure. Choose a company that will avoid door installation mistakes from the start!

  • Solid wood is a strong insulator but needs to be painted or stained accordingly with at least two top coats.

  • Glass is desirable for homeowners as long as they come with the required safety measures. Here’s where processed glass is designed to add more protection:

  • Insulated: It’s a stigma that glass doesn’t protect you from cold weather. These units are made by closely sealing together two or more glass panes separated by spacers that are filled with dry air in between. This allows your home to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • Textured: This type comes in different variations—from clear to frosted and rippled and fancy patterns to carefully impressed designs. It’s artsy and creates a good first impression if installed as an exterior.

  • Stained: This refers to colored glass that uses various metallic oxides (like copper, lead) while it is in a molten state. If combined with wood to make a vintage exterior, it will emit a nostalgic vibe to guests before they even reach your stoop.

  • Metal: Its industrial look and robustness add superiority to your home, enhancing the level of security. We recommend steel over aluminum for durability.

  • PVC: PVC is indeed a new age. As a widely used material, it’s also durable, insulates well and comes in various styles.

Newtown Door Installation For the Little Ones

We have not forgotten about your children or pets. It’s important that they are in a safe environment, and our door installation services will help increase that security. Aside from security, we need our doors to be flexible so that we can worry less.

Automatic Door Closer

When you have little children, you have probably gone through your home looking for areas that must be childproof. Children are adventurous and explore every corner of your home. Many families like to install automatic closers on their basement doors to prevent potential falls down the stairs. Apart from our automatic closer, we offer even more ways to help baby proof your home. Perhaps we have something in our checklist that hasn’t crossed your mind yet.

Pet Door Installation

If you have pets that need easy access to the backyard, we can assist you with pet door installation services. Whether you want a pet door added to your screened-in porch, a solid wood door, a hollow interior, our skilled technicians at Mr. Handyman of Newtown and Yardley can make that happen. We have electronic and automatic options that work in combination with ultrasonic pet collars. Advanced technology, right?

Are You Ready For Newtown Door Installation?

If you have chosen your dream door(s) and want to know more about DIY installation, we are happy to give you a few tips to avoid many common mistakes. It may seem like a small job, but it requires a meticulous eye for detail with exact measurements and some expertise.

Door Installation Preparation

The key to a successful installation is to ensure you do your preps and identify any potential mistakes before committing them. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Most of the essentials lay in the preparatory work, and the only way towards success is to tick it off before proceeding.

  • Measure and level the rough opening accurately: Take proper measurements with the appropriate equipment, using tape and level. Ensure holes are correctly drilled. All that ensures your door will fit well after installation. Frame, wall and the door itself must be level and straight.

  • Check the sill to ensure the door will fit, it will also help you check if your floor is level. If it isn’t, you’ll need to raise the leveling tool by putting wooden shims underneath.

  • Adjust jamb according to your measurements: This might involve some cutting, as the measurement you took is the floor height, and the jamb needs to be readjusted.

  • Use shims to secure the frame: Shims are your friends to ensure your door will be held in place.

  • Have the Right Tools & Materials: Using the right tools is essential to avoiding door installation mistakes.

  • Tools:

  1. Pencil

  2. Screwdriver

  3. Drill & driver and bits

  4. Router (for round hinges)

  5. Circular saw

  • Materials:

  1. Wood shims

  2. Right size hinges

  3. Knob, Lock set

The last few steps include screwing the frame followed by the door itself. It will feel good if you know that all measures up and holes are in the correct places.

Pro Tip: If you have just installed an exterior, we recommend that you insulate it properly by filling any gaps between the rough opening and frame. Additionally, you can apply some caulk between trim moldings. This should be done before you decide to add any paint job.

Do you need help with your door installation project at home? With our Newtown handyman’s expertise, all you will need to do is choose your gem and we will install it hassle-free in no time.

What Are The Common Door Installation Mistakes People Make?

You’ve gone through that stressful prep and followed instructions to every little detail, but mistakes still happen because no door and frame are made equal; not every detail is the same. However, we can give you examples of common mistakes to avoid committing them yourself.

  • Assembly packages never supply you with enough screws, and they might not be good quality screws either.

    • Tip: You need to invest in more screws, preferably rust-resistant stainless steel.

  • Over-tightening hinge screws or using the wrong ones

    • Tip: Experts consider 3 1/2 inch screws to be most durable. Small ones will lead to shifting or scratches on the floor, whereas when fastened too tight, it will result in warping.

  • Placing shims incorrectly or backwards

    • Tip: The shim’s thick end has to face the door’s hinge pin, so it can swing close without a problem. If your shims are backwards, your door will show resistance when you attempt to close it.

  • Not checking the reveals for evenness. This is most common for warping.

    • Tip: Reveals need to be parallel to lessen pressure.

  • Sill is not level

    • Tip: As your door’s base, it has to be level. You can do some shimming beneath the sill for assistance.

  • Not taking the precise measurements before you cut to fit.

    • Tip: It’s crucial to measure your door first because you’ll need to adjust your jamb’s length to fit.

We understand that a door’s anatomy can be very technical, especially when you have to install the body snugly into a frame without causing damages to the floors. We don’t want you to feel too overwhelmed by the work it takes to get it done.

There's no job either too big or too small for Mr. Handyman to handle! We’ll take care of everything from bathroom remodeling to drywall repair. Our goal is to give peace of mind by providing excellent service, whether through minor repairs or major renovation projects. It is our priority to see our customers satisfied with our workmanship.

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