Oklahoma City Drywall Repair: 5 Reasons You Should Get Drywall Damage Fixed

A handyman using a putty knife to smooth out joint compound on a wall during an appointment for drywall repair in Oklahoma City.
Homeowners in OKC, Edmond and pretty much everywhere else, for that matter, tend to take their drywall for granted. Frankly, that's completely understandable. We're talking about a building material that is designed to fade into the background, so it's not the most noticeable or thrilling material. But when it has suffered unsightly damage such as holes, cracks, stains and scuffs, suddenly it's the first thing everyone looks at when they enter the room. That problem is easy to fix with timely, professional services for Oklahoma City drywall repair.

Drywall damage isn't just an appearance issue. It can affect your home and your bank account in negative ways that make your home a lot less comfortable and livable. You may be skeptical that damage could really matter that much, but all the parts of your building are interconnected, and it makes a lot more sense once you understand exactly how drywall damage affects your home. This guide covers the top five reasons why you need professional drywall repair services to eliminate the damage to your walls or ceilings.

When you need drywall repair, you can count on your local Oklahoma City handyman to take care of the problem correctly and efficiently. The skilled team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond have ample experience with drywall repair in OKC, along with dozens of other trusted handyman services. We take pride in delivering the highest standards of customer service and quality workmanship to every one of our clients.

What Is Drywall?

Drywall, which is also referred to as sheetrock, plasterboard or gypsum board among other names, is a material found in almost every building in Oklahoma City and across the nation. It is made of a panel of gypsum (a soft, sulfate mineral) that is encased in thick sheets of backer and facer paper, and used to finish walls and ceilings. It also typically contains additives that reduce and inhibit moisture absorption, mildew growth and flammability.

Why Is Oklahoma City Drywall Repair So Important?

It may seem like drywall is basically there because something needs to form a flat, even surface on your walls and ceilings—and to be fair, that is indeed its primary function. But it actually provides a range of benefits to your building and household that have nothing to do with how it looks. When it has been compromised by damage such as cracks and holes, it can't perform its functions properly, and that can create issues that reduce your comfort and safety—and needlessly drain your bank account. Here's why service from experienced Oklahoma City drywall repair professionals is essential:

1. Energy Costs

Are you fine with paying more than necessary on your monthly utility bill? Most OKC homeowners don't like that thought, but it's one of the unfortunate consequences of cracks and holes in your walls. Here's how it works: your heating and cooling costs are likely the biggest expenses on your energy bill by far, because your HVAC system needs to use a substantial amount of electricity or natural gas fuel to maintain the indoor comfort levels in your home and keep it at the temperature you have set on your thermostat. But holes and cracks let cool air from your air conditioner or warm air from your furnace escape into the spaces inside your walls, which increases the air volume that your HVAC system needs to cover. That forces your system to operate more frequently and for longer periods, increasing its energy usage and causing a significant increase in your energy costs. Oklahoma City drywall repair will restore your home to a more energy efficient condition and save you money in the long run.

2. Noise Separation

If you value your peace and quiet, damaged walls can be your worst enemy. Cracks and holes reduce the material's ability to create sound separation across your building, which makes it much easier to hear every little whisper or bump from the next room. That's a huge pain if you live in a multi-family dwelling such as a condo or townhouse, but it can also be pretty irritating if you happen to live with family members who keep odd hours or don't know how to use their indoor voice. By patching up those issues with Oklahoma City drywall repair techniques, our handyman team can give you back the quiet time you need.

3. Pest Infestations

Rats, mice, cockroaches, termites, ants and other pests that are common in Oklahoma City are all opportunistic animals who prefer to take advantage of existing damage to access the inside of your walls, where they breed, spread and make your home a lot less sanitary and comfortable for you. They spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get into your house and move around within it, and wall damage gives them the opportunity they're searching for. Once one of them finds a way, dozens of their nasty little pals will soon follow. Oklahoma City drywall repair services will remove those entry and exit points and help to discourage pests from intruding on your living space.

4. Protection Against Fire

Sheetrock contains additives that help to make it less flammable. While of course it can't stop a fire from starting in your home, it does put a damper on flames that reach the wall or ceiling, helping to prevent fire from spreading to other rooms and stories of the house so fast. That could make all the difference in preventing injury or total property loss. But when the material is damaged, there's nothing stopping a fire from reaching the insulation and wooden framing inside your walls. Sealing up those gaps will make your overall building more fire-safe and in the event of a house fire, it could help prevent a terrible situation from being even worse.

5. Hidden Problems

If you've noticed certain issues with your ceiling or walls in Oklahoma City, such as moisture damage like softened patches or water stains, that water didn't just appear out of nowhere. It's a sign of a serious problem that could be related to a leaking roof or hidden plumbing leak. It's also possible that it was caused by something like condensing shower steam in a poorly ventilated bathroom. Chances are good that if you can see a patch of visible water damage on one side of your wall, it means something worse is lurking on the other side.

You may not be exactly thrilled to learn that there's a bigger problem than just a stain on the wall, but problems like a leak in your plumbing system can cause huge amounts of damage in a short time. It's much better to find the problem as early as possible so it can be repaired before it spreads and destroys a good portion of the building—and once that's accomplished, you'll be ready for Oklahoma City drywall repair. There's no point in correcting wall damage before the source is discovered and eliminated, or it will just happen all over again.

What Causes the Need for Drywall Repair in OKC?

Now that you know some good reasons to get professional Oklahoma City drywall repair, you may be wondering how the damage even happened in the first place. Or, you may know precisely how it happened—impacts from a careless furniture mover or an over-enthusiastic amateur karate move, for example. But in some cases, it can be a lot more difficult to pinpoint the source of trouble for your damaged walls, especially when it comes to water damage and certain types of decay. In our professional experience, here are some of the most common causes of damage that require drywall repair in OKC:

  • Nail and screw holes

  • Holes from anchors used to support wall mounted televisions, shelving units and framed pictures, or anti-toppling furniture tethers that secure large furniture to the wall.

  • Buildings shifting and settling over time, leading to problems such as popping drywall nails, loose joint tape and cracked surfaces.

  • Gouges and marks from cats, dogs or other pets scratching and gnawing at the wall.

  • A leaking roof, hidden plumbing leak or another source of moisture damage such as softened patches and water stains.

  • Normal wear and tear that gets gradually worse and worse over time.

  • Rodent and insect pests creating or expanding holes and cracks.

  • Popcorn ceiling removal where the scraping tool gouged too deep and damaged the drywall surface.

Does Mr. Handyman Do Oklahoma City Drywall Repair for Commercial Businesses?

Absolutely! Commercial properties can benefit from Oklahoma City drywall repair for all the same reasons a residential property needs it. If you're a business owner with a customer-facing commercial property in OKC, you know how important it is to keep up appearances as well. It may not be fair, but customers and clients often judge a book by its cover. That means if they spot issues such as wall damage, it can cause your company to lose credibility in their eyes and prompt them to take their business elsewhere. You can rely on the commercial drywall repair experts at Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond for prompt, efficient, skilled service.

Oklahoma City Drywall Repair: DIY or Leave It to the Pros?

We've all seen drywall repairs in OKC that weren't handled the right way. Whether it's a lack of sanding, the wrong color of paint or a sloppy installation method that leaves the wall worse off than it was before, amateur drywall repair projects often look like a mess and stick out in all the wrong ways. That's because patching drywall actually does require practice, skill and technique to get it right—and you know it's done right when you can't tell the wall was repaired at all.

Our team of Oklahoma City drywall repair professionals have fixed everything from minor scuffs and gouges to person-sized holes, making sure the repair was completely invisible at the end. Need to get your damage deposit back? We can help! Want to restore the appearance of your commercial property? We're here to get it done so you don't have to worry.

Many people in Oklahoma City who have never attempted drywall repair before don't realize that it actually involves a surprising amount of work and is sometimes quite laborious, especially if you don't have the right equipment to make the job easier and faster. Homeowners often get started on drywall repair with good intentions, but halfway through they realize they don't have the time or expertise to get the job finished. At that point, it's necessary to get a professional in to fix that faulty repair work as well as the actual issue. You can save yourself time and money by just having an experienced Oklahoma City handyman take care of it from the start.

Our services for drywall repair in OKC involve:

  • Putting down drop cloths or plastic sheeting to protect your room and belongings from drywall dust.

  • Cutting out the damaged portion of your drywall

  • Applying a self-adhesive mesh drywall repair patch, or a support piece if it's a larger hole.

  • Installing a new piece of drywall if necessary

  • Taping the edges of the patch with joint tape

  • Covering the tape and screw holes with joint compound and letting it dry properly.

  • Sanding the dried joint compound so it's smooth and even.

  • Applying texture spray if needed

  • Painting over the patch or the entire wall as needed to make sure the repaired area is invisible.

  • Cleaning up after ourselves when we're done.

  • Rehanging your framed photos and curtains for the finishing touches

Mr. Handyman is Your Local Oklahoma City Drywall Repair Expert!

Want to get all the benefits of professional drywall repair for your residential or commercial property in OKC? Rely on the experienced team at Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond. We can provide expert Oklahoma City drywall repair services that will get your walls and ceilings looking as good as the day they were installed.

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