Take a look at the outside of your house. Directly underneath your fascia boards lies your soffit, a supportive design feature that helps protect your home from water damage, pest invasion, and rising energy costs. You may be thinking that as a simple board, is it really capable of all of these things? The easy answer is yes, and more. That’s why when it’s required, you should get professional soffit repair in OKC right away.

There’s no one better for the job than your North OKC handyman. At Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond, we’re dedicated to providing you with top-tier services. With decades of experience among our qualified team, you can rest assured that no issue will be overlooked. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, thorough approach, and expertise in each and every service we provide. Call to make a service request or continue reading for a breakdown of how we handle soffit repair in OKC.

About Our Oklahoma City Soffit Repair Service

Due to where soffits are situated on the exterior of your home, you can probably imagine how many different problems they can encounter. At Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond, we’ll thoroughly inspect the outside of your home to identify all possible problems with your soffit. Depending on what your unique home is made from, your soffit may be wood, aluminum, PVC, fiber cement, or vinyl. Each of these materials runs into different issues, but a few of the most common we repair include:

Wood Rot

Wood is a common material for soffit in North Oklahoma City and Edmond. But because the soffit is located on the outside of your home, it comes face to face with extreme weather conditions day in and day out. That means it gets wet whenever it rains, and paint can peel because of the sun and wind. Now, these two issues are problems enough on their own, but when combined, they can lead to rot when the wood is left exposed. Rot is the product of what happens when excess moisture comes into contact with untreated or unpainted wood in the warmer months. It can slowly take over your wooden soffit and any other wood materials on the exterior of your home. To repair soffit, we’ll need to cut away the affected sections and fill them or replace the entire plank altogether.

Cracks and Chips

Whether you have vinyl soffits, wood, or fiber cement, cracks and chips can happen. Extreme temperatures will cause the material to expand and contract, eventually leading to cracks. Chips normally occur due to similar reasons, but you may find chunks out of your soffits because of pests or birds. We can fill cracks and chips to seal them.


While warping may not seem like too big of an issue, anything that pulls your soffits away from your home is troubling. This is because when there are gaps between your soffit, fascia, siding, and bargeboard, moisture and pests can get in. Soffit also will not be able to do its job properly, leaving fascia to sag and possibly compromise your roof and gutter systems. Warped wood, unfortunately, cannot be repaired. It must be replaced.

Peeling Paint

Paint plays an essential role in protecting your soffit. When the paint on your soffit is peeling, you leave it exposed to the elements. This can lead to wood rot, premature deterioration, and pest infestation. The simple act of staying on top of exterior painting will help safeguard your home against these issues. If you have peeling paint on your soffits, we’ll sand it down and apply a fresh coat.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman For Soffit Repair in OKC?

Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond is an easy choice for soffit repair in OKC. Our expert contractors have extensive experience in soffit repair in Oklahoma City, OK. Dedicated to the business of bringing you complete customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for professional service, quality workmanship, and a wide range of home improvement and remodel solutions. Call today to book or inquire about additional services such as fascia repair, gutter repairdrywall repair, and more!

FAQs About Soffit Repair in OKC

How Long Does Soffit Last?

Soffit usually lasts for 10+ years, but it depends on the weather conditions of your city. If it’s been a particularly hot or rainy few years in North Oklahoma City, and you have neglected regular maintenance, there’s a chance that you will need to replace your soffit prematurely. Not sure if your soffit needs repair or replacement? Our expert team can help.

Why Is Soffit Necessary?

Soffit may appear to have the role of an inconsequential piece of a home’s exterior. It’s just the board attached to the underside of your fascia, right? Yes, but it has so much more importance than just improving your home's exterior appearance. Effective soffit helps your home with the following:

  • Improves indoor circulation and air quality
  • Protects against moisture damage
  • Safeguards your home from pest infestations
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Lowers utility bills

What Types of Soffit Designs Do You Repair?

There are three main types of soffit designs that your home may have. These include:

  • Solid: A flat panel that covers the area underneath your fascia board. It prevents water damage by protecting your roof shingles and supporting your fascia, which in turn supports your gutters and roof.
  • Vented: With small holes, vented soffit helps improve air circulation in your attic. Letting out hot air and allowing fresh air to enter, it helps elongate the life of your shingles by releasing trapped heat.
  • Hollow: One of the more affordable types of soffit, hollow soffit is lightweight and features a tongue and groove design. They can help alleviate heat and moisture accumulation at the top of your home and improve indoor air quality. However, they don't fare well in storms.

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