How often do you look at your roofline to inspect your rain gutters? Or do you ever incorporate gutter cleaning into your seasonal maintenance, like spring cleaning? It’s no surprise that gutter cleaning in Oklahoma City is one of the most overlooked home maintenance duties. But it makes perfect sense. Not every day do you climb up a ladder to check for decomposed leaves, dirt, and debris. And to our surprise, not many homeowners have inspected ladders. So there goes the means and motivation to check your eavestrough system.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls

Gutters overflowing with dead leaves and in need of professional services for gutter cleaning in Oklahoma City.

Unfortunately, clogged gutters are the leading cause of roof leaks, fascia board rot, blocked soffit vents, and moisture damage in the attic—and these are just some of the major problems that could occur. Your local Oklahoma City handyman has seen it all, from foundation damage to basement flood. For that reason, Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond always provides thorough, reliable services for gutter cleaning. Oklahoma City and nearby communities are invited to learn more about our trusted handyman services that come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Oklahoma City Gutter Cleaning Services: What To Expect

If you hire Oklahoma City gutter cleaning services, you will get the peace of mind of knowing that we won’t ever leave out any details. We’ll schedule a consultation and inspection appointment at your home, so our handyman can check the situation in more detail.

Mr. Handyman cares about transparency; therefore, in-person inspections are the best way to determine the cost estimate. It’s easy to put a price on a service, but without a thorough inspection in advance, you won’t know if any underlying issues are evident. Nobody likes surprises, especially if it means additional costs. Expect us to run a detailed diagnosis to check if you might need gutter repair. Also, the type and condition of your rain gutters will determine the type of cleaning we will complete.

On the day of gutter cleaning, Oklahoma City service technicians will arrive with ladders, gutters scoops, a power washer (or pressure washer), and various inspection and repair materials and tools and get started on the job you hired our team for.

Why Hire Mr. Handyman For Oklahoma City Gutter Cleaning Services?

A handyman from Mr. Handyman standing on a ladder that has been placed against a home’s gutters in order to clean the gutters out using gloves and a bucket.

Mr. Handyman has been around for over 25 years, providing property owners throughout North America with exceptional handyman services and customer care in over 200 locations. As an honored member of Neighborly’s home service experts, we pride ourselves on being a locally-owned and operated business, serving the locals of Oklahoma City and nearby communities, including Deer Creek, Bethany, and Warr Acres.

Every service technician on our team has passed a background check and drug screen. Not only are they highly skilled, bonded, and insured, but they also bring vast experience in handling home maintenance, repairs, and improvement services. Mr. Handyman is proud of his team of experts and vouches for their quality workmanship, versatility, tidiness, and positive attitude.

Scheduling a convenient appointment has never been any easier! Simply pick up the phone and dial us to speak with our outstanding customer service team, and we’ll brighten your day—and your gutters—with our outstanding service.

Oklahoma City Gutter Cleaning—Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will learn more about our Oklahoma City gutter cleaning services as well as details on the signs and causes of damage that call for immediate attention. Feel free to get in touch with our expert team if you don’t see your question listed.


Your rain gutters are the U- or K-shaped metal traps that are attached to the edge of your roofline, also known as fascia boards. As your main outdoor drainage system, their purpose is to collect rainwater and direct it toward the connecting downspout outlets, which are the vertical pipes installed against your house siding. Before these pipes reach the ground, the runoff bends into an elbow and disposes of the water far from your foundation. The most popular, widely used material is aluminum. Other high-quality materials used for gutters include copper and stainless steel.

Without these systems in place, your home would be at an increased risk of water damage across many exterior surfaces, from your roof to your siding to your deck and patio. Plus, when rainwater isn’t directed safely away from your property, it can also seep into the ground and cause foundation problems that result in major damage.


Sectional systems are fairly common in residential settings. They are made of several sections that are measured, cut, and joined together during the initial installation. These sections are held together with silicone sealant along the inner edges.

On the other hand, seamless gutters are cut from one single metal coil. They’re often made of more durable aluminum materials and require more labor during installation. Seamless systems are typically installed in a way that makes them appear to be hidden. This way, your roofline looks neat and tidy.

While both gutter systems do their job, it’s the sectional one that is prone to leaks because the sealant in the joint areas wears out over time and clogs will lead to faster deterioration. Although seamless types are praised for being leak-free, that doesn’t mean they won’t clog. Either one will require inspection and professional gutter cleaning. Oklahoma City service professionals from Mr. Handyman are always ready to provide you with that important seasonal service.


To ensure we’re not just throwing out random, dishonest numbers, we highly recommend our local customers book an inspection appointment with our Oklahoma City handyman team. Regular gutter cleaning is a valued maintenance service that also includes inspection.

It is during an inspection that our service professionals detect issues like a worn protective coating, or even rotten fascia boards and damaged soffits that our clients weren’t aware of. To rule out unwanted surprises, it’s essential that we complete the checkup before we finalize the cost estimate. This way, our Oklahoma City gutter cleaning experts can be as transparent as possible about what jobs need to be done.

Please contact us to find out more about the cost of gutter cleaning in Oklahoma City.


At Mr. Handyman, we’re all about preventative maintenance, but nobody can keep an eye on everything, so repair services become part of maintenance. But mostly, the warning signs that you need gutter cleaning in Oklahoma City also indicate that potential gutter repairs are due. In the worst-case scenario, even a replacement. The list below contains some common problems that can signal the need for gutter cleaning.

  • Leaky gutters: Is it leaking in between sections? In that case, a gutter clog may have put too much pressure in the joint area, leading to holes, cracks, and worn sealant. When you hire Mr. Handyman for gutter cleaning, our technicians will make sure to carefully clean the area before they repair the damage. At the same time, they will check for nearby damage because other wooden materials around your roofline may also be affected. It’s essential to act fast before the system begins to sag and pull away from your house.
  • Water stains on siding: During a gutter clog, stormwater won’t be able to flow, thus, it spills onto your roof edge and causes water stains on various areas. The main trigger for water stains on siding is moisture that migrates through the walls in the winter. It may freeze and thaw and leave behind unsightly stains. In some situations, ice dams are to blame.
  • Moisture in the attic: If you don’t have proper drainage outside, it could affect the ventilation systems in your attic, such as your soffit vents which are designed to keep moisture out and help your insulation and (if applicable) attic fans circulate air throughout the attic to keep your home dry. Clogged gutters can block these vents and lead to unwanted condensation. Eventually, mildew and mold growth could wreak havoc on your home and any wood materials like beams and joists could fall victim to wood rot.
  • Peeling paint: Modern homes likely have aluminum materials for their soffit and fascia, but you will still find wood-based fascia boards on which gutter systems are attached. Since those are more susceptible to water damage, we recommend paying close attention to them. Flaky paint signals moisture damage and will deteriorate if you don’t repaint it. The same applies to the protective coat or paint on your gutters. Any sign of wear will leave the material prone to further weather damage. This damage will restrict proper water flow, making it easy to clog.
  • Clogged downspouts: Efficient gutter drainage requires healthy downspouts. But even downspouts are prone to clogs, whether it’s decomposing leaves or debris. Rodents may also nest in the extension elbow and not realize it’s a bad idea until it rains. Although using a garden hose or plumbing snake could solve the problem, you can expect our experienced handymen to go the extra mile during gutter cleaning.
  • Ice dams: Ice dams occur when you have standing water in the system that’s caused by clogs. Another problem is the snow on your roof that melts due to the rising heat of the furnace. Water will run into the gutters and freeze. The best way is to keep them free from standing water before winter hits. This way, melting snow won’t contribute to the existing clog.


Oklahoma City service technicians believe that each home requires a healthy exterior drainage system. This is only manageable with routine gutter cleaning. Oklahoma City property owners will benefit from:

  • Protection of their roof and foundation
  • No compromise to structural integrity
  • Reduced risks of basement floods
  • Protection of windows and doors from moisture damage
  • Increased curb appeal (clean siding, no watermarks)
  • Pest protection
  • Extended lifespan of gutters

Our maintenance service is designed to minimize the risk of costly repairs and damage that could also compromise your safety and comfort at home. The sooner you call for professional handyman services, the sooner you’ll be able to protect your home’s materials from early wear and tear and help you prepare for severe weather conditions.


Gutter guard installation is certainly a good way to protect your system from deciduous trees in the fall or throughout the year because Oklahoma City has been ranked as one of the windiest cities in the United States. However, we recommend installing high-quality aluminum guards that are easy to maintain.

Sometimes, micro-mesh screens are harder to clean. But as you can tell, even after the installation of gutter guards, you need to properly maintain them. It won’t stop birds from building nests and some small debris will still find its way into your guard system. With Oklahoma City gutter cleaning service, you will be able to avoid potential problems.


This depends on the type you choose and how well they were installed. Typically, with the right amount of maintenance and minor repairs, your system can last for over 20 years. Nowadays, the eavestrough industry is booming, and you will find lots of dedicated manufacturers that build systems with heavy-duty stainless steel and aluminum that are made to last for over 50 years. Copper types are ranked as one of the best and most durable, but they have a higher upfront cost because of the complex installation process that involves cutting and soldering. They also last up to 50 years.


There needs to be a downspout for every 40 linear feet. It could be on every corner of your home or even in the center, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that the discharge should occur at least four feet away from your home in order not to affect your foundation or overwhelm your perimeter drain system. Putting a splash block underneath the mouth will help channel the rainwater away. Alternatively, you can attach a corrugated pipe to flexibly navigate the stormwater to your preferred location.

Need Professional Gutter Cleaning in Oklahoma City?

Whether it’s spring or fall, protect your regular roof system from early wear and damage. Mr. Handyman’s professional service will keep your gutters clean and healthy. As your most versatile team in town, we’ll also take care of your house siding and exterior trim.

Our local pros are ready to serve Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, such as Nichols Hills, Deer Creek, and The Village. When you’re ready to schedule gutter cleaning in Oklahoma City, call us to choose a day that’s convenient for you. If you are looking for a specific handyman service, such as porch repair or door installation, feel free to tell our office team all about it!

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