Top 13 Signs You Might Need a Door Repair Service For Your Plano Home

top 13 signs you might need a door repair service for your plano home

Did you know that nearly 4 million burglaries happen each year in the United States? In most of these cases, the burglars get inside the house through the front door, and in about 30% of cases, the homeowner is present. A burglary can definitely be a traumatic event, but one way you can lower the risk of ever happening to you is by repairing or replacing your front entrance door.

This is where Plano door repair services come into play. You don't need to stay with a damaged front entrance door and risk being the next victim of burglary. Keep reading this article to discover the most important signs that you need a door repair service.

1. Your Door Makes a Lot of Noises

A noisy door is annoying all the time, not only when you or someone in your family sleeps. It can ruin your medication or reading time, depending on how loud the squeaking gets. Your door might make such noises because it's not properly lubricated. Simultaneously, if the hinges are too tight or too loose, they can cause friction with the door itself, and this friction produces loud sounds.

You shouldn't let a noisy door affect the quality of your life. An experienced Plano handyman can fix your door in no time. Whether it's a matter of re-aligning the door, fixing damaged hinges, or making other minor adjustments, you will enjoy a better quality of sleep every night. The door repair service can also tackle doors made from different materials, not only wood or metal.

2. Your Door Closes or Opens With Great Difficulty

This usually happens after years of using the door daily. Whether it's about the front entrance door or the other doors of the house, having difficulties closing and opening it can be frustrating.

You might not be able to get a good nap in your room because you hear noises from the adjacent rooms as the door doesn't close as it should. You might also need to use considerable force to open the door, and this can become annoying.

There might be multiple reasons why a door doesn't close or open. It's probably because it got warped as a result of moisture or insect damage. If the hinges got loose, the door might not fit into its frame, and it becomes difficult to open or close. The door might have also got misaligned. Regardless of the reason, it's possible to fix your door with the help of a professional Plano handyman.

3. Your Door Seems Hollow When Tapped

This can be a significant warning sign for a wooden door. Believe it or not, termites and other wood-eating insects can ruin your door from the inside out. You might not be aware of the danger until it's too late. A swarm of busy termites can slowly eat at your door but surely, making it feel almost entirely hollow when tapped.

Try to touch your front entrance door with your fingers a few times and see if it feels hollow. You might want to try this with the other doors in the house as well. If your door seems hollow and much lighter than before, it's time to take action immediately. A pest control service and a door repair service might be recommended in such cases.

4. Your Door Has a Few Decades Under Its Belt

You can tell a door needs to be repaired or changed by looking at its age. Was this door installed long before you bought your current home? Did you install the door a few decades ago? If the answer is yes to these questions, you might need to repair or replace your current door.

As time goes on, your door can slowly get deteriorated. You don't have to wait for it to fall on the ground or become unstable. Simply change it or do extensive repairs to ensure that it can last for at least 10-15 more years. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - this saying fits perfectly in this case.

5. The Hinges Are Unstable

You might have the strongest door in the world, if it's kept in place by unstable hinges, it will create a security problem. On top of that, loose hinges can also make your door difficult to open or close. Hinges can become unstable for various reasons. For example, the screws might become loose and move from their original position.

You can see when the screws are not tight anymore. You might be able to fix this on your own with a screwdriver, but someone needs to hold the door in place. If the hinges are very loose or rusty, it's best to let a professional handle it.

6. Metallic Doors Show Signs of Rust and Corrosion

A metallic door can provide excellent protection against burglars and extreme weather conditions. However, most metallic doors are also prone to rust or corrosion. This might not be the case in the first years when the door is new, but signs of rust will appear in the long run.

Having a rusty front entrance door will harm the aesthetics of your house. It will create a bad first impression on your guests and passersby on the street. You need to fix rust and corrosion problems immediately before they degrade the quality of your front entrance door. If you plan to sell or rent your house in the near future, rust on your front entrance door will deter potential buyers.

7. You Become Anxious Each Time You Leave the House

Some doors can make you panic a bit, especially if you leave the house for a few hours or days. That's because you always know that your door is unstable, and it might be an easy target for burglars. Most thieves try the front entrance door to see whether it's already compromised or strong enough to resist brute force attacks.

If your door makes you worry each time you leave the house, it's time to repair or replace it altogether. You don't need to get through this emotional rollercoaster, not to mention that even when you are home, you don't sleep very well at night. Fixing your door can solve all these problems and protect your house against most burglars.

8. The Paint Is Peeling

This is another vital sign that tells you it's time to repair your door. The paint's degradation on your front entrance door can be caused by UV rays coming from the sun, water damage, or extreme weather conditions. Peeling paint can make your door look unpleasant and even lower the overall value of your Plano house.

You can fix this problem on your own by applying a new coat of paint. However, how many homeowners have the knowledge or time to do that? If you don't want to spend hours looking for the right paint and applying it successfully, a professional door repair service can solve all your problems.

9. You Get Chilly Drafts at Night or During Storms

When a door doesn't close properly, you will feel this. Some poorly fitted or damaged doors leave large gaps between them and the door frame. This gap allows the wind to enter at high speed, giving you a chilly feeling when you're inside watching TV. You might even be able to hear the wind blowing through your door and disturbing your sleep.

Experiencing chilly drafts is just the beginning of your problems with a poorly fitted door. This will also cause insulation problems and make you spend more money to heat your house. A door that doesn't close will make it difficult for you to maintain the right temperature. As a result, you'll use the HVAC system more often, which increases your energy bill.

It's best to address the source of the problem. A professional handyman can take a closer look at your door and see how big a gap it leaves when it's closed. Based on this, it's possible to replace the door frame or re-align the door to make it close.

10. Your Door Looks Old and Outdated

There's a big difference between outdated and retro. An old door might have a faded appearance, peeling paint, and show minor signs of damage. It will look out of place when compared with the rest of your house. Retro doors are specially designed to look old-fashioned. Still, they are usually in pristine condition and improve the aesthetics of your home.

To see if your door looks outdated, step back, and look at it from different angles. Does it seem that it takes away from the overall exterior image of your property? Does it look like it was installed 40 years ago? If the answer is yes, repair or replace the door and you'll get rid of all the problems.

11. Your Door Shows Signs of Vandalism

These signs are usually different from the regular signs of wear and tear. For example, burglars and thieves might use different types of tools to attempt to break inside a house. These tools might be sharp or solid, and they can leave marks on your door. For example, some homeowners came back home to a scratched door. Burglars attempted to pick up the lock but were unsuccessful and left a lot of scratches on the lock and door.

Other signs include those left by brute force. For example, some burglars use a large metallic object called the "ram" to bump into the door and destroy the lock. In some cases, they are not successful. They leave, and the door is left with significant dents and other signs of deterioration.

Such signs are unpleasant, and they might compromise the structural integrity of your door. You should repair it immediately or replace it and alert the cops about the fraudulent activity you've encountered. Signs of vandalism might also discourage potential home buyers from ever visiting your house.

12. Your door Doesn't Stay Latched

Many Plano homeowners have this problem. They try to lock the door, but it doesn't stay latched. This can be caused by various issues, such as having a misaligned door. The lock is not installed the right way, or the door doesn't fit well in the door frame. As a result, you lock the door, but you can still open it afterward.

This is a significant warning sign because the whole point of a door is to stay closed. A professional handyman can take a look at your door and immediately identify the problem. That's why it's important to double-check if your door is locked when leaving the house, so you know it stays latched.

13. Your Door Has Holes in It

Whether these are small holes that might be caused by insects or larger holes caused by pointy objects, this can be a major sign of damage. If you discover maze-like holes in your door's structure, these are mostly caused by termites and other wood-eating insects. Your door becomes fragile in such cases, and it won't be long until it will collapse or break completely.

Some homeowners also discover holes as a result of water damage. Excessive moisture can create holes as well as mold and mildew problems. Having holes in your front entrance door can compromise privacy and cause drafts and insulation problems, so you need to immediately repair your door.

Now You Know When to Request a Door Repair Service

As you can see, there are quite a few signs that indicate your door needs to be thoroughly inspected and repaired. A professional door repair service can fix your precious door, make it look brand new, and improve its security rating. This will give you more peace of mind and even reduce your home insurance premium.

If you want to take advantage of the best door repair services in Plano Texas, make sure you contact us today. We have years of experience repairing and installing different doors, and the prices of our service are reasonable.