Ideas and Advice for Your Home Renovations in Bellevue

One of the most exciting parts about owning a home is imagining all the different ways that you can change it to meet your exact needs. Many people in Bellevue spend time fantasizing about potential home renovations. With so many options for remodeling projects, anyone could get lost in the clouds thinking about all their dreams and wishes for future home renovations in Bellevue.

Unfortunately, it's far easier to dream about home renovations than it is to actually get them done. With budgets, time and other factors to consider, many people are forced to pick just a few of their preferred options for remodeling. With all the choices that you have, it can help to know what some of the popular potential options are. If you know all the possibilities available for your future plans, it will be easier to pick the things you need for home renovations in Bellevue.

Of course, one of the most necessary parts of every remodeling project is great service and advice from a Bellevue handyman. At Mr. Handyman of SE Bellevue, we have all the tips and advice you need for thinking about home renovations like a dream bathroom or kitchen—and we've got the services to make those dreams a reality.

Bellevue Kitchen Renovations

If you spend a lot of time cooking—or eating—you could be thinking about the potential modifications you can make to your kitchen for your Bellevue home remodeling project. You could spend almost as much time thinking about all those options as many people spend in their kitchen. In fact, many people do.

You can narrow down the options for your home renovations by considering all the common parts of a standard kitchen renovation and deciding which you may or may not need. Not all kitchens need a complete overhaul. Sometimes, just a few small projects are enough to get what you need. On the other hand, if you do want a full kitchen makeover, that's definitely a possibility.

Cabinet Replacement

Few kitchen makeovers are complete without some kind of cabinet work. Replacing old cabinets with new custom cabinets is the best option, especially if you have specific needs or desires for your kitchen storage.

When you're replacing cabinets, there are lots of additional little changes you can make at the same time. For greater ease of access and improved accessibility, you can lower cabinets, so that they're closer to your countertops. If you're more interested in adding design features, you can install taller cabinets that reach the ceiling, or install crown molding to cover the gaps between the tops of your cabinets and your ceiling.

Cabinet Refacing

If you're happy with the current layout of your cabinets, but they're looking a little worn or outdated, you can get refacing services instead of full replacement. Refacing involves replacing the entire fronts of all your cabinets and cupboards while leaving the boxes themselves in place.

The exact process for refacing could involve replacing your doors and drawer fronts, replacing handles and drawer pulls or applying a fresh veneer to the front of your cabinets. There are many options available for refacing, which is why it's such a common, budget-friendly option for kitchen remodeling.

Backsplash Installation

No dream kitchen is complete without a stunning backsplash. It's a common project for both improving the feel of a kitchen and improving home value, which is why beautiful backsplashes are the icon of every custom kitchen in Bellevue.

With so many options for tile, backsplash installation is also one of the best ways to alter a kitchen design so that it reflects your unique tastes. You can get many shapes, materials and colors for any style. Whether you want a traditional design with travertine tiles, a subtle, modern design with monochrome hexagons or something else, you can definitely get a custom kitchen backsplash that stands out from every other kitchen in Bellevue.

Flooring Installation

While you're spending all that time looking at your cabinets and backsplash, don't forget to think about the thing you're walking on. Flooring installation is another project that you can complete on its own or as part of a larger home renovation in Bellevue.

When it comes to kitchens, the options for flooring aren't quite endless, but there are some great choices for homes in Bellevue. Tile and laminate are popular materials with plenty of options at either end of the budget scale, but one of the best options for kitchen flooring installation is vinyl tile.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT), which is sometimes called luxury vinyl plank (LVP), is not the same as the vinyl sheet flooring that many people had in their kitchens in the past. LVT is durable, waterproof, easy to install and comes in a variety of outstanding styles. Its durability, affordable price and wide variety of designs make it a great choice for flooring installation for any kitchen in Bellevue.

Countertop Installation

If you like to cook, your workspace is one of the most important parts of your kitchen. If you like to entertain, those counters will make a great conversation piece, whether they look delightful or disastrous. For most standard kitchen renovations in Bellevue, replacing older countertops is an essential part of creating the perfect space to spend your time.

When it comes to countertop material, there are a few common options to consider. Granite is the best choice when cost is no concern, but the higher installation and maintenance costs turn many people in Bellevue toward more affordable material options. Quartz is an alternative to granite and other natural stone materials that requires less overall maintenance but can still have a hefty installation cost.

For affordable countertop materials, laminate is a great choice that comes in many styles and finishes. Laminate may not do much to impress prospective homebuyers, but it's a great option for refreshing your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Bellevue Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom makeovers are another common choice for home renovations in Bellevue. There are plenty of options available for completing both small and large renovations that will improve the overall look, feel and functionality of a bathroom, which means there are lots of different options to think about.

For a simple Bellevue bathroom remodel, you could simply swap out hardware like your towel rack and shelving to redesign the room without starting a major home renovation project. More advanced projects include isolated improvements like vanity installation or new tile installation. For a full-scale bathroom remodeling project, you'll probably want to consider your options for shower remodeling.

Tile Installation

There are few bathrooms in Bellevue without tile, and there are few plans for a Bellevue bathroom remodel that don't include fresh tile installation. Your tile plans should always reflect your goals for your home renovations, so it's important to choose a style and material that meets those goals. There are many choices for tiles, but not all of them are the best choice for bathrooms.

When it comes to resale value, the best choice for tile is usually something neutral with broad appeal. For bathrooms, that usually means white subway tile. Of course, if resale value isn't a concern, then there are many more options for tile. Your potential choices range from square or rectangular LVT, to penny porcelain tiles, to large natural stone and much more.

Don't forget to consider the difference between your floor and walls when it comes to bathroom tile installation. Do you want contrasting designs, complimentary styles or one continuous material throughout the entire room? It's also important to consider that some materials, like glass, are better for walls than they are for floors.

Shower Remodeling

There's more to completing a shower remodel than just replacing the tile on your wall. When you're considering large-scale projects for home renovations in Bellevue, it's important that you know all the options available. You wouldn't want to commit to a final design and then find out that you could have added something great, if you'd only known about it.

In addition to replacing your tile, you should think about whether you need a shower conversion for your home. If you only have one bathroom, the best option is usually to keep your combination shower-bathtub—unless you know for sure that you won't need it in the future and you aren't planning to sell your home at any point. If you have multiple bathrooms, then a standing shower is a great option for adding value, style and convenience.

In addition to your standing shower conversion, you may want to consider the smaller projects you can complete to meet your needs and make your shower one of the best in Bellevue. Adding niche storage shelves in the wall is a great option that many people choose. For something more unique, you could consider adding a built-in shower bench. You might be surprised by how convenient a shower bench is.

Bathroom Accessibility Modifications

If you're not planning to sell your current home and you want to spend as long as you can there, bathroom accessibility modifications are a great option for home renovations in Bellevue. These kinds of projects improve overall home accessibility and make it easier to age in place.

Basic bathroom accessibility modifications include installing a toilet riser and shower grab bars. You can also replace your tile flooring with something more convenient and accessible for mobility assistance devices, such as rubber, cork or vinyl. For optimal bathroom accessibility, you may also want to consider changing light switches to dimmer switches or replacing your door knob with a handle that's easier to grab

Bellevue Home Renovations Throughout Your Home

Kitchens and bathrooms are certainly the most popular places to complete home renovations, but they're not the only locations in your home that you can target with renovation ideas. There are many projects, both large and small, that could make the rest of your home just as beautiful, functional and fantastic as your kitchen or bathroom.

Something like door replacement, crown molding installation or mantel installation might be all you need to feel better about your home. Maybe your needs are even simpler than that. If you're overdue for repairs, a simple drywall repair appointment could be an easy way to get the same feeling of satisfaction that comes from long-term, costly home renovations.

Additional Bellevue Home Renovation Projects:

  • Home office conversions are a great way to add extra space for working from home, whether you're working on your latest hobby or those TPS reports.

  • Basement renovations are another common project for home renovations in Bellevue that can give you more living space—or entertainment space.

  • You can install extra storage space in your kitchen or dining room using custom carpentry services from a skilled handyman.

  • Built-in shelving, hidden lighting and other custom drywall features are unique additions that can make a big difference on how rooms look and feel.

  • You can choose unique materials and features for a new ceiling installation project, like wood cladding, faux beams or even ceiling tiles.

  • You can install tile on stairs, exterior areas and many other parts of your home to add style or create a continuous design element that appears in multiple areas.

  • Foyer or entryway renovations are another great option for a smaller project, and you'll get to see those satisfying results every time you walk through your front door.

  • Crown molding, wainscoting, and other types of interior trim are a great way to add unique design features that will stand out from the interiors of other buildings in Bellevue.

  • Custom closet storage solutions and closet renovations are an easy way to complete small updates that have big benefits.

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