How to Adjust a Door so it stays Open

Photo of someone fixing a door hinge

Dear Mr. Handyman,

I have a door that does not stay open. If it is left open, it slowly closes by itself. Is there something that will make the door stay where it is left?

Maggie from Monroe

Hi Maggie,

The answer is “yes.” There is a way to make that door work satisfactorily. The reason that the door is doing this sort of thing is because the door does not hang plumb. Most likely it was installed properly, but sometimes older houses tend to settle causing floors to sag. This in turn puts the walls and doors on a slight tilt, causing doors to open or close on their own.

The best way to remedy this door issue is to adjust the hinges. This will take a little time and patience. Decide whether you are going to adjust the hinges on the door or the jamb. Loosen the hinges and determine which hinge screws need to be moved to achieve your goal by tightening and adjusting. Sometimes a set of new holes need to be drilled through the hinge plate. Other times the screw hole need to be elongated.

I have a little trick you may wish to use when elongating the screw hole on the jamb or the door. Have some wood toothpicks handy and insert the toothpick into the screw hole. Break off what is sticking out, and then put the screw in with an electric drill. This will ensure a tight fit when all the screws are in place.

Once the door is performing properly, spray a silicone lubricant on the door hinge pins to prevent that any annoying squeaks from appearing.

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