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  • Mr. Handyman: Ready for Your Spring “To Do” List.

    The warmer days, and warmer nights of May give us a yearning for the long days of summer. For many, spring also means getting ...

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  • The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Home Improvement Professional off the Web.

    We speak with callers frequently who have been mistreated, or who had poor quality work done and now can’t get anyone to return ...

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  • Selling or Buying a Home? Mr. Handyman Can Handle Your ‘To Do’ List

    On these pages we’ve spoken with Skip Wyatt, Owner, Mr. Handyman Serving Greater Fairfield County, about home repair and ...

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  • Licensed and Insured – Isn’t everyone?

    “Licensed and insured”. We see it everywhere. These are ubiquitous terms on most service company advertising, but what do they ...

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  • Protecting Your Home from Fire & Flood ….

    We’d like to offer two simple suggestions that will greatly reduce the risk of damage to your home. Fire Risk: If you regularly ...

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  • Repairing Driveways

    QUESTION TO MR. HANDYMAN My driveway has cracks. How can this be repaired? Thanks for asking Mr. Handyman, Neil. You are wise to ...

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  • What do YOU look for in a service provider?

    QUESTION TO MR. HANDYMAN I am not sure how or what I should be considering when looking for the best company to service my house. ...

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  • Home Maintenance Review and HandyPlan

    QUESTION TO MR. HANDYMAN Hello, I’ve heard—through a friend—that you offer a free home walk through to assess maintenance needs ...

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    How do I remove the swinging door between the kitchen and the dining room? Thanks, Bob K. Hi Bob, Thanks for your question. I know ...

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  • Mr. Handyman:  Not Your Average Home Service Provider

    This month we wanted to highlight a recent job that demonstrate how Mr. Handyman’s approach to a project differentiates them from ...

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  • Determining a Load Bearing Wall

    QUESTION TO MR. HANDYMAN I have been looking for some help for a project I would like to do in my house. I have been recommended ...

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  • The Best Way to Plan out Building Your Home

    QUESTION TO MR. HANDYMAN Hi Mr. Handyman, we are having a house built. It is in the wall framing stage at this time. I have been ...

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  • The Best Way to Put in a Mailbox

    QUESTION TO MR. HANDYMAN Mr. Handyman, What is the best way to put in a mailbox so it will last no matter what the snowplows do? ...

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  • How to Properly Replace Your Flooring

    QUESTION TO MR. HANDYMAN Dear Mr. Handyman, I am planning to replace the floor in my bathroom soon. I was told by a friend that ...

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  • How to Adjust a Door so it stays Open

    QUESTION TO MR. HANDYMAN Dear Mr. Handyman, I have a door that does not stay open. If it is left open, it slowly closes by itself. ...

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