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There is nothing more rewarding than coming home after a long day. The excitement begins the moment you lay your hand on the doorknob and enter your happy space. Next, you close and lock it for privacy and safety reasons because doors are designed to do that for us.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

A handyman replacing the doorknob on a door during an appointment for door repair in Fairfield.

As a conscientious homeowner, you probably put away an annual budget for any retrospective costs for home maintenance and unexpected repairs. As long as you keep up with your seasonal maintenance and inspections, nothing could possibly go wrong unless something falls through the cracks because you have an incomplete checklist, such as missing door repairs. Fairfield CT homeowners don’t necessarily need door repairs every year but inspecting and maintaining them annually could go a long way and prevent small issues from spiraling out of control.

Whether you’re experiencing door issues on your residential or commercial property, trust your local Fairfield handyman at Mr. Handyman of Fairfield County to get the major repairs done effectively and efficiently. Mr. Handyman is your locally-owned and operated Neighborly business, providing the locals of Fairfield and surrounding communities with dependable home maintenance, repair, and improvement services that enhance safety and comfort. We only hire expert technicians who have passed their background checks and drug screens, and bring many years of experience in serving Fairfield door repair services with a positive attitude!

What We Repair – Doors by Type And Material

With the wide range of styles and materials used for interior and exterior doors on both commercial and residential properties, it’s important to learn about their features, characteristics, and purpose. Not all doors are created equal or made for every climate and weather unless you’re aware of the regular maintenance care involved.

Exterior Doors


To minimize your need for door repair, Fairfield CT homeowners who know how to distinguish soft from hardwood and their different characteristics are one step closer to maintaining their entryway. Since hardwood has a higher density, it is best suited for exterior doors, whereas softwood works better inside. There is a misconception that softwood is less durable than hardwood, which is not necessarily the case, but we’ll get to that later.

Common wood types:

  • Red oak
  • Ash
  • Teak
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut

Exterior hardwood doors are durable, long-lasting, and even smell good. However, they tend to fade in the sunlight and require annual refinishing and possibly sanding. Neglect doesn’t only lead to fading but also cracking and splintering which will require Fairfield door repair services.

Depending on the manufacturer, always check if the surface of your product has been sealed for protection. If not, it’s critical that you do it to protect it from exterior elements. Whether you use a high-quality sealer to enhance the wood’s natural beauty or a preferred paint color, doing it periodically will ensure protection.


Steel doors are highly durable in all types of weather and climates. Although stainless steel is naturally resistant to corrosion, it can still be prone to rust if the protective coating wears off. You will find most steel doors in commercial buildings as well as family homes. However, you want to make sure that the thickness is at least 1.75 inches for optimal protection and insulation.


Over the years, fiberglass has gained a lot of popularity and saved homeowners a ton of inconvenient repairs. Fiberglass is made of compression-molded fiberglass and contains a strong core of polyurethane foam and glass-reinforced polymer that serves as a perfect insulator for climates with fluctuating temperatures. The exterior is a highly durable, weather-resistant composite. If you live close to the ocean and deal with a lot of salt air corrosion, your Fairfield handyman recommends fiberglass doors, as you will save yourself a lot of time with only a minimum of maintenance needed.

Interior Doors


This is where we talk a little bit about softwood materials that are ideal for interior designs.

  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Laminate
  • Alder
  • Accoya

There are also hardwood types not as strong as their relatives and deemed to be soft, such as poplar and birch but modern technology has enhanced these wood types to make them more durable, resilient, and versatile for interior designs.

Hollow Metal

Hollow metal is common in commercial and industrial environments where doors constantly open and close. They make great office doors and are often used in stock rooms.

Prehung And Slab

Prehung arrives ready-mounted into a frame, whereas slabs are the structures themselves without frames, knobs, and hinges. Both types are usually unfinished and require a lot of preparation time, during which many things can go wrong without professional help, especially installation.

Signs You Need Door Repair – Fairfield CT

You might not always blame our windows and doors when you experience warning signs that include air leaks or an increased utility bill. The truth is that a lot more constitutes door damage. Our skilled technicians who are experts in maintenance services have experienced various signs of neglect that ultimately led to door repairs. Fairfield CT property owners should take immediate action when they notice these warning signs:

Wood Rot:

Fungal growth on wood is the most common problem in households, especially on wood structures exposed to the elements. If you don’t remember the last time you thoroughly cleaned and sealed your wood door, it’s time to check for damages. If colors appear to be faded or the paint is peeling, you’re risking moisture that will penetrate the core of the material. That will set you up for wood rot right away.

Signs of rotted wood include light patches, discoloration, softened texture, and cubical fracture. Use a screwdriver and press against the affected area to see if it sinks in. Chances are that not the entire structure is rotted and your Fairfield door repair expert can cut out the damaged part and use wood filler to fix the problem. However, that may affect your curb appeal, depending on the size of the damaged area.

Cold Drafts:

Often your door might be in decent condition but the door frames aren’t. Frequent door slamming can weaken the frame structure and cause cracks in the jamb or header. We recommend checking on the caulk for cracks and the sill for scratches. If these areas are damaged, they will greatly affect your door’s performance and decrease its efficiency. If the draft comes from underneath rather than the frame, and you find yourself using foam tape throughout the winter season, it’s a clear indication that your door is not energy-efficient. Unfortunately, it will deteriorate further from here and a replacement might be necessary.

When hiring our experienced technicians for door repair, Fairfield CT homeowners will get the peace of mind that we’ll fully inspect the whole structure, including the sill and threshold plate.

Loud Noises

Here, we will refer to your door making noises as well as outside noise that you can clearly hear from inside your home.

First, noisy doors are marked by squeaky hinges that are either corroded or need oiling, and that’s the easiest part of door repair. Fairfield CT handyman technicians will make some necessary repairs or adjustments or even exchange the hinges for no-rust

On the other hand, high-performing doors should be well-insulated to stop hot summer air from entering your home and keep heated furnace air from escaping too fast. At the same time, the core should have noise-dampening qualities that keep exterior noise out. However, that insulating core can wear out over time. During an inspection, we’ll be able to determine if repairs will fix the issue or a replacement.

Opening and Closing Issues

To ensure warping is not the issue, your Fairfield handyman will first check the latches and hinges. Warping happens during extreme temperatures but can be repaired with sanding and resealing.

If you experience a misalignment, it’s worth taking note of home settling, during which your house foundation might have shifted. It’s worth checking your interior and exterior walls for potential foundation cracks or seeing if your floors have become uneven. Although home settling is a natural occurrence, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a foundation specialist to ensure there’s no need to worry. To rectify the alignment issue, your Fairfield door repair expert will take the necessary steps to readjust the door.

Inoperable Knobs

The latch and knob assembly won’t always go your way. While some people blame cold weather, we would blame the entire system itself and recommend replacing it. It’s often an interior problem where parts like the spindle are broken. We’ll ensure your door won’t stick and the latch operates perfectly.

Salt Air Corrosion

Unfortunately, living on the coast comes with salty air problems, given that the Atlantic has one of the saltiest ocean water in the world. For that reason, many property owners prefer non-metal materials on their home’s exterior. But you can’t stop the occasional metal lover from installing steel doors. That said, wood is also susceptible to corrosion when exposed to an excessive amount of salt. Salt can enter through cracks and crystallize, and this is how wood dries out and splinters on the inside.

Signs of salt air corrosion include rusted metal that has turned brown or chalky residue on the surface.

Door Repair Fairfield CT– FAQs

When Do I Repair or Replace?

That’s a good question and depends on the severity of the damage and your door’s age. We’ve had customers who loved their existing doors so much that they were willing to keep up with routine maintenance that included sanding, sealing or painting. However, the older your door gets, the more it will lose efficiency. This also applies to excessive repairs that eventually lead to nowhere. Instead, your door repair Fairfield CT professional recommends opting for fiberglass, so you won’t have to worry about excessive maintenance and costly repairs.

How Do I Best Maintain Wood Doors?

Knowing Fairfield’s climate very well, there is a lot we recommend to maintain it well.

Give it a periodic clean with mild soap and warm water so dirt won’t stick. Then, every year or two, refinish it with a high-quality finish. If your home’s front is exposed to the afternoon sun, we recommend using a finish that contains UV inhibitors.

Ensure metal parts like hinges and screws, latches, and throw bolts aren’t corroded or installed too tightly.

Scheduling a routine checkup with your Fairfield door repair technician will also help you stay on top of your maintenance duties.

How Do I Check For Termite Damage

These wood-hungry creatures tend to eat wooden structures from the inside out. In the event of a hole or crack, your door’s not only exposed to the elements but to termites too. Check for exterior maze-like lines across the surface.

Do You Repair Pet Doors?

We certainly do. Whether you have a screen or flap type of door for your pet, we will also help you check the efficiency of the installation because often, homeowners don't get the measurements down to the dot and their pooches get injured while stepping in and out.

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