Door Installation Inspiration from My Handyman

Are you thinking about which type of door is best for homes in Ann Arbor? Michigan homeowners have many options. There's a wide variety of options for both interior and exterior doors. Each choice has its own benefits. Most kinds of doors will serve you well, but not all of them will meet your expectations or needs for a dream entryway. We’re here to help you get exactly what you want out of Ann Arbor door installation projects.

A great entry door makes all the difference, for both curb appeal and peace of mind. An entryway affects the mood of every person entering a building, whether it's your home or your place of work. That's why it's important that anybody planning an Ann Arbor door installation project looks through a variety of styles. Which style would you rather have for your patio doors, French or sliding? Each choice has its own unique rewards and challenges.

My Handyman of Ann Arbor, Saline, and Chelsea has plenty of experience helping local homeowners with interior and exterior door installation. We know the options that most people in Ann Arbor choose, and we also know the options that most local homeowners like best. You have more options than you realize, for both interior and exterior renovation projects. With inspiration and insight from an Ann Arbor door installation professional, you'll rest easy knowing that you made the right choice.

Interior Installation Inspiration

Whether accidental damage forces you to replace interior entries or you're just working on a new renovation project, we're here to help you put the finishing touches on your interior passages. You have more options than hollow doors in prehung styles. With so many different installation choices, you shouldn't have any difficulty finding something exceptional that satisfies your personal preference.

Think About Frame Design

Is it possible to install something on an existing frame? Absolutely! As long as your current frame isn't damaged, you should be able to hang something new. Minor adjustments might be necessary to realign jambs and stops, but using an old frame is usually no trouble. If you find something at an estate sale or from a second-hand seller, installation is always possible.

Although you could use your current frame for a new installation, replacement is an option you should always consider. If you're already changing what goes in a frame, it's worthwhile to consider adding frame removal and replacement to your installation project — especially if an old frame is rotted or damaged.

Custom Frame Construction Examples:

  • Open frames: The standard selection for most Ann Arbor homes. This is a simple, three-sided shape with an empty bottom for flooring and foot-traffic to pass through easily. This is the most common interior option, with basic hinges that hold your slab as it swings.

  • Concealed frames: A stylish option that works well with flush surfaces. Sometimes called frameless doors, the concealed frames and deep hinge pockets create a completely smooth surface, so the area around a room's entry flows seamlessly with the surrounding wall. Concealed frames leave a lasting impression on everybody who uses them, and they give rooms a unified, continuous aesthetic.

  • Pocket frames: A seamless style where everything slides right into the wall rather than swinging outward. This is a great alternative for anybody with limited space for a swinging door. It's a perfect meeting point between functional design and exceptional style.

Choose a Special Style for Your Interior Installation

You have more options for interior openings than simple panel or flush styles. Those options are great for anybody who wants a classic, contemporary design, but there are so many more options when it comes to indoor Ann Arbor door installations. Have you ever thought about frosted-glass barn doors? That's just one of several potential choices available for homeowners in Ann Arbor.

Possible Interior Styles:

  • Slab (Panel): The everyday versatile selection. Decorated with patterns of panels that come in a variety of shapes and materials. This is a simple style with a lot of potential for customization.

  • Flush: Another common option throughout interior halls. This style makes use of complete smooth surfaces to create a simple, clean appearance.

  • Barn: This style takes its name from its rustic origins. Barn doors hang from a rail and slide across openings. They come in a variety of styles, from metal to wood, but the most common is battened and ledged.

  • Battened & Ledged: This type of construction is definitely more common with barn railings, but it's also possible to mount them on hinges. Battened and ledged construction consists of vertical wooden beams (battens) secured with three horizontal beams (ledges). This option looks best in rooms or homes with traditional country designs.

  • Dutch: This option is common for custom kitchens in Ann Arbor, because the horizontal middle split of a Dutch door makes it easy to pass food into the dining room without opening the entire door. Some Ann Arbor homeowners use Dutch styles in other places too. They're excellent for adding extra access and convenience to any entry, inside or outside!

Exterior Installation Inspiration

When it comes to exterior entryways, there are two essential areas for most homes in Ann Arbor: main entrances, and porch or patio doors. Both areas have their own specific considerations, but they share common design requirements as well. Security and durability are important factors for any type of exterior entryway.

Creating an Exciting Entryway

Even minor touches to the accessories of an outer entryway in Ann Arbor have a major effect on the mood of people passing through. That applies to both visitors and residents. A simple wood paneled door is often satisfying, especially if its owners take advantage of their full-customization options, but there are also many alternatives to vulnerable wood exterior doors.

Entryway Installation Could Include:

  • Fiberglass: Every exterior entryway in Ann Arbor eventually needs door repairs or replacement, which is why fiberglass is so amazing. Few material options are more durable, and fiberglass comes in a wide range of styles. It's even possible to paint or stain fiberglass, just like wood.

  • Steel: If you need extra security and protection against the elements, think about using steel slabs for your entryway. Their foam-core insulation makes them energy efficient, and they have coatings that mimic natural wood. They're stronger and more weather resistant than fiberglass or wood alternatives, but they do dent more easily.

  • Iron: If you want something that will last a long time, comes in both minimalist and intricate designs, and completely resists the effects of weather, ask your Ann Arbor installation company if they'll install an iron slab. Iron has a timeless, ornate appeal that compliments its naturally high durability.

  • Storm Doors: If you want added protection for your fiberglass or PVC entryway, this is the installation project for you. They completely cover the outer surface with an added layer of glass that protects against wind, rain, and insects. Screens are a similar option with more ventilation for hot summer days in Ann Arbor. If you have wooden doors, read your warranty carefully before adding storm doors, as installation may void your agreement.

Perfecting Your Patio Entrance

A simple sliding glass entry is fine for any patio, but there are other options for greater personal expression, satisfaction, and comfort. Although you have many specific choices for your patio door style, most choices fall under one of three categories.

  • Sliding (Bypass): Most examples of sliding construction have two fixed panels that slide over each other along rails in either direction. Simple patio entrances stop there, but it's possible to put in panels that slide outward toward either side, or install multi-slide patio doors that create a larger central opening. Sliding styles are less intrusive and increase floor space on both sides of entryways.

  • French Doors: Rather than sliding, French entries meet at a central point and swing outward. They're popular in rooms with more space, and with Ann Arbor homeowners that want a more historic style. They also open wider than sliding alternatives, which provides more space for moving furniture and entertaining large crowds.

  • Louvered Panels: If you want privacy and ventilation for your patio, porch, or balcony entries, a louvered design will meet all your needs. With partial or full louvers, downward facing slats fixed in an open panel create more airflow without sacrificing privacy. It's a win-win!

Are You Ready to Make an Installation Choice?

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