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In Ann Arbor, MI, deck repair is a crucial service. Your deck can take the brunt of the local weather shifts between warm summers and freezing winters, causing damage and potential hazards to your deck boards and other parts of the structure. At My Handyman, we're committed to your home and family's safety with expert deck repair in Ann Arbor, MI. From aesthetic appeal to the health and safety of your family, friends and guests, our deck repair services are just what you need to enjoy those warm summer days on your deck.

If you're looking for professional Ann Arbor deck repair services, we've got you covered! Whether you've got loose railings, loose deck boards, or need a paint job, our trustworthy Ann Arbor handyman team brings 30-40 years of experience and will get your deck looking like new again! Call us today or read on to find out more about our deck repair services and regular maintenance. We're here to serve Ann Arbor's community of homeowners with reliable services and excellent repair. 

Why Choose Us for Deck Repair in Ann Arbor, MI?

We know that a damaged deck can get in the way of your day and life. You shouldn't have to worry about your kids stepping on a faulty deck board and getting injured. We employ highly experienced technicians with at least 15 years of experience, which means when you put your deck repair needs in our hands, you're choosing the best in the business. It's our commitment to restore your peace of mind through our deck restoration services. Your deck should be safe and secure for your family, friends and neighbors. 

Not only are we skilled professionals in all your home improvement projects, but we're great with people. We know our people come first, so, above all else, we are here to listen to your concerns and do everything we can to make sure your home exceeds its former glory. We'll go the extra mile for you!

Don't let your deck be the eyesore of the neighborhood! We'll get the home's curb appeal back up to the top of its game and restore your outdoor living space to make it one of the finest decks in the Ann Arbor community. Call us today for more information on our cost estimates and deck maintenance and deck repairs in Ann Arbor, MI. 

But, what exactly can we do to enhance your backyard to a beautiful living space? We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Board Replacements: Due to Ann Arbor's sometimes extreme weather shifts, deck boards can swell with moisture (causing wood rot) and contract with heat. Too much of this swelling and contracting over time can cause the boards to split and crack. Whatever the issue with your deck boards, count on our handyman services for your deck floor replacement! 
  • Hardware Replacement: Old, rusty nails and hardware can compromise the safety of your deck. We'll remove spent hardware and replace it with our corrosion-sensitive stainless steel hardware to last you years to come. 
  • Railing Repair: When the fasteners in your railings start to loosen or become damaged, it can cause wobbly railings, resulting in a huge risk of injury. We'll restore your railings, ensuring they're safe and secure for you and your family. 
  • Stair Repair: Like your deck boards, deck stairs can warp over time and cause injury. We'll ensure your stairs are as solid as possible. 
  • Power Washing: Debris on your deck can cause tripping hazards. With our power and pressure washing services, we'll ensure any loose dirt, algae, sludge or peeling paint is cleared away, reducing the risk of accidental falls for you and your family. 
  • Deck Staining and Painting: If your deck isn't as aesthetically pleasing as you'd like or it's time to reseal it to protect it against moisture, deck sealing and/or a paint job can be just the thing to repair and beautify it! Our deck sealers will defend your outdoor living space against the elements with quality coatings that can't be beaten. 

Whether you're looking for deck restoration, repair or maintenance services, our team of honest  Ann Arbor deck repair pros will make sure your outdoor structures are ready for those warm Michigan summers!

Why Choose Us For Your Ann Arbor Deck Repair Services

As a proud, locally owned and operated business, we stand tall with our community, ensuring homeowners and business owners are safe and comfortable in their living and working spaces. My Handyman isn’t just any maintenance contractor, in fact, we’re a part of the Neighborly brand of franchises, committed to delivering excellence and integrity. We take home service seriously, which is why you can count on the following when you hire My Handyman: 

  • Done Right Promise: We're proud to be a Neighborly company, committed to high standards of service and complete customer satisfaction. That's why our people choose us over other deck service companies. Our promise ensures that if it's not done right, we'll make it right! Our business is about you. Our people are our highest priority, and we know that caring for your home can be stressful. Let us take the pressure off and get it done right! Guaranteed. 
  • Enhanced Safety: The last thing you should have to worry about when it comes to your home, is its safety and security. This should be a given. When you call us for your deck services, we'll make sure your decks boards, railings, and hardware are secure for whatever the elements might throw its way. 
  • Honest Work: Our team is committed to transparency, kindness and adaptability. You should be able to trust anyone who steps foot into your home. That's why we pride ourselves on being your trusted Ann Arbor handyman with professional quality services. 
  • We Respect Your Time: We value your time. When you put your trust in My Handyman for Ann Arbor deck repair, you can be rest assured that we'll show up on time for your scheduled appointment, in uniform and ready to get the job done, so you can get back to your day.
  • Cost Savings: Concerned about project costs? Choose the less expensive option. When faced with deck damage, you might be tempted to replace the deck entirely. But repairing and maintaining your deck is more cost-effective. By repairing smaller issues as they come up, you'll save more of your hard-earned money. 

Having a handyman you can trust is invaluable. When you hire us for your deck repair in Ann Arbor, MI, you're hiring honest, trustworthy and professional service providers who offer complete deck services, with anything from deck design to deck leveling to regular deck maintenance. Whether you're looking to replace cedar decking, PVC decking, composite decking materials or concrete, we'll handle it for you! 

My Handyman completed porch repair in Ann Arbor, MI

Frequently Asked Questions About Deck Repair: Ann Arbor, MI

Have questions? Check out our FAQs below to see how we can help enhance your outdoor living space! 

How do I know if I need a repair or a deck replacement?

Though our service professionals can repair many issues a deck might have, such as wood rot, loose railings, spent hardware, and more, some indications that it might be time to replace your deck entirely are: 

  • The deck's age: Decks are built to last about 15 years. If your deck is on the tail end of that number, replacement is the best option. Not only do older decks become more hazardous, but building codes change, so it's best to get that deck fresh and back up to city code! 
  • Deck appearance: Your deck may be showing signs of deterioration, or you might just want a different aesthetic for your outdoor living space. If the paint is peeling or the deck is no longer functional for your purposes or tastes, a new deck build might be in the cards for you. 
  • Insect infestation: insect infestation can seriously impact the vitality and life of your deck. When you've noticed insects have made a home in your deck boards, it's a good indication it's time for a replacement. 

How To Prolong the Life of Your Deck?

There are a few key things you can do to prolong and maintain the life of your deck. 

  • Regular Inspection: Once or twice a year, check on the structure of your deck by inspecting if any nails or hardware needs replaced, if the decks boards are sagging, warped or split, or if the railings have become loose.
  • Painting/Sealants: Every 3-4 years, it's a good idea to reseal your deck. With our team's quality workmanship, you can count on us to reseal your deck to protect against moisture and weather damage. Sealants can also help prevent insect damage. 
  • Regular Cleaning Services: It might seem like your deck is clean, but more debris, dirt and unwanted plant growth can make a home on your deck than you would think. Our deck cleaners' power washing services can lift these unseen hazards from your deck in no time at all. 

How long will a deck repair in Ann Arbor, MI, take?

This varies depending on the extent of the deck's damage. Small repairs can take only a few hours, while more extensive damage, such as wood rot and board replacement, can take a few days. 

Overwhelmed By Outdoor Repairs? Count on My Handyman for Expert Deck Repair in Ann Arbor, MI!

A simple deck repair in Ann Arbor, MI, can really create a fresh, enhanced feeling in your outdoor living space! We can take your deck from good to great, making it the most enjoyable place in the house to relax, read a book or enjoy a barbecue!

We're here to offer excellent customer care and decking services to Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities that make our little section of Michigan the ideal place to live! Serving Bridgewater, Brighton, Chelsea, Dexter, Gregory, Hamburg, Howell, Lakeland, Manchester, Milan, Pinckney, Saline, Stockbridge, Whitmore Lake, Whittaker, Willis, and Ypsilanti. 

Don't waste another minute on a deck that isn't functional or safe for your family. Think of us for all your Ann Arbor deck repair needs, deck refinishing services, and deck projects. Let us help you restore your current deck to a dream deck! We also offer a wide array of other services, such as flooring installation and repair, door replacement and repair, painting services, carpentry and more! 

Contact our team of service professionals today for supreme deck restoration and the highest quality of service!

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