Essential Home Improvements from My Handyman

Every home in Ann Arbor needs minor home improvements every few years. There isn't a home in Michigan that doesn't. Keeping up with maintenance is already difficult for many homeowners, so even a minor home improvement project could create a major disruption. Luckily, there's always help for Ann Arbor homeowners struggling with their home improvements.

Whether you want several simple upgrades, a major update, or both, local Ann Arbor home improvement specialists are available! We're even happy to help with early planning stages. Don't let daily frustration from outdated or worn-down features ruin your leisure time. Your home should be as functional, satisfying, and comfortable as a palace. With just a few essential home improvement projects, it could be.

My Handyman of Ann Arbor, Saline, and Chelsea helps with standard home improvements for all our neighbors. You don't need knowledge about construction or power tools to create an enjoyable living space. Our local team is here to make sure your home always feels like a castle. What you do need is information and inspiration. We know about all the popular Ann Arbor home improvements that increase quality of life — and maintain peace of mind.

Essential Exterior Improvement Projects

Deck Restoration:

Over time, every deck in Ann Arbor fades, peels, and gets coated with a layer of grime. Sweeping and clearing debris is an important part of basic maintenance, but that won't stop rot, cracks, and regular wear. Unless you have the power to control weather or stop time, you'll eventually need a few improvements to help that wood look clean and pristine.

  • Pressure washing is an excellent option for restoring decks, patios, and any other outdoor areas in Ann Arbor. If you've never had a professional power wash your deck, you might not even know what it actually looks like. The results are often surprising. It's truly like turning back time on outdoor areas!

  • It only takes a few years for outdoor debris to conceal the original appearance of outdoor surfaces. Power washing will enhance your exterior surfaces in a few hours at most. Those clean, spotless boards will shine all summer, and blasting away grime will reveal any hidden damage. It's also a great way to prime surfaces for staining or painting.

  • Painting & staining are essential projects for every outdoor wooden surface in Ann Arbor. Wood rot and insects are a constant threat to structural stability — and personal safety. Regular painting and staining helps protect wood from damage caused by wind, rain, and pests. It's an easy way for any homeowner to make their deck look amazing — and last longer.

  • Resurfacing is the process of replacing your boards, railings, and stairs. It allows deck owners to replace large sections of an old or damaged deck without removing their existing frame or foundation. That means you could get many benefits of a brand-new deck without worrying about starting a major construction project.

Why Get Resurfacing?

Wooden decks come with many issues. That's why more homeowners in the Ann Arbor area are replacing their wood with composite material. Composite decking is more resistant than wood, which means you'll have fewer issues with rot, splinters, and constant maintenance. Resurfacing eliminates issues caused by older wood and adds the benefits of durable composite decking.

Siding, Soffits, & Gutter Upgrades:

Does your home's exterior have signs of age, wear, and slow deterioration? Even vinyl siding fades and stains over time. All those small issues have a big effect on comfort, safety, and curb appeal.

Just like decks, exterior walls and trim are subject to severe stress from weather and pests. That's why regularly upgrading any worn or damaged surfaces with replacements is so essential.

Do You Have Gutter Guards?

Every Ann Arbor homeowner knows that clogged gutters are a serious issue. If water pours over the side instead of into your downspout, it could ruin your soffits, fascia, and siding. Adding an effective gutter protection system is a simple way to prevent clogs and protect your siding. It's an easy home improvement that not only reduces your regular maintenance needs, but also adds protection against potential costly repairs.

Garage Storage Upgrades:

Is your garage full of scattered items? If so, you're not alone. More than one homeowner in Ann Arbor has a garage that could be serving them better. Working with a local carpenter to add a custom convenient storage space is a simple garage remodeling project that provides outstanding results.

Potential Garage Storage Solutions Include:

  • Wire shelving

  • Equipment racks

  • Custom shelves & cabinets

  • Overhead storage rails & ceiling-mounted racks

  • Tool hangers & wall mounts

  • Corner shelving

  • Heavy-duty metal shelves

  • Sliding storage units

  • Customizable storage systems & pegboard installation

Essential Interior Improvement Projects

Bathroom Upgrades:

Does your shower head have poor water pressure? Do you wish you had more storage or counter space? Does your shower have cracked tiles? Those are all common issues in Ann Arbor; home improvement will make them all disappear, at least from your bathroom.

  • Plumbing fixture replacement is a bathroom remodeling project that often takes less than a single day, but it provides results that last for years. If your faucets, shower heads, and other fixtures are worn and failing, replacing them will remove stress and add satisfaction to your daily life.

  • Retiling sections of cracked bathroom tile isn't just an important renovation for creating beautiful spaces. It's also essential for stopping water from seeping through those cracks, thereby preventing catastrophic water damage. If you have older tiles, that's all the more reason to replace them. There are a variety of choices for modern Ann Arbor homes that add life to aging bathrooms.

  • Vanity Installation is a great option for anybody who needs more storage space in their bathroom. A simple sink is fine, but a full vanity provides a better experience for everyone using your bathroom — and better storage for towels or toiletries.

Kitchen Upgrades:

Do you spend more time complaining about your kitchen than cooking in it? That's the case for everybody in Ann Arbor with outdated countertops, frustrating cabinets, and otherwise poor storage solutions. Kitchens are an essential room for every house, and they should never be a source of stress. Just a few important projects will turn any stressful kitchen into a place of joy.

  • Countertop installation is an essential part of any kitchen remodel. Perfect granite, customized concrete, and even the right laminate have all made a huge difference in kitchen remodeling projects. Countertops are a key focal point of every exceptional kitchen design. Beautiful surfaces make all the difference.

  • Kitchen cabinet repairs are the best way to deal with hanging doors, stuck drawers, and unstable shelves. Potential repairs and improvements range from tightening hinges and handles to repairing drawer fronts and filling scratches. A home repair project in your kitchen could even include adding backplates to cover worn surfaces near handles. The list of potential repairs is nearly endless, but they all result in one important effect: happiness.

  • Custom storage solutions are most important for kitchens. Does your fridge stick out too far from the rest of your cabinets? Is there an awkward gap between your range and the drawers around it? Do you hate reaching around annoying corner cabinets? Each of those issues could be solved with custom storage created by an expert craftsman.

Custom Kitchen Storage Upgrades:

  • Walk-in pantry

  • Corner drawers

  • Hidden garbage drawers

  • Under-sink drawers

  • Rolling islands

  • Spice drawers

  • Open shelving

  • Overhead hangers

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