My Handyman's Ideas for Your Next Ann Arbor Kitchen Remodel

Are you looking for inspiration to help with your upcoming kitchen remodel? There are several important elements to consider when it comes to any Ann Arbor kitchen renovation. Building a practical, beautiful space requires more than just replacing your old fridge with a new double-door upgrade. Quality workmanship is important from your floors to your ceiling.

Before you think about hiring a team of kitchen designers, take a few minutes to gather your own ideas and inspiration for what makes a perfect space in Ann Arbor. Consulting an experienced team of home improvement professionals is a great place to start. Local pros know everything about what makes a functional kitchen look and feel absolutely amazing.

If you need an Ann Arbor handyman, My Handyman of Ann Arbor, Saline, and Chelsea is here to help! We provide excellent advice and guidance for all our neighbors, in addition to our wide range of professional remodeling services. Our team of experts supports you through the entire process, from the fist planning sessions to the final installation.

Whether you're still thinking about a potential design or you're currently wrapped-up with an ongoing kitchen remodel, we've got ideas to ensure your remodeling process results in an incredible kitchen space. My Handyman of Ann Arbor, Saline, and Chelsea has suggestions for every style preference and room layout!

Countertop Materials

A great countertop is like the icing on a cake. A kitchen full of custom storage and expensive appliances might be fantastically functional, but it's the appearance of surfaces like cabinet fronts and countertops that really make that room look stunning. Most Ann Arbor homeowners think about adding countertop space when they're planning a kitchen remodel, but material choice is equally as important.

We've got a long list of material suggestions for any Ann Arbor kitchen remodel. As you look through potential patterns and materials, consider every benefit and drawback — especially those related to your budget. Cost extends beyond installation. A material that requires regular maintenance could also increase long-term costs. Likewise, something that's easily damaged could cost you more in repairs over many years.

Popular Materials:

  • Laminate: Some of the most common features in Ann Arbor kitchens are laminate countertops. Laminate is more cost-effective & easier to install than many other options. It's easy to clean, & it comes in a variety of custom-printed colors or patterns. Unfortunately, those lower costs also bring lower durability. Laminate is only mildly heat-resistant, it's not stain proof, & all scratches or cuts — which appear easily with direct cutting — are permanent.
  • Granite: Countertops made from granite are natural, durable, & elegant. You'll pay more for rare colors, but even less costly patterns are still exceptional. Be aware that granite is more expensive than most materials. With effective sealing, granite resists heat, cuts, & stains. Unfortunately, that sealing must be repeated periodically. Straight granite edges are also prone to chipping — which requires professional repairs.
  • Quartz: This material mimics the look of natural stone but requires less maintenance than granite. Quartz resists scratches, heat, & stains without the need for regular sealing. In addition to natural stone appearances, it also comes in various swirling patterns & vibrant colors.
  • Marble: No two marble countertops in Ann Arbor are identical. Each sheet of marble is entirely unique. Marble looks outstanding, but it's less durable & more expensive than other options. It's more porous than other natural stones like granite or soapstone, which means it stains easily, & repairing scratches is quite difficult.
  • Soapstone: If you're looking for a natural stone alternative to granite & marble, soapstone is a darker, smooth stone that offers a particularly distinguished aesthetic. It's more common in Ann Arbor's historic homes, & it develops a patina as it ages, so it's a great choice for a room with a rustic, traditional design focus.
  • Ceramic Tile: Amazing tiles aren't just an option for your backsplash. With ceramic tiles, you could extend your backsplash down onto your countertop to create a continuous, integrated design, or you could choose a separate, contrasting, complimentary pattern to highlight both your counters & your backsplash.Tile is highly heat-resistant, stain resistant, & cleans easily, but it's also brittle enough to crack from impacts. Grout lines also add additional cleaning challenges.
  • Recycled Glass: Countertops made from recycled glass come in an extremely varied selection of finishes, from seamless, glossy surfaces to patterns of different-sized shards. Recycled glass is more affordable than some expensive materials, but costs more than cheaper options. It's a good combination of budget & luxury.
  • Wood: Natural wood countertop material is often called butcher's block. It lasts much longer than other materials, if properly maintained, & it's easier to sand or repair damage. However, just like any other wood surface, it's vulnerable to many sources of damage, & it needs constant maintenance to avoid frustrating issues.

Custom Cabinets:

Every attractive kitchen remodel includes personalized cabinets. Design principles and available options for kitchen cabinets are constantly evolving. You don't have to sacrifice form for function. Many Ann Arbor homeowners have functional cabinets that also look wonderful too.

If you're replacing your existing kitchen appliances, it's a good idea to think about new cabinetry too. Small gaps between new appliances and old cabinets are difficult to clean, & they're frustrating blemishes on an otherwise perfect appearance. Adding a seamless, integrated storage system is an essential part of any classic kitchen redesign in Ann Arbor.

Cabinetry Customization Could Include:

  • Resurfacing by installing new cabinet hardware & repainting fronts
  • Using two-tone color patterns to create contrast
  • Natural wood finishes
  • Adding extra cabinets
  • Adding full-height units that extend up to your ceiling
  • Adding crown molding & decorative trim
  • Using transparent glass or frosted-glass doors
  • Removing fronts to create open shelving
  • Adding corner drawers
  • Converting shelves to drawers, or adding hidden drawers
  • Building a custom rolling unit that hides below your countertop
  • Installing pull-out shelves for pots & pans in corner sections

Specialized Storage Space

While you're considering the design process for new cabinets, it's important to think about your specific needs. There are options for custom storage that exist beyond the ways that Ann Arbor homeowners customize their cabinetry. With help from service professionals that offer custom carpentry service, there are many solutions for completing a custom kitchen remodel that meets your every need.

Everyone in Ann Arbor uses their rooms for specific personal needs. Considering the particular functions of a room and the people living in a home are just as important for remodeling a bedroom as they are for designing a custom-built kitchen. Utilize a kitchen remodeling plan that includes specialized storage specifically for your needs. Every room in Ann Arbor should be purpose-designed and satisfying for every person using it.

Specialized Storage Ideas:

  • Convert the false drawer in front of your sink into a tilting storage tray for sponges & brushes
  • Build a special drawer for the area below your sink
  • Add hanging baskets for produce or pantry goods
  • Design & build your own walk-in pantry
  • Install a pullout organizer to add even more pantry space
  • Dedicate a specific drawer to spice storage with custom rows
  • Install a wire rack with metal hangers for easy access to pots & pans
  • Install hooks below cabinets to hang mugs
  • Create integrated features for pet bowls
  • Build a specific space to store your small appliances
  • Create a single custom space for all your cleaning supplies
  • Install hanging racks under your cabinets for cutting boards & dish towels
  • Add drawers behind your baseboards for storing large pans or serving trays
  • Design shelves or drawers specifically for your reusable containers
  • Hang towel rods or magnetic strips for more wall storage
  • Add a recessed storage nook to the area in your backsplash behind your stove

Brilliant Backsplashes

If countertops are the icing of your dream kitchen remodeling project, the backsplash is the cursive writing and delicate flowers. It's the personalized message that represents your unique tastes and preferences. There are just as many options for creating a custom backsplash as there are for every other part of your kitchen remodel, so it's important to ensure that you know the differences between different options, and pick something that works best for you.

Backsplash Materials:

Tile is one of the most common choices for backsplash materials in Ann Arbor kitchen remodels, but there are many more options available for your home. Even tile itself comes in a few different options. Because backsplashes are such a visual element to the finish of a kitchen remodel, they have a large effect on both the overall results of a project and the potential resale value that you may be looking to get out of it, so it's important to consider your material options carefully.

  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles: If you're looking for something with a wide variety of options, ceramic or porcelain tiles are a great choice. They come in many colors and can even be used to mimic the natural appearance of stone. These tiles are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a great choice for the areas behind a stovetop. When it comes to cost, you have many options based on your preferences, from rock-bottom prices to sky-high luxury.
  • Glass Tiles: Glass is a current trend for many kitchen remodels. One of its main benefits is that it reflects light, so it works well in areas with lots of light already and could even help brighten darker kitchens. The color in glass tiles will never fade, and they're also easier to maintain. The main downside to glass is its trendy status. While it may be popular now, it could fall out of fashion in the future.
  • Metal Tiles: In older Ann Arbor kitchen remodels, metal for backsplashes would usually come from recycled tin ceiling materials, but there are many more options today, such as brushed stainless steel subway tiles and decorative copper accent tiles. One major downside to metal is that it is easily scratched, and it's difficult to fix those scratches.
  • Travertine: This is a natural stone material that's more common in Ann Arbor kitchen remodels with a classic, Old World European design focus. As a stone tile, it also adds value to your home, but that value comes at a price. Travertine has a higher material cost, and you'll also have to pay more for regular maintenance to prevent staining with routine resealing.
  • Stone Veneer: One of the more luxurious options available for backsplashes is stone veneer. It adds excellent value and is more common in costlier custom kitchen remodels. As a manufactured alternative to natural stone, it adds the same luxurious finish without requiring as much labor for installation as natural stone. However, that doesn't mean installation is an easy process. Even though stone veneer saves some cutting time when compared to natural stone, it's still more difficult to install than many other backsplash materials. It's also more vulnerable to staining and generally more difficult to clean overall than most other alternatives.
  • Marble: For the highest level of luxury, it is possible to use marble in a kitchen backsplash. If you're using marble for your countertops, you may want to extend that unique pattern up onto your walls. If you wanted to use marble for your countertops but have chosen something else instead, you could still use a smaller slab of marble for an added accent in the backsplash area behind your stove. Keep in mind that marble is a more expensive option, and like other expensive materials, it requires more complicated installation techniques and more routine maintenance.

Other Backsplash Design Ideas:

It's common for homeowners to simply pick a tile they like and apply it to their entire backsplash, but don't forget that you have many options for your specific Ann Arbor kitchen remodel. Choosing custom options that match your unique tastes or specific options to attract potential buyers will help you get the most out of a professional kitchen remodel. Be sure to consider how you can make your kitchen backsplash meet all your needs.

  • Shapes: Think outside the box with your tile shapes and patterns. Squares and rectangles might be common and comfortable, but other shapes and patterns will do a better job of creating a unique appearance for your kitchen. Tiles come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from small penny-sized pieces to larger hexagons.
  • Colors: Colorful tiles pop when paired with neutral cabinets and other design features. If your kitchen remodel could use a splash of color, consider choosing something vibrant for the backsplash, not only will it bring the whole space together with a band of color, but it could also remove any bland or boring sensations that you may be feeling. Of course, it's also easy to add color with textiles and other decorations.
  • Resale Value: Generally, there are two approaches for prioritizing resale value with backsplashes — and this will apply to your overall kitchen remodel too. You could choose something luxurious and elegant, which could increase the value of your overall property, but you'll be running the risk of cutting out buyers in Ann Arbor who don't like that particular style. Choosing neutral options like white subway tile is the alternative, safer option because those choices appeal to a much broader group of home buyers.

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