Your Local Guide to Carpenters Near Me in Ann Arbor

Do you need a local carpenter? Finding great carpenters near Ann Arbor isn't always easy, but getting advice is. The best way to find a professional in Ann Arbor you can trust is with help from knowledgeable local experts.

Carpentry improvements and repairs are complex enough without having to worry about lining up the right team of professionals. While hanging pictures might be something many homeowners can do themselves, not everybody is equipped with the tools—and expertise—to handle more complicated tasks like cabinet repair. Local pros like us are here to make jobs like that easy.

Whether you're looking for advice about how to find the best local carpenter near Ann Arbor, you need to hire carpentry services, or you simply want more information about the custom carpentry process, My Handyman of Ann Arbor, Saline, and Chelsea is always here to help. We're your local Ann Arbor handyman experts!

Taking the time to find exceptional carpenters near Ann Arbor ensures you're never disappointed with the custom work or repairs completed in your home. Knowing a little more about what to expect from experienced carpenters, and what they can do for you, provides peace of mind. A little basic knowledge will go a long way toward finding the best Ann Arbor carpenter and getting excellent results.

What Services Can Ann Arbor Carpenters Provide?

Carpenters near Ann Arbor come in all shapes and sizes, and provide a wide range of services. In general, they complete remodeling, installation, construction, and repair tasks for wooden structures—although some professionals also work with additional materials.

Different types of carpenters near Ann Arbor provide different services as well. A home improvement carpenter may specifically work on small or medium-sized jobs around your house, taking a half or full day to complete your to-do list. They may also install or build a custom bookshelf and custom bookcases, or complete other specific home improvements with smaller custom building projects. Others will specialize in building additions and completing large scale remodels. Carpentry professionals usually fall into three basic categories. A licensed carpenter may occupy more than one, or provide many additional services.


This type of work includes jobs like roofing and framing, and is normally done while houses are being built—although you may be interested in this type of service if you're planning to build an addition on your home.


A finish carpenter will usually work on decks, porches, floors, staircases, doors and windows. The type of work they do usually involves installation and custom construction projects, but could also include repair or replacement services.


Any jobs involving custom cabinet design, construction, and installation will fall under this category. This is a more specialized service, and is also the area of expertise for many of our Ann Arbor carpenters.

Common Ann Arbor Carpentry Services Include:

  • Deck and porch repair

  • Custom deck construction

  • Wood rot repair

  • Door frame repairs

  • Outdoor fence services

  • Custom cabinet refacing, replacement, and installation

  • Crown molding installation

  • Stair repairs

  • And more!

What's the Difference Between Carpenters and Woodworkers?

Carpentry and woodworking are similar professions, and there is certainly a degree of crossover between the two. However, there are a few important differences you should be aware of. Essentially, woodworkers tend to work on smaller, more intricate projects, while carpenters are more focused on larger projects.

For instance, a woodworker would be more interested in helping you with fine details, like engraving crown molding or furniture, or with creating custom chairs and tables. However, that doesn't mean carpenters won't build certain types of furniture, such as custom bookshelves. Likewise, they are more likely to build decks than woodworkers, but woodworkers may help with certain aspects of custom deck construction.

There is additional crossover between handyman professionals, woodworkers and carpenters. A handyman may provide similar services as home improvement carpenters. Depending on their skill level and areas of expertise, a handyman may even provide intricate, custom woodwork.

Ultimately, you should always confirm that whichever company, team, or individual you hire will be able to provide the services you're looking for. If you're working on a more complicated project, like a kitchen renovation, you may want to choose a company that offers a wide range of services in addition to carpentry. That way, you won't have to worry about hiring multiple contractors.

Why Hire Professional Carpenters?


When it comes to DIY repairs and maintenance, sometimes homeowners can be so focused on wondering whether they could, they forget to ask themselves whether they should. There are many reasons why hiring a professional carpenter is the right choice, but the most important is their professional expertise.

Unless you're experienced with woodworking, it's likely your skills don't compare to the professional techniques and methods of skilled carpenters near Ann Arbor. The years of experience that professionals develop on the job can't be undervalued when it comes to providing efficient service and excellent results.

If you’re an experienced home repair pro, you’re less likely to think about questions like, "How do I find carpenters near me?" However, for most homeowners in the midst of a large project, that's exactly what you’ll ask yourself. Experienced hands do make less work, after all.


Have you ever looked at your home improvement to-do list and wondered if you need a carpenter? If that ever-growing list of woodwork repairs has nearly reached your feet, then it’s time to hire an Ann Arbor carpenter.

You'll definitely need a professional if you haven't got the experience, skills, time, or proper tools to get the jobs you need done. One of the key reasons homeowners choose to hire carpenters near Ann Arbor is because of their professional experience and skill. Also, they’ll bring all the necessary tools to provide efficient service and create beautiful results.

Hiring an expert takes all the stress and worry out of dealing with woodwork repairs and home improvement projects. With a handyman service that hires both skilled carpenters and versatile technicians, you can even take care of seasonal maintenance and other tasks at the same time.

Peace of Mind:

It's impossible to overvalue peace of mind when it comes to your property. A growing list of problems that aren't being solved is sure to take that peace away. The longer those issues persist, the more stressful they become. With timely, excellent work provided by an Ann Arbor carpenter, your home will always be the den of zen that you deserve.

The best professional carpenters near Ann Arbor also provide full guarantees for their work, such as the team at My Handyman. If you attempt repairs on your own and accidents happen, or you end up making mistakes, you'll be responsible for the damage. With professionals that provide guaranteed work, you never have to worry about mistakes—you're guaranteed to get outstanding results!

How Do You Find the Best Carpenters Near Ann Arbor?

1. Get Started Today

It's always best to start early when it comes to answering curious thoughts like, “Who are the best carpenters near me?” Waiting until you need immediate repairs will increase your stress and make it harder to get great results from local professionals. It's best to be proactive and test out a company with small jobs before you have to deal with something serious.

2. Look for Local Recommendations

Do you know someone who's hired a carpenter near Ann Arbour recently? Asking your friends and family for their recommendations is always a great place to start—especially because you can see the results of their work for yourself.

You could also ask for local recommendations from professionals in related fields. If you've recently hired a plumber, you've used a great local realtor, or another home service professional is working on a different project for you, don't be afraid to ask if they have any recommendations. Many home service professionals maintain friendly relationships with peers in related fields, and they're more than happy to recommend each other.

3. Look Online

In the past, people looked in phone books or local listings when they needed answers to questions like, “Which carpenter near me should I hire?” Now the internet is the most convenient resource for finding local professionals—which is another reason why it's important to start looking early. In a serious situation, you may feel more pressure to choose the first company you see. Instead, take your time to find the right expert.

When looking online, be sure to check reviews from other homeowners in your area. Read these reviews carefully and pay special attention to when they were written. An overabundance of recent negative reviews is a clear warning sign to be wary. A long history of positive reviews means that a company prioritizes providing exceptional service, while building lasting relationships with their community.

4. Ask Questions

Once you've done your research on local Ann Arbor carpenters, take time to call each prospective company and ask a few essential questions. It's best to do this only if you're seriously considering hiring that company. While many carpenters near Ann Arbor are happy to chat, you don’t want to waste time calling companies you're not interested in. The best method is to make a short list and get in touch with those companies first.

Asking the right questions is important too. Start by confirming that the company you're speaking to provides the services you're looking for. After getting that confirmation, you should make a few additional inquiries. These questions will help you get a general idea of how the company operates, and how they'll meet your needs.

If you've hired a different home improvement company, such as a drywall repairman or a painting crew, then you may already know a few general questions to ask. But there are also specific questions related to carpentry.

Questions to Ask Ann Arbor Carpenters Include:

  • How long have you been in operation?

  • Are you licensed and insured?

  • Have you completed similar projects in the past?

  • Do you have a gallery of local work?

  • Would you be willing to provide references?

  • Do you take care of clean-up?

  • Is your work guaranteed?

5. Schedule a Trial Job

Once you've settled on the right company for your needs, schedule an appointment for something small and basic. For instance, repairing broken deck boards or fixing a squeaky cabinet door. This introductory appointment will help you evaluate the skills and service of your chosen company at a reduced risk.

If your chosen expert provides exceptional service and you’re happy with the results, then you'll know you can trust him or her when you need help with a larger project—like installing crown molding or replacing kitchen cabinets.

Do You Need a Carpenter Near Ann Arbor?

My Handyman of Ann Arbor, Saline, and Chelsea will gladly help with your carpentry projects—and much more! Our services include deck repairs, cabinet repairs, door frame repairs, and many similar carpentry projects. Our technicians can also complete gutter cleaning, power washing, and a wide range of other jobs.

We proudly serve our community and many areas near Ann Arbor, like Saline, Chelsea, and Ypsilanti. Each of our team members has all the necessary experience and skill to complete your home repairs, maintenance, and improvement projects.

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