What Can Handyman Do for Commercial Properties?

Whether you’re a property owner or facilities manager, it’s important to you that your property’s to-do list of repairs and maintenance is handled, and things don’t pile up, causing your property to start looking and feeling less appealing, developing unsafe conditions for your employees and even ruining the relationship you’ve built with customers – and the chance to gain new ones.

What Does a Commercial Handyman Do?

A handyman typically handles the basic maintenance of properties. With the help of a professional handyman, you can tackle unplanned repairs, planned maintenance, and even those business upgrades and remodels you’ve been putting off with ease, all while saving yourself the time and money required to get them done.

What Commercial Services Can Handyman Help With?

If you’re considering a handyman to complete a business remodel or a number of repairs and maintenance tasks around your property, you’ll want to know the extent of services a commercial handyman can handle.

Some of the most popular commercial handyman services completed include:

Wall Repair

Whether you’re patching up a small hole or needing to replace the entirety of the damaged drywall, commercial handymen will work with you to return your drywall to normal and make sure it blends seamlessly into the rest of the surrounding walls.

Custom Carpentry

Handyman service professionals often come back from carpentry backgrounds; this is why you’ll often see handymen offering these services. Having a go-to carpenter to rely on is great for sudden repairs and bringing any of your commercial renovation ideas to life!

A commercial handyman can complete a wide range of carpentry services for your business, including interior and exterior trim repairs and installation, custom shelving, bookcases, cabinets, additional storage, and so much more.

Window & Door Services

A large part of creating an inviting environment for your employees and customers has good doors and windows. Doors and windows that have seen better days can not only ruin the first impression for someone entering your space for the first time, but they can also ruin the energy efficiency of your business!

From repair to installation, a handyman can solve many common window and door problems:

  • Squeaking
  • Off railing
  • Uneven hanging
  • Not closing
  • Refusing to push or pull
  • Rotting wood frames

We can even complete the hardware replacement needed for your doors if something like your door handle is starting to look a bit worn out – as well as any other hardware throughout your business.

General Maintenance Needs

Of course, immediate danger or damage isn’t the only reason you’d benefit from commercial handymen. Handymen can handle nearly any of your general maintenance needs around your business and will work closely with you to ensure the services are efficient and accomplish everything you want them to.

Some of the additional handyman commercial services we can help with include:

  • Painting
  • Signage hanging
  • Light bulb change
  • Light fixture installation
  • Vent replacements
  • Exterior siding repair
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Window treatment installation

Benefits of Hiring a Handyman for Your Business

Aside from being convenient for you and your employees, there are a multitude of other benefits you’ll be able to enjoy once you decide to outsource your maintenance and repairs to a professional handyman company.

The benefits of hiring a handyman for your business include:

  • Stress Less About Your Business – There will always be stressors in your business but let our team handle some of them. You’ll find yourself stressing less about your building when you have a reliable handyman you can turn to for repair, installation, or maintenance.
  • Save Time and Money – Hiring a commercial handyman saves you (or your team) from spending time on maintenance tasks instead of working with your customers or on other projects. Also, you’ll save money on not having to purchase or rent tools to get certain things done.
  • Keep Your Business Running Smoothly – Above all, hiring a handyman ensures your business looks and feels, your property is safe, things run smoothly, and the quality of the facilities aligns with your business goals.

Plus, handymen tend to be much more cost-effective, so even if you’re already considering hiring a general contractor for your business’s project (whether it’s a remodel or repair), it may be best to get an estimate from a handyman beforehand – you’ll be surprised by the value since we charge a flat rate for every job we complete.

Don’t Just Settle for Any Handyman – Only My Handyman!

At My Handyman of Ann Arbor, Saline and Chelsea, we’ve built a strong reputation for delivering highly knowledgeable, quick, and top-tier handyman repairs, maintenance, and other services throughout Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas. Regardless of what work you need around your commercial property, or whether you manage a restaurant, medical facility, office building, or something else, be sure to turn to our team for help designed around your business.

When you’re ready to see all our handymen can do for your business nearby, contact us online to request your service! We’re committed to becoming an extension of your business.