6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Handyman for Your Bathroom Remodel

While you may have a board of ideas for your next bathroom remodel, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're fully qualified to tackle every DIY project on your own. You may find that you end up having more bathroom remodeling questions than you started with the more you consider the idea.

It can't be stated enough – bathroom remodels are large undertakings. Hiring a professional to handle your residential bathroom remodel can help you out in more ways than one and make a large difference in the quality of the final product.

1. Avoid Common DIY Remodeling Mistakes

Although do-it-yourself home improvements have become increasingly popular, doing the work all on your own is prone to problems, and different projects carry different risks:

Replacing Rather Than Repairing

To revitalize the bathroom, people often replace the fixtures instead of repairing them or redesigning them. This frequently happens with tile, where homeowners think they need to replace the tile completely when, in fact, it just needs to be regrouted or repaired.

Instead of ripping something out of your bathroom completely, like your counter space or bathroom cabinets, you may have better luck choosing to spruce things up with a fresh coat of paint or new hardware. It's best to consider all your options!

Poor Planning

From appliance installation to painting, these all can't be done simultaneously. There is a specific order in which the steps need to be completed, whether it's a small or large remodel.

Due to the job's complexity, your bathroom remodeling schedule isn't the only thing you'd have to plan for. You need to also consider:

  • any permits required for electrical or plumbing work
  • renting any tools needed for the job
  • learning any skills you don't currently have like carpentry

If you complete your bathroom repair on your own, you'll have to handle all of this on top of your current job and the plethora of other personal responsibilities you have. When remodeling your bathroom, a handyman will typically lay out a timeline and keep the homeowner informed of the project's progress, taking the planning off your shoulders completely.

Cutting Corners

Homeowners completing their remodel on their own will cut corners typically to save money. They'll choose cheaper quality materials and skip out on learning the proper installation of an item. This may seem fine at first, but after some time, the wear and tear of the bathroom will begin to show and need repairs in the future.

2. Complete Your Bathroom Remodel Quickly

Remodeling any room in the home, including your primary or guest bathroom, can cause your normal day-to-day to become a bit quirky. Sometimes, you may even find your predicted 2-to-3-week remodel turn into a 6-month long endeavor. For something as important as your restroom, you don't want things out of commission for that long.

A handyman's experience in completing and planning dozens of other projects just like yours comes in handy. Handymen just do it faster, without sacrificing quality or cutting corners at any point.

3. Remodel for Less Money

The cost of the time and equipment invested in remodeling your bathroom starts at around $2,000 and goes up from there. With a handyman, you'll be able to enjoy upfront, flat-rate, and competitive hourly costs, helping you remodel for cheaper.

Cheaper Than a General Contractor or Remodeling Company

Hiring a handyman is even cheaper than hiring a general contractor or remodeling company. Contractors tend to cost more because they charge per project instead of hourly or daily. Other overhead fees are usually associated with hiring contractors or remodeling companies.

Isn't Do It Yourself Remodeling Cheaper?

DIY isn't always cheaper than hiring a professional! Plus, you're running the risks we mentioned before. Remember that the least expensive option is not always the best! Choosing a handyman is less expensive than you may think and can help ensure that your bathroom remodel is as successful as possible!

4. Remodel Your Bathroom in Bits and Pieces

While you may have an entire plan for your bathroom, you may also just have a few ideas or not enough money to get started on it today. Still, a handyman can help you complete your renovation in bits and pieces over time, saving you additional money and getting you started on your remodel as soon as possible!

5. Get Professional Help for Your Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Having a handyman available to help you choose between the tasks that will receive higher returns for your investment and those that may not be currently worth your time can be a huge help, in addition to bringing all the professional skills needed to bring your ideas to life, including assembly, installation, repairs, custom carpentry, and so much more.

6. Protects Your Investment

A quality remodel of your bathroom can increase your home's value by as much as 60%! This increase is great news if you're looking to sell anytime soon or are just looking for ways to grow your home's value for your family – and make it look better than before!

Having a handyman complete the bathroom remodel can ensure this level of quality so you can get the most out of the time and money you're putting into your home.

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