Improve Your Ann Arbor Home with These 5 Winter Projects

Don’t Let the Cold Weather Put a Pin in Your Next Project

With 43 inches of snow a year and an average January low of 16 degrees, there’s no wonder why homeowners in Ann Arbor choose to stay indoors during the winter months. But even though you’re stuck indoors, it doesn’t mean you need to pause your home renovation or project to-do list!

With the help of this guide and the handyman at My Handyman of Ann Arbor, Saline and Chelsea, you’ll have plenty of home project ideas to keep you preoccupied this winter and the Ann Arbor handyman services needed to get it all done in a timely manner. Our handyman professionals are prepared to work with you even in the busiest of seasons!

Why Home Improvement is Great in Winter

But what makes winter such a great time to finish up or start home improvement projects? Winter brings:

  • End of Year Motivation – The end of the year can often push homeowners to finish uncompleted projects or start projects they’ve wanted to do all year long.
  • Endless Interior Project Possibilities – While snow and low temperatures can make it hard to handle deck repairs and other exterior projects, any interior repair, maintenance, or installation can be done during the winter.
  • Less Competition – Historically, winter is the least busy time for handymen and other home improvement companies. This is great for you; it means lower prices on labor and materials, easier scheduling, and more attentive service.

Above all, keeping yourself invested in a home project throughout the colder months can help you pass the time and enjoy a more comfortable and beautiful home by the end of the season!

Ideas for Winter Home Improvement Projects

There are a handful of home improvement projects that can be easily completed during winter, including:

1. Upgrade Interior Lighting

Spending more time indoors during the winter makes homeowners more aware of their current interior lighting setup.

Whether you’ve noticed that the new bulbs you’ve picked out are far too bright, your living room could use a new lighting fixture to make up for the lack of sunlight outside, or it’s time to replace that burnt-out bulb on your vaulted ceiling, winter is the perfect time to get it done.

My Handyman of Ann Arbor, Saline and Chelsea can complete any lighting fixture installations or bulb replacements needed around the house to keep things bright and cheery all season long.

2. Repaint Walls

Dry air can affect how your paint dries, so winter naturally presents optimal interior painting conditions. Whether you’re looking to paint a few rooms or walls, low-volatile organic compound paint can be used.

You won’t get that fresh paint smell but choosing low-VOC paint helps you avoid needing to open your windows, something you probably don’t want to do during the winter.

3. Room Renovations

Instead of going for an entire home renovation or working on an area that would require walls to be knocked down and windows to be opened, tackling a single-room renovation during the winter can be a great idea.

Common renovations completed during the winter include:

  • Basement
  • Laundry room
  • Guest bathroom
  • Guest bedroom

From upgrading the flooring to upgrading insulation, you can choose what’s done during your renovation! We can get started in any of these rooms quickly, so don't wait any longer to make this house the place you want it to be.

4. Insulation & Sealing

While this can be done before temperatures drop, it can also be done in the middle of the winter if you feel your home may not be as energy-efficient as you once thought. An inspection of your attic, windows, doors, and other openings should be done to understand the state of your insulation and seals first and foremost.

The assessment will highlight your needs. Let us know if you need to seal the cracks around your windows, add insulation to your attic, or make other replacements. This is something we’ve done for countless homes in Ann Arbor. The earlier you have this done, the sooner you’ll be able to reap the benefits this season!

5. Replace Hardware

An easy project to complete this winter is upgrading your home's hardware. This is one of the best upgrades you can make to your space. Plus, if you’ve got any holiday gift cards sitting around, this is a great way to use them!

Hardware that can be updated around your home includes:

  • Showers
  • Bathtubs
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Doorknobs
  • Bathroom faucets

And don’t even worry about installation, either. Give our team what you purchased, and we’ll handle the rest.

Give My Handyman a Call for Help on Your Next Winter Project

While our home improvement ideas may have inspired you to cross off a piece of your home’s renovation this winter, let’s face it – between Christmas movies on TV and the idea of being curled up on your couch with a cup of hot cocoa, who wants to do any of these?

That’s why My Handyman of Ann Arbor, Saline and Chelsea is here. When we’re not bundled up inside ourselves, we can handle any of these projects and much more for you and your family. With just one call to our team, you’ll experience everything My Handyman has to offer, including:

  • Help from a local team of Ann Arbor handyman professionals
  • High-quality finishes for both big and small projects
  • Flexible scheduling to fit into even the busiest winter schedules
  • Industry-leading guarantees that ensure your 100% satisfaction

Of course, this is just the beginning. And if our track record of positive customer reviews isn’t enough to convince you of the integrity of our service, you may need to try us for yourself. Don’t hesitate to reach out today to learn more about what we offer and even get a free estimate for your next project!