You work hard all week, waiting for a free moment to focus on what matters most to you—and when that moment arrives, you find a long list of home repairs and maintenance tasks waiting to ruin your day. It can be extremely frustrating when you want to keep your property in great condition, but you don't have the time, tools, or know-how to keep up with everything that needs doing.

It can seem like every time you cross something off your to-do list, two more tasks pop right up to take its place. That's why it's so common when homeowners or commercial property owners procrastinate on repair and maintenance jobs. But, those seemingly minor issues can turn into much bigger problems in the near future if they're neglected.

The solution is simple—just get in touch with Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and North PG, your convenient one-call solution for high-quality home repairs, maintenance jobs, and improvements. You don't need to burden yourself with the hassle of hiring multiple contractors to take care of this and that is when our skilled handyman team can cross off every task on your to-do list with quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.

Having someone work on your property can be stressful, particularly if you've had a negative experience in the past with another service company. That's why our service technicians are committed to providing a safe, worry-free experience that will leave you impressed by our professionalism. We'll treat you with respect by communicating clearly, arriving on time for your scheduled appointment, and answering any questions you may have before we begin. That way, we can ensure that when we finish working, the final result exceeds your expectations for quality of service.

Experienced Handyman Services in Crownsville, MD

As a locally owned and operated business, we take great pride in serving the communities we are a part of. We love to see the pleased reactions of customers in towns around Anne Arundel and north Prince George's County such as Severna Park, College Park, Mount Rainier, District Heights, and beyond, who often recommend us to their neighbors once they see our skill and efficiency for themselves.

Have questions about our work in Crownsville, or a home improvement project that's been on your mind? Give us a call to chat with our friendly team of office staff, or keep reading to find out about our popular services in Crownsville.


You may think pressure washing services are all about appearances, and it's true that pressure washing can have a dramatic difference in your curb appeal. But it also removes built-up dirt, grime, and harmful bacteria that can eat away at surfaces, leaving them vulnerable to bigger problems such as wood rot. And, if you've noticed that it's time to paint your deck or refinish other outdoor surfaces, pressure washing can remove loose paint and wood stains far faster and more effectively than sanding, leaving behind a clean, smooth surface to work on. Pressure washing can also be used to remove unwanted plant growth such as algae, moss, lichen, and mildew.

Some of the many outdoor items and surfaces that can be pressure washed are:

  • Siding
  • Porches, decks, & patios
  • Stairs
  • Fences
  • Driveways & walkways
  • Bicycles & other sports equipment
  • Play equipment
  • Grills
  • Patio Furniture


When homeowners are working on maintenance and improvements, the garage is often overlooked—in fact, the entire property is sometimes neat as a pin until you open the garage door and piles of unorganized boxes, sports equipment, and other debris spill out. If you're tired of dealing with a garage that's more of a storage space than anything else, our garage services can get it back in great shape and reclaim some space for hobbies or even more storage. You could even park your car in there!

Our garage services include:

  • Garage door opener installation: Screeeeeeeeech... do you hear that unpleasant noise every time your garage door opens? Maybe it opens jerkily, or not at all so you have to get out of your vehicle to open it manually. We can get a replacement opening mechanism installed so it rolls up and down smoothly and quietly.
  • Garage floor coating: A fresh coating on your garage floor will make it look pristine again, repel future oil stains, and hide any imperfections in the concrete. It also contains anti-skid additives to keep your wheels where they should be in wet conditions.
  • Garage organization & storage: We'll install storage solutions such as overhead cabinets, countertops, storage racks, bins, and whatever else you need to create a place for everything—and everything in its place!


From the aesthetic to the utilitarian, there's so much a skilled carpenter can do around your house to improve both the appearance and the functionality. We've completed many successful carpentry jobs and have experience in cabinetry and other custom carpentry work to transform your home with details perfectly suited to your needs and tastes.

Tired of trying to cook in a kitchen that doesn't have enough storage, isn't laid out properly, or is just plain ugly and outdated? We can design brand-new cabinets in any style that will address all your unique problems with the kitchen and make it the optimal place to whip up your culinary masterpieces.

Other possible carpentry solutions for your home include:

  • Kitchen islands
  • Mantels
  • Bookcases and shelving units
  • Entertainment centers
  • Window seats
  • Built-in seating along the perimeter of your deck
  • Playroom modifications to get all those toys put away (yes, it's possible!)
  • And lots more

Count on Mr. Handyman for Repair and Maintenance in Crownsville!

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