When you think of all the parts and components of your house or commercial building, drywall might not be the first thing that comes to mind—in fact, it might not even be the twentieth thing that comes to mind. Drywall is made to fade right into the background, so we rarely pay any attention to it even though it's right in front of us. But that all changes when it has suffered damage and needs drywall repair in Annapolis, MD. If your walls and ceilings have cracks, holes, stains, scuffs, dents and other unsightly damage, you can't help but look at it whenever you enter the room. 

But drywall damage can also affect your property in ways that have nothing to do with appearance, and that's why it makes sense to call your local Annapolis handyman professional sooner rather than later to erase holes, cracks and more. The dependable team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and PG County has the skill and experience to restore your walls and ceilings to an attractive, smooth, even finish so you can't even tell where the damage originally was.

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Our Experienced Annapolis Drywall Repair Services

Drywall may seem like it's just there to make your rooms look finished and hide all the insulation and wires inside the walls from view—and admittedly, that is a big part of what it does. But it's actually not just there to look pretty. It does a lot to keep your house energy efficient, improve sound separation between rooms and discourage pest infestations, and it can even help to prevent the rapid spread of fire. Your drywall can't do any of that properly if it has suffered damage and needs drywall repair in Annapolis, MD.

When you hire someone to take care of Annapolis drywall repair services, it's important to make sure they're able and willing to take care of the entire repair process from start to finish. Our experienced service professionals have seen just about everything you can imagine when it comes to drywall, from minor dents and scuffs to person-sized holes where someone managed to stumble right through a wall, and we've fixed every one of them so it was impossible to tell that the wall or ceiling had ever been damaged.

You might be thinking of selling your home and looking for ways to make it as appealing as possible to buyers, or you may be a renter who wants to get your damage deposit back when you move out. Or, you could be a business owner who wants to make sure your customer-facing commercial property looks its very best. Our team can eliminate any trace of ceiling or wall damage with the right strategy for drywall repair in Annapolis, MD. What's more, we'll ensure that we take care of every last step, including cleaning up the drywall mess before we leave.

Our Annapolis drywall repair services include:

  • Preparing the work area with plastic sheeting or drop cloths to contain the mess
  • Removing the damaged panel or a portion of the panel
  • Applying adhesive drywall patches or wooden support joists for larger holes
  • Installing a new piece of drywall or an entire panel
  • Taping up the edges of the patched area with joint tape
  • Applying joint compound to conceal cuts or joints
  • Sanding down the dried compound to create an even, smooth surface
  • Applying texture spray where necessary
  • Painting the wall or fixed area so the repair is invisible
  • Cleaning up the mess of drywall chunks and dust
  • Rehanging your curtains and framed photos or paintings
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Choose Mr. Handyman for Reliable Drywall Repair in Annapolis, MD

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Not sure who to call when you need the best quality drywall repair in Annapolis, MD? Turn to the team of qualified handyman experts at Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and PG County. We have decades of experience serving the local homeowners and business owners of our local communities, and we take pride in delivering the highest standards of quality workmanship combined with customer service that always goes above and beyond. 

When we arrive on time at your residential or commercial property for your scheduled appointment, we'll be in uniform and driving a clearly-marked company vehicle so you know exactly who you're letting on to your property. We'll then take the time to examine the problem area and consult with you on the best approach to getting it fixed up. With your approval, we'll work efficiently to get the job done correctly with long-lasting, appealing results and we'll clean up after ourselves before we leave.  

At Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and PG County, we don't limit ourselves to just drywall repair in Annapolis, MD. We also provide a wide range of other trusted handyman services, including bathroom remodels, deck construction, door repair and installation, gutter cleaning and repair, basic electrical and plumbing tasks, tile replacement, flooring installation and much more. There's no need to give yourself the hassle and expense of calling one contractor to take care of this and another to take care of that when our qualified handyman team can cross every single task off your to-do list quickly and effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Drywall Repair in Annapolis, MD

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What is Drywall Made Of?

Drywall, which is also referred to as sheetrock, wallboard, or gypsum board, among other names, is essentially a sheet of a soft, sulfate mineral called gypsum. The gypsum is encased in layers of thick paper, and it typically contains chemical additives to make it more flame retardant. It may also have additives to help it better resist water incursion, though no drywall is 100% waterproof. Before drywall was invented, walls and ceilings were made of lath and plaster, meaning wooden slats covered with several layers of plaster. Drywall is a lot more durable, easier to install and much easier to repair than lath and plaster, which is why it's so widely used today.

What Types of Damage Can You Fix With Drywall Repair in Annapolis, MD?

All of them! From dents and scuffs to water stains and huge holes, you can count on our team of handyman professionals to erase any kind of wall or ceiling trouble. Some of the types of damage we can address with drywall repair in Annapolis, MD are:

Dents, Nail Holes and Hairline Cracks: These minor surface problems are fairly simple to deal with because they don't require a patch. Our Annapolis drywall repair experts will simply fill in and cover up the damaged area with joint compound, feather its edges to blend it into the surface of the wall and paint over it once it's dry so you can't tell where the repair was done.

Smaller Holes: If you have a relatively small hole in your wall that is less than around four inches in diameter, like the ones that occur when a doorknob accidentally punches through the wall, the best way to handle it is by applying a mesh adhesive drywall patch that will provide a stable surface for the joint compound. We'll trim the ragged edges of the hole, apply the mesh patch, and cover it with several layers of drywall mud. When it's completely dry, we'll sand it down until it's smooth and paint over it for a smooth, seamless repair.

Large Holes or Cracks: For bigger holes and other types of damage that are more than four inches across, the process of drywall repair gets a lot more complex. In most cases, the right way to take care of this problem is to start by locating the wall stud on either side of the damaged area and cutting out the portion of the panel that is damaged from stud to stud. Then, we'll install a support made out of plywood or lumber to the studs, cut out a new section of drywall, and screw it into place on the studs. The last steps are to cover the seams around the patch with joint tape and several layers of drywall mud, sand it down after it has completely dried and paint the entire wall.

Ceiling and Textured Drywall Repair: If you’ve got a textured ceiling or wall that is damaged and in need of Annapolis drywall repair, our skilled team of service professionals can not only handle the task of fixing the damage but also to match the repaired area with your existing drywall texture to create an even finish.

Is Drywall Damage Just Cosmetic?

Drywall creates an attractive surface on your walls and ceilings because it's smooth and even, but as we mentioned above, it also has functions that aren't related to appearance, and that means damage to your walls and ceilings is not just a cosmetic problem that can be easily shrugged off. Some of the ways that drywall damage can impact the comfort of your household are:

Increases Energy Costs: If you have drywall holes, the interior space inside your walls is not sealed off from the rest of the house. That means your HVAC system has considerably more air volume to cover, and it needs to run for longer periods of time to keep your house at the correct temperature. Your HVAC needs a lot of energy to operate, so additional operation time can really increase energy costs and cause you to pay more on your utility bills. 

Poor Sound Separation: Drywall damage lets sound transfer more easily, so you hear every bump or whisper from the next room. That's a major problem for anyone who loves their peace and quiet but has to share a building with neighbors or noisy family members. 

Encourages Pest Infestations: Drywall damage can actually encourage insect and rodent infestations by giving them easy access points to the interior of your walls. This is because pests generally prefer to find existing holes rather than making them, so if it's difficult to find entry points to hiding spots, they're less likely to stick around.

Doesn't Inhibit the Spread of Fire: We mentioned above that drywall contains additives to make it less flammable. It can't completely contain a raging fire, but intact walls and ceilings slow the spread of fire from room to room so there's more time to put it out and halt the damage. If there are holes and cracks, it's easier for the flames to get inside the walls and attack the wooden framing of the building, causing severe structural damage.

Can I Handle Drywall Repair By Myself?

Drywall is a fairly simple material, and that fools some people into thinking drywall repair is simple and easy. It's one of those tasks that technically anyone could do, but it takes a lot of practice and know-how to do it correctly and get attractive, long-lasting results. Larger repairs can also be surprisingly time-consuming and laborious, and we're often called to finish up a project after a property owner gets part way through and realizes they're in over their head or they'd prefer to spend their time elsewhere. We're also often called to fix the unsatisfactory results of amateur drywall repair in Annapolis, MD.

With that in mind, you can actually save yourself time, money and stress by just letting us take care of the entire job from the start. After all, we've all seen drywall repair projects that were not done correctly, and it's very noticeable that the person who did it had no idea how to make it look right.

Do You Need Drywall Repair in Annapolis, MD? Trust the Pros at Mr. Handyman to Erase Wall and Ceiling Damage

At Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and PG County, we have decades of experience serving the local homeowners and business owners of Anne Arundel County and Prince George's County with expert handyman services, including Annapolis, Gibson Island, Severn and beyond. Contact our customer care staff today to schedule a convenient time for a service appointment or to find out more about why we're considered the top choice for drywall repair in Annapolis, MD.

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