NRH is certainly one of the best places to live. It's been featured in multiple magazines and reports as not only one of the best local neighborhoods, but also one of the best places to live in all of America. Part of the reason that NRH is so great is its convenient location, and the convenient access that property owners have to a handyman in North Richland hills.

Any time that it's easy to complete repairs, maintenance and remodeling projects, life gets much better. That's exactly what happens when you hire a handyman in North Richland Hills to help with your list of property repairs, maintenance and improvement projects. Every home and commercial property needs routine repairs from time to time, and there are few buildings that don't benefit from periodic remodeling, but getting all that work done isn't easy for the average property owner.

The easiest way to take care of all the work that needs to be done around your home or business is with a skilled, a href="/arlington/" title="North Richland Hills handyman">North Richland Hills handyman. No matter what kind of work you need done, you can always rely on the team of experts at Mr. Handyman of Arlington, Mansfield and Grapevine to get the job done right.

As your local handyman in North Richland Hills, we offer a wide range of services for anything that you need done. If you're a homeowner who needs help with routine maintenance and basic repairs, we're here for you. If you're a business owner who wants a commercial handyman to fix parts of their property, we've got you covered. We'll even help with your major remodeling projects and renovations.

Drywall Repair in North Richland Hills

Wall damage is one of the most common issues that all homeowners suffer from. Whether you live in North Richland Hills or somewhere else, your walls are likely made of drywall, and that drywall is vulnerable to several types of damage.

Sometimes, drywall damage is caused by accidents—like a doorknob hole from a door being thrown open or a scratch from a piece of furniture being moved—but that's not the only source of damage. Moisture and humidity are also common culprits for wall damage in North Richland Hills, especially in bathrooms that are not properly ventilated. Even if none of those issues affect you, it's still possible for little holes and cracks to appear simply from your house settling over time.

With so many potential culprits, it's likely that every homeowner in North Richland Hills will suffer from some kind of wall damage at some point in time. When it comes to the different types of repairs that homeowners need, drywall repair isn't too complicated, but getting the job done is always easier when you have the necessary tools and experience—plus, the free time required to complete repairs correctly.

Cutting, sanding, taping, mudding and finishing are all common steps for many drywall repairs. Getting all of that work done takes time, and it can also be messy. Any handyman will tell you that keeping dust and compound contained is also a key part of drywall repairs.

When you start to consider all the different steps for drywall repair and the amount of time required, it might start to seem like a daunting task. For particularly severe damage, it can be, but no amount of drywall damage is too much for a skilled handyman in North Richland Hills.

Our team will take care of your entire drywall repair project. We'll even refinish your wall and rehang pictures or other decorations once the repairs are done. Once our work is complete, you won't even be able to tell there was ever any damage.


  • Door knob dents
  • Scratches
  • Cracks
  • Small holes
  • Popped nails
  • Popcorn ceiling removal
  • Sagging joint tape
  • Dented corners
  • Large holes
  • Water and moisture damage

North Richland Hills Custom Carpentry Services

Do you envy the custom carpentry that you see in other homes throughout North Richland Hills? Your home or business could have the same custom features. One of the best ways to make your property unique is with custom carpentry services from a handyman in North Richland Hills.

At Mr. Handyman of Arlington, Mansfield and Grapevine, our skilled handyman service professionals are also skilled carpenters. We have the tools and experience to fill your home with unique carpentry features and storage solutions created just for you.


Most homes in North Richland Hills have cabinets in at least one room. The kitchen is the most common place to find cabinets, but some homes also have them in bathrooms, laundry rooms and other storage spaces. Over time, those cabinets tend to fade and wear down. If the finish on your cabinets is faded or peeling, your cupboard drawers are sticking, your cabinet handles are loose and your hinges are squeaky, it may be time to think about replacement.

New cabinets will serve you much better than any older cabinets that are a constant source of stress. Those replacements might just increase your property value too. If you don't want replacement but you do want a makeover, our team also offers cabinet refacing services. We'll replace your handles and hardware and refinish or replace the fronts to give your older cabinets an entirely new look.


Few custom carpentry features are simultaneously subtler and more stunning than great crown molding. The right type of crown molding has a noticeable effect on the entire look and feel of a room, as long as it's installed properly. Crown molding is especially effective for areas with low ceilings, because it makes those rooms seem taller by drawing the eyes up.

In addition to crown molding installation, your handyman in North Richland Hills can also complete other types of interior trim installation. We'll also install baseboards, chair rails, picture rails, wall paneling, wainscoting, and interior door trim. No matter what your desires are for decorative interior trim, we have the skills to get you the results you want.


Do you need an elegant place to add decorations during the summer and hang stockings in the winter? Is your old fireplace mantel starting to show signs of its age? You can get exactly what you need with professional mantel installation from a skilled handyman. Our skilled carpenters will replace your old mantel and install a new one that looks as great as you've always hoped it would.


Do you want built-in shelves for your living room or custom storage solutions for your laundry room? Do you need a specific space to store everything in your garage? A handyman in North Richland Hills will install and build the custom shelving and storage that you've always dreamed of having, so that you have a place to store everything in your home.

North Richland Hills Furniture Assembly Services

Putting together flat pack furniture isn't always as easy as it seems it should be. Reading the instructions for a piece of furniture sometimes feels like trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics. Sometimes, people in North Richland Hills just don't have the time to put together all their new furniture. Whatever the case may be, you can solve those problems by making an appointment with a handyman in North Richland Hills.

We've put together more than our fair share of dressers, shelves, tables and chairs. We have the skill and expertise to efficiently and effectively assemble all your new furniture. Even the most complicated assemblies are no problem for us. We'll take all that work off your hands, so the only thing you have to worry about is where to put your furniture after it's been assembled.


  • Bed frames
  • Bookshelves
  • Cabinets
  • Patio furniture
  • Entertainment centers
  • Grills
  • Storage units
  • Bikes and other sports equipment
  • And much more!

North Richland Hills Property Maintenance Services

Everybody needs a little help with property maintenance from time to time. There are so many tasks that need to be done each season and so little time to get them done—but you must get them done. Completing those routine home maintenance jobs is an important part of reducing costs for future repairs.

Hiring a multi-skilled handyman in North Richland Hills will help you work through your entire list of property maintenance tasks. Whether you need indoor repairs, outdoor repairs or both, we're here to help you get the job done!


Over time, the grout between tiles tends to break apart and wear down. It's extremely important to fix that degraded grout as soon as possible. The longer that you wait to replace worn grout, the higher your risk of water damage becomes.

Unfortunately, fixing grout is a job that requires special tools for removing the old grout—tools that not everyone has in North Richland Hills. Adding new grout is also a job that benefits from the hand of someone with previous experience. Of course, this type of work also takes time to get it done right. If you find yourself lacking in time, tools or expertise, you can always rely on our experts for grout repair service.


Are your gutters looking a little weak and worn? Are they stained with black stripes or hanging off your home in some areas? That's not a good sign. Gutters are an important part of your home's outer defenses, and they need routine repairs to ensure that they're always working properly.

Keeping your gutters in good condition ensures that your home won't suffer from stained siding, wood rot or any of the complications that occur as a result of gutter damage. We know that climbing a ladder and repairing gutters isn't something that everybody feels comfortable doing, so if you're feeling a little worried about doing that kind of work, or if you'd rather leave it to an expert, you can always rely on a handyman in North Richland Hills to get that job done.


One of the easiest, fastest, most effective ways to clean outdoor surfaces is with power washing equipment. In the hands of a professional handyman in North Richland Hills, a power washer will make quick work of all the grime, slime and dust built up on your outdoor surfaces. It's an effective way to clean driveways, walkways, siding, fences and many other surfaces.

Seasonal Exterior Maintenance in North Richland Hills

Over the cooler months, it's common for many outdoor surfaces to suffer from minor damage. As warmer weather arrives, it brings a list of maintenance jobs for all those damaged outdoor surfaces. If you ignore those issues, they will only get worse over time, but if you complete all your seasonal maintenance for the exterior parts of your home, they'll last much longer—and you'll need much fewer costly repairs.


  • Soffits and fascia
  • Siding
  • Decks and porches
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Exterior trim
  • Fences
  • And more!

Need a Commercial Handyman in North Richland Hills?

If you're a business owner or commercial property owner in North Richland Hills, you can also take advantage of our handyman services. We know that commercial properties and businesses often have special requirements when it comes to property repairs and maintenance, and we're prepared to meet all your needs for commercial handyman service.

We'll help you complete commercial door and window repairs, assemble displays, mount signs and complete any other work that you need for your property, all with minimal disruption to your business. Whether you need kitchen Sheetrock repair or just basic maintenance to keep your property looking great, you can expect great results from us when you need a handyman in North Richland Hills.

Do You Need a Handyman in North Richland Hills, TX?

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