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Interior & Exterior Door Installation Costs

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Doors are an important part of your home because they are both functional and decorative. A door can make your home welcoming, provide you with privacy, and even make a fashion statement. More importantly you can increase your home's efficiency by installing interior and exterior doors to replace those that are old or beyond repair. Depending on what door you choose you will want to keep in mind the installation cost. Here are installation costs that you will want to consider before you go door shopping. Note: Each project is unique and costs may vary.

Interior doors are an essential part of any home and can range greatly in price.

  • Panel: These doors are the basic doors used as a divider to a bedroom or bathroom and are typically made of composite or inexpensive wood. On average these doors would cost $40-$150 or up to $1,000 for a solid wood interior door.
  • Bi-fold: These are doors are hinged together and are generally used on closets. They will cost about $25-$150 a set but can cost up to $1,000 if you want solid wood.
  • Pocket: These are great doors that slide out of the wall and can be used to make the most of small spaces. A pocket door would approximately cost $400-$1,000.
Exterior doors are available in many design styles and will increase your homes value. Wooden front door
  • Wood: A wood front door is an extremely popular and classic design. On average this door would cost around $200-$500. If you were looking for a solid wood door that is more decorative or that has to be customized it can cost up to $5,000.
  • Aluminum: These doors are great because they come pre-painted and are rust resistant. Generally the costs on these are $400-$600 per door.
  • French doors: These doors are usually used in the back of the home to enter the deck or patio. These doors are usually made from wood or vinyl and will consist of glass panes. These doors can cost approximately $1,000-$4,000. Sliding glass doors will serve a similar function to French doors but cost less at about $500-$1,500.

If installing a new door sounds like more work then you can handle, call your local Mr. Handyman for some help. All Mr. Handyman franchises are Fully Insured with General Liability and Workers Compensation. Some services are subject to state and local licensing and may not be available in all locations. Make sure to stay on top of all your household repairs, improvements and maintenance needs and request service in your area.

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