When you’re shopping for a front door, factors you're thinking about are design, color, durability, security, and energy efficiency. So, which kind of door will fit the look and needs of your home the best? Let’s compare wood, steel, and fiberglass entry doors and carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type:

Wood Doors

Advantages - Wood doors give your entry a quality, high-end look. Scratches are easy to repair, the doors are secure and additions and alterations such as a new wood stain can be simply done. These doors are often the most visually appealing.

Disadvantages - Wood doors are more expensive, absorb moisture that can cause peeling, bubbling, and warping over time, and require a moderate amount of maintenance. The high-end look and feel that they give entryways, unfortunately, comes at the expense of energy efficiency. But if you hire a professional door installer like Mr. Handyman, the energy loss that comes with wood doors can be minimized.

Steel Doors

Advantages - Steel doors are the most secure material. They reduce street noise the best, have the longest life spans, are fireproof, and are energy-efficient.

Disadvantages - Steel doors do not have as many design options as fiberglass or wood doors. They also are easily dented, their paint tends to chip, and scratches can cause rust. Steel doors are temperature sensitive, making them cold or hot to touch depending on the outside air temperature.

Fiberglass Doors

Advantages - A fiberglass door is going to be your smartest choice as far as energy efficiency goes. Fiberglass doors can also provide a similar look and stain to a wooden door, and they’re resistant to scratches and dents. Many fiberglass doors mimic the look of classic wood designs that homeowners find appealing. When installed correctly, a fiberglass door can help save you money on your energy bills and be an excellent artistic statement in your entryway.

Disadvantages - Cheaply manufactured fiberglass doors can crack, have shorter life spans than other materials and require the most maintenance. These problems can be averted by purchasing a better-made fiberglass door.


Regardless of which type of door material you choose, one of the most crucial elements is how well the door is hung by the door installer you choose. Mr. Handyman provides professional door installation services from technicians with years of door-hanging experience. All of our door installation services are backed by our worry-free guarantee. Contact your local Mr. Handyman at 1-877-MRHANDYMAN to schedule a service today.

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