Drywall damage like cracks, holes, scuffs, stains and dents aren't the most attractive additions to any home or business, but compromised appearances aren't always enough to convince property owners that they need professional drywall repair. Tampa property owners would sometimes prefer to simply ignore wall and ceiling damage, especially if it's possible to just hide it behind some furniture. But the truth is that damaged drywall can cause serious problems that have nothing to do with appearance.

If you've noticed signs that your drywall is not in the best shape, or you saw it take sudden damage and there's now a big hole in an otherwise smooth wall surface, count on our team of Tampa handyman professionals to restore both the appearance and the function of your walls and ceilings. The team at Mr. Handyman of Citrus Park and Keystone has the skill and experience to handle drywall repair and numerous other reliable handyman services designed to enhance the comfort, appeal and livability of your home or commercial building.

How Our Team Tackles Tampa Drywall Repair Services

Drywall repair is one of those things that anyone can do, but most people can't do correctly. It takes a lot more experience and skill than many people suspect to get great results, and the best results are when you can't tell where the repaired area is at all. That's the kind of drywall repair Tampa homeowners can expect from the skilled service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Citrus Park and Keystone.   

So what else can you expect when you call our local, dependable drywall repair company in Tampa, FL? First, we'll schedule you for an appointment at a time that's most convenient for you, then we'll actually show up at that time instead of leaving you waiting around for hours, wondering if we'll ever arrive. When we get to your property, we'll be in uniform and have the tools and materials necessary to get the job done effectively and efficiently. We'll inspect the damage and offer you an honest, upfront cost for the necessary repair work. With your approval, we'll get down to business carrying out your drywall repair. Tampa homeowners can rely on us to take care of every single step of the process, including applying a coat of paint to conceal the repair and cleaning up after ourselves before we leave. 

The strategy we choose for Tampa drywall repair will, of course, vary depending on the size of the damaged area. Drywall repair projects we can take care of include: 

  • Minor Cracks, Dents and Nail Holes: Minor surface damage on walls and ceilings may look unattractive, but it's fairly simple to eliminate these types of problems with drywall repair. Tampa professionals at Mr. Handyman handle this type of damage by filling in cracks, dents and tiny holes with lightweight spackle and feathering the edges to blend it into the existing surface. When it's dry, we'll sand it smooth and paint over it to make the repair invisible.
  • Small Holes: If the problem that needs to be dealt with is a smaller hole with a diameter of about four inches or less, an adhesive mesh patch is likely going to be the most effective tool to get it closed up. After removing any ragged pieces around the edge, we will apply a patch and cover it with multiple layers of joint compound. After the joint compound is totally dry, we'll sand it down until it's  smooth and even, cover it with texture spray, and paint the entire wall so it's all on one level, matching the surface with a smooth finish. 
  • Larger Holes: If the hole in question is more than four inches or so in diameter, it's not the best idea to use mesh drywall patches as they're just not supportive enough to span a hole that big. Instead, we'll cut out the damaged portion of the panel, all the way from one wall stud to the other, and nail a piece of plywood or support plank to the studs. We'll then cut a new segment of drywall to fit the gap and screw it in to place on the wall studs. Next, we will cover seams along the edges of our patch with drywall tape and apply several layers of joint compound over the top. When it's dry, we'll sand it down, apply texture spray and paint the entire wall.  
  • Ceiling and Textured Drywall Repair: If you’ve got a textured wall or ceiling surface that has suffered damage, our team can complete the repairs necessary not only to fix your ceiling or wall but also to match the repaired area with your existing drywall texture to create a specialty finish.

Choose Mr. Handyman as Your Expert Drywall Repair Company, Tampa Homeowners

When it's time for experienced drywall repair, Tampa homeowners and business owners alike rely on the team of professionals at Mr. Handyman of Citrus Park and Keystone to deliver proper repair methods, superior customer service and workmanship that meets or exceeds the highest industry standards. We have seen it all and fixed it all with effective Tampa drywall repair strategies, so we know exactly how to get your walls and ceilings looking brand-new again.  

Along with drywall repair, Tampa property owners can count on us for a wide range of other handyman services, such as bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, carpentry services, tile installation and repair, flooring repair, deck repair, gutter cleaning, and much more. All our handyman professionals undergo an extensive screening process that includes employee background checks, so you can expect a safe, worry-free experience while we're on your property.

Give us a call today to find out more about the services we offer, including Tampa drywall repair, or to schedule a convenient time for a service appointment.

FAQ: Drywall Repair, Tampa and Area

If you have questions about drywall repair, Tampa professionals at Mr. Handyman have the answers! Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can handle drywall repair for your home or business, and check out our answers to a few common questions below.

Do Plaster and Drywall Mean the Same Thing?

They are different, though they're often mixed up with each other. Plaster is basically what came before drywall was commonly used. Walls and ceilings used to be made of lath and plaster, which were narrow slats of wood (lath) covered in many layers of plaster. It was not only more time-consuming and difficult to install than drywall, it was also more difficult to repair. That's why drywall quickly became the preferred solution for interior wall and ceiling surfaces once it was invented. 

What Caused My Drywall Damage?

You may not even know what caused the problem that prompted you to call drywall repair. Tampa homes can suffer all sorts of issues that affect ceilings or walls, and sometimes it's very clear what caused the damage because you saw the impact happen. But it's actually pretty common for the source of the damage to be a complete mystery. Here are some of the potential causes of drywall damage that we are frequently called to deal with in Tampa and the surrounding areas:

  • Screw and nail holes
  • Bubbling, loose or peeling joint tape
  • Moisture damage such as softened or stained drywall
  • Cracks and popping drywall nails caused by the building shifting and settling
  • Gouges or scratches from cats and dogs
  • Gouges caused by aggressive popcorn ceiling removal
  • Normal wear and tear damage that slowly gets worse over time

Is It Really Worth It to Get Drywall Repair in Tampa?

If you don't care all that much about how drywall damage looks, you may assume that it's not really necessary to call a drywall repair company. Tampa households can actually experience some surprising benefits from professional drywall repair that have nothing to do with appearances, though. Issues like cracks and holes can cause serious problems for your home that end up costing you extra money and making your home less comfortable. Here are some of the big benefits of experienced, professional drywall repair in Tampa:

  • Reduce Energy Costs: Cracks and holes in your walls or ceiling let heat and cool air from your HVAC system escape inside the walls, which gives your HVAC system a lot more air volume to cover and forces it to run a lot more frequently. Naturally, that extra energy consumption is reflected in higher charges on your energy bills. Tampa drywall repair can make your home more energy efficient by reducing your HVAC's energy usage to save you money.  
  • Reduce Noise Between Rooms: If you are wondering why you've been hearing every little noise from the next room, it could be a problem that needs to be solved by drywall repair. Tampa homeowners often find that drywall damage reduces sound separation between rooms, which can make it nearly impossible to get some peace and quiet. Having your local handyman deal with holes and cracks will help muffle sounds so you can relax.
  • Discourage Insect and Rodent Infestations: Rodent and insect pests such as mice, rats, termites, ants and cockroaches like to find and use existing holes and cracks to access the inside of your walls, which obviously makes your home far less sanitary and comfortable for you. By eliminating those access points, you can discourage major pest infestations and keep your home just for you and your family instead of a bunch of unwanted "visitors."
  • Prevent Fire From Spreading Rapidly: Drywall isn't completely fireproof, but it does usually contain chemical additives that make it more flame retardant. Damage such as holes can compromise that ability by letting flames get inside walls where they can attack the building's support structure and spread rapidly to other rooms, while intact drywall can slow the spread of fire so there's more time to get people and pets to safety and get the fire put out.
  • Maintain Business Credibility: If you have a customer-facing business, you're already aware that it's helpful to keep up appearances around your commercial property. It's not necessarily reasonable for customers to judge a book by its cover, but something like a crack or stain in drywall can cause your company to lose credibility with your customers and they end up taking their business elsewhere. Don't let wall and ceiling damage undermine all your hard work when it can be corrected efficiently and effectively by our Tampa drywall repair experts.

Is It Cheaper to Get Drywall Repair or Just Replace All the Drywall?

This question does make sense because there actually are a lot of things around your home that (in some situations) may be better off being replaced altogether rather than repaired, from flooring to doors and more. That's not the case with drywall, mainly because of the nature of the material and how it's repaired. Drywall repair is almost always going to be the best, most cost-effective solution to get your walls and ceilings back in great shape. Even if an entire panel has been destroyed by someone losing their balance and crashing through the wall, just that panel can be replaced by a drywall repair specialist rather than the entire room's worth of drywall. The only exception would be if you have very widespread damage that is affecting every single panel of drywall in a room or house, like damage from a fire or flood, and in that type of situation you'll probably need to replace a lot more than just the drywall.

Are You Looking for Experienced Drywall Repair? Tampa, Mr. Handyman is Here to Help!

If you need professional drywall repair services in Tampa or a nearby area such as Odessa or Lutz, you can rely on the experts at Mr. Handyman of Citrus Park and Keystone. Our top-rated local pros have plenty of experience with drywall repair of all types and sizes. Give us a call today to find out more about the services we offer or to schedule a service appointment. We look forward to the opportunity to show you why we're considered Tampa's top choice for trusted handyman services!

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