Door Installation Colorado Springs: Home Improvement Inspiration

Are you looking for a simple way to improve your home's curb appeal and your own comfort? One of the most basic, simple and easy home improvements is door installation. Colorado Springs homes and businesses all have entries, but few people take advantage of all the unique options available for entryways in their property.

Having sturdy, safe entryways is important for maintaining energy efficiency and home security in Colorado Springs, but that doesn't mean you can't have a secure entrance that also looks beautiful. Depending on the space that you're trying to target with remodeling, there may be more options than you realize for fresh, functional installations.

The best person to ask for advice about your potential home improvements is your local Colorado Springs handyman. You can always rely on Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs for information to help with your next home improvements. We're here to give you the inspiration you need for home improvement projects like door installation in Colorado Springs.

Exterior Door Installation Colorado Springs

Front entry doors are some of the most important in any home. Not only do they provide security and safety for your home, but they also have an effect on your overall curb appeal—and your peace of mind. A weathered, battered entrance won't just fail to stop intruders and decrease your home's value. It could also affect your state of mind. If the first thing you see when you get home is a ruined door, that could also ruin your mood.

Getting a great entrance is easy with professional installation services from a local handyman. You could simply replace your front entry doors with something that looks and works better—or, you could explore some options for unique front entryways in Colorado Springs.

The Best Materials for Exterior Door Installation in Colorado Springs:

Solid Wood

Natural wood is a traditional, beautiful option for any home's entrance. One of the primary benefits of wood is the many varieties available. Popular choices for door installation in Colorado Spring include hardwood varieties like cherry, mahogany, walnut and oak. The exact variety could make a big difference if you want to use a stain that will emphasize the wood's natural grain, but don't forget that painting is also quite common for front entries. If you're planning to paint your front entrance slab, the appearance of your selected wood variety will matter much less than its durability.

The ability to repaint and refinish your slab multiple times is a key benefit that wood has over other materials. Unfortunately, that benefit comes at significant cost, for both installation and repairs. In terms of standing up to the elements in Colorado Springs, wood has quite a few vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to moisture. Wood rot is a major problem for outdoor wood, and the overall lower vulnerability of wood means that it needs much more maintenance than other materials used for exterior door installation in Colorado Springs.

In terms of price, wood isn't generally considered one of the more cost-effective options for homes in Colorado Springs, and the cost of choosing wood could be increased by the need for frequent repairs or early replacement. Still, if you're happy to keep up with annual maintenance, wood is a sturdy, beautiful choice.

Rail and Stile Repair

Rails and stiles are horizontal and vertical strips that are often installed on wooden entry slabs or included in their initial design in order to reinforce them against the warping issues caused by moisture. Over time, those parts of your exterior trim may get damaged too.

You may be tempted to replace your wooden slab with something else if that happens, but it's also possible to fix that damage and keep your beautiful wooden door. Door repair is just one of the many ways that a local handyman can help save you from early replacement installations,


Fiberglass offers many of the same benefits as wood, but it has slightly more durability. It's more resistant to many of the issues caused by moisture in wood, such as rot and warping. It also stands up just as well against dents. All that durability also comes with low overall maintenance requirements.

Fiberglass is also a better insulator than wood, which means that switching from solid wood to fiberglass could make your home more energy efficient. However, some fiberglass slabs tend to be less secure than their solid wood alternatives, so you could be sacrificing security for that high energy efficiency.

In terms of style, fiberglass comes in a variety of prefabricated finishes and colors. It can even mimic the appearance of wood. They can be customized to match the style of any building in Colorado Springs, and they can also be repainted, so you're not stuck with one color or finish forever.


Steel is one of the sturdiest, most secure choices available for door installation in Colorado Springs. It's also one of the most affordable options on the market, so you might not be surprised to learn that metal doors are one of the most popular installation options on the market.

The insulated steel used for entry slabs is highly durable, and it can be up to five times more energy efficient than wood. Steel won't warp and isn't vulnerable to pests like termites, but it does dent and rust—and fixing damage like dents is much more difficult than it is with wood. Sometimes, dented steel must be replaced because the cost of fixing a large dent exceeds the cost of simply getting new door installation.

Another key consideration for steel is that it cannot be easily cut down to fit an existing frame. That means if you don't want to replace your frame—or can't—steel won't be a great choice for your next door installation in Colorado Springs.


Glass doors have a single, large pane of glass set inside a frame made of another material like fiberglass or wood. They can also be decorated with muntins, mullions and other features that you might normally find on windows.

The biggest benefit of glass doors is the amount of natural light that they let in. For your front entrance, you can choose frosted or textured glass to get the benefits of that light without letting anybody walking by look into your foyer.

Glass is slightly less energy efficient than other options, as air can escape through the frame surrounding the glass and heat can escape or enter your home through the glass itself. Of course, it's also much less secure than the other materials used for exterior entries, which is why many people choose glass for their deck or patio doors at the back of their home, rather than their front entrance.

Interior Door Installation Colorado Springs

Interior door installation isn't as common as replacing exterior slabs in Colorado Springs, but damage does happen to interior doors. Over time, even the natural settling of your home could cause issues that lead to scraping and dragging. Of course, there's no accounting for accidental damage too.

Whether your interior doors are damaged or you just want to swap them out for something that's more in line with your style, you can get the job done with professional installation services from a local handyman—and there are just as many options available for interior door installation in Colorado Springs as there are for your front or back entryways.

Popular Interior Door Installation Styles:

  • Hinged doors: The classic choice for any room. Hinged styles might not be as exciting as other styles, but the process required for completing repairs can be much easier than the repairs required for more unique, complicated styles.

  • Panel doors: This is a common choice for new installations and replacements in Colorado Springs. Paneled slabs have multiple rails and stiles, which create the distinct paneled appearance of the slab itself. The appearance of this style works well with both traditional and contemporary styles of home design.

  • Flush doors: This style utilizes a flat, modern design that usually has a single uniform color or finish. Flush slabs sit right against the wall and their color can be customized to blend right in with your walls. They look great in modern settings but might not blend as well with traditional design features.

  • French doors: This is a popular choice for large common spaces like a dining room or living room, as well as patio door installation and other secondary exterior entryways. This style has two slabs that swing open on hinges, and they're often adorned by decorative glass designs.

  • Sliding doors: Installation for this variety is usually limited to exterior entries in Colorado Springs, but a sliding slab could also be a great choice for the other common areas where you might want an elegant entrance. Technically speaking, they could be used for any of your interior spaces, if that matches your personal taste, but they do have more complex installation requirements than standard swinging options.

  • Pocket doors: Installation for this style is less common in Colorado Springs, but the pocket style is a great option for saving space in areas where a swinging slab might be an obstacle. Instead of swinging open, pocket slabs slide right into the adjacent wall. They can even be used to temporarily block off or open up connected rooms.

  • Louvered doors: This is a common installation choice for closet doors, pantries and other storage spaces. The decorative louvres—slanted strips of glass, wood or other materials—offer both privacy and ventilation. They're more commonly used as interior decorative features in Colorado Springs. Other potential uses include ensuite bathrooms and dining rooms.

Pet Door Installation in Colorado Springs

The people living in your home might not be the only ones who benefit from safe, convenient entryways. There is also a wide selection of installation options for pets too. With the right installation, both you and your pet will benefit from the greater ease of access that these features provide.

You can pet door installation for your front entry, your sliding glass patio entryway or another area of your home. There are plenty of options for all desires and design requirements. You could even get installation for your wall or window. With the right local handyman, you'll be able to get exactly what you—and your pet—need. You can even get installation for interior spaces to improve your pet's ease of access throughout your entire home.

Key Considerations for Pet Door Installation in Colorado Springs:

  • Size: It's important to measure your pet prior to installation and ensure that any model you choose will comfortably and safely accommodate your pet. The general rule for sizing is a unit that is about two inches higher than your pet's shoulder height. If your pet is younger and still growing, you may want to choose a larger option, to accommodate their potential continued growth.

  • Material: The most common models often include plastic or vinyl flaps, but there are other options available depending on your budget and your installation requirements. Plastic flaps are a great affordable option, but they do tend to become discolored and get scratched over time. Vinyl is a lightweight option that's easier for smaller and older animals to push.

  • Energy Efficiency: Some homeowners in Colorado Springs worry that a pet entry will reduce their overall energy efficiency, but there are many units that are built with features to maintain energy efficiency. When choosing a potential model, look for features like magnets, an insulated flap, double flaps and fasteners.

  • Security: Many models are created with additional features to maintain your home's overall security and allow you to control when your pet comes and goes. However, not all models are designed with those security features, so it's important to look for them when choosing a model—if security is a priority for your installation. Common security features include manual locks, electronic collar locks, anti-raccoon features and sliding covers

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