Our Guide to Installing, Finishing, and Repairing Drywall

Drywall is among the most common materials used for residential and commercial walls. Drywall is beautiful, sleek, and durable, but it can become damaged or worn out at times. Installing or repairing drywall is no do-it-yourself project. Working with drywall requires extensive expertise. Luckily, Mr. Handyman of Coon Rapids and Blaine offers drywall repair and installation services in Coon Rapids and Blaine, Minnesota. Whether you need help patching a hole, replacing a section of moldy drywall, or installing drywall in a new space, you can trust our team to make the project a success. Learn more about our drywall repair, finishing, and installation services.

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The Types of Drywall Damage We Repair

The team at Mr. Handyman of Coon Rapids and Blaine is experienced in performing various different types of drywall repairs. There are many different ways your drywall can become damaged, but we can offer you a solution to it all. Whether you need help repairing drywall holes, repairing drywall cracks, or repairing drywall with water damage, you’ll be amazed by our high-quality work. Our team will inspect the damage, explain our process, and answer any questions you may have. Some of the most common types of drywall damage include: 

  • Water damage and watermarks 
  • Cracks from settling 
  • Regular wear and tear 
  • Rodent infestations 
  • Damage from kids or pets 
  • Doorknob holes 
  • Mold or mildew 
  • Holes from screws, nails, or anchors 

What Is Drywall Finishing? 

Drywall finishing is a delicate art, and it takes experience, knowledge, and a keen eye to get the job done right. At Mr. Handyman of Coon Rapids and Blaine, our technicians have an average of 10 years of experience working in the field. This means that you can expect us to perform flawless drywall finishing projects. If you have never finished a drywall before, you might be wondering what is involved. Finishing drywall is the process of using joint tape, mud, and sanding to disguise the seams between the different pieces of drywall. Once a room is finished, the different pieces of drywall will look like one continuous and smooth surface. We will always explain the process and the cost of finishing your drywall ahead of time. Our team can perform every step in the drywall finishing process, including: 

  • Drywall seam and joint taping 
  • Drywall mudding 
  • Drywall sanding 

Repairing and Finishing Many Different Materials  

For the average person, it’s tough to know whether your walls are made of drywall, gypsum board, green board, or some other material. Don’t worry. Mr. Handyman of Coon Rapids and Blaine can perform repairs on many different types of wall material. Whether we are repairing ceiling drywall or repairing corner drywall, we always perform our work with the same attention to detail. If you don’t know what type of wall material you have, we can inspect it and help you determine whether it’s drywall, sheetrock, or something else. Some of the other types of drywall-like materials that we work with include: 

  • Gypsum board 
  • Green board 
  • Cement board 
  • Stucco  
  • Sheetrock 
  • And more! 

Mr. Handyman of Coon Rapids and Blaine’s Other Services  

Mr. Handyman of Coon Rapids and Blaine is part of a national franchise that has been in the handyman business for over 25 years. So, we are equipped to handle a wide range of home repairs. Whether you need help painting a room or installing a deck, our team can help. Some of the services we offer include: 

  • Painting  
  • Door repairs 
  • Carpentry services 
  • Caulking services  
  • Deck and patio repairs 
  • Drywall repairs and finishing 
  • Home interior and exterior remodeling services 
  • And much more! 

Schedule a Drywall Repair or Installation Appointment Now! 

The drywall around your house has a very noticeable impact on the visual appeal of any space. So, it’s crucial to repair damaged sections of drywall as soon as possible. If you have any areas of your drywall with holes, watermarks, or any other kind of damage, let our team restore it to its like-new appearance. We have worked with countless homeowners in and around Coon Rapids and Blaine. Our team has the knowledge and tools for repairing drywall. Most importantly, we make the entire process as stress-free as possible. We will inspect the area, help you choose an appropriate solution, and explain the cost of repairing the drywall. Contact us today to schedule a drywall repair or installation appointment! 

Mr. Handyman of Coon Rapids and Blaine proudly serves Coon Rapids, Blaine, Champlin, Circle Pines, and Minneapolis. 

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