Installing a Kitchen Backsplash Can Transform Your Home

When it comes to home improvement projects, installing a new kitchen backsplash offers you more bang for your buck than almost anything else you can do. The kitchen affects the value of a home more than virtually any other room. Revamping your kitchen backsplash is the easiest way to transform your entire kitchen. My Handyman of Dover, Portsmouth, and Rochester performs kitchen backsplash installation services in Dover, Portsmouth, and Rochester, New Hampshire. When you work with our professional handymen, you’ll see the difference in our high-quality craftsmanship. Learn more about installing a new kitchen backsplash.

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What Is A Kitchen Backsplash?

If you are not familiar with kitchen backsplashes, they are sections of tiling that protect walls from liquid, grease, and food that may splatter on the wall. Kitchen backsplashes are typically installed around countertops, sinks, and stoves since those areas are in the most danger of harmful splatter. However, kitchen backsplashes are not just functional. They are decorative too. Our kitchen backsplash install services can incorporate many different types of materials, colors, and patterns. That means that we can create a unique artistic design in your kitchen that perfectly complements the theme of your space.

Choosing The Right Material For Your Backsplash

The materials used in a kitchen backsplash tile installation project come in many different forms. So, when you decide that it’s time to install a new backsplash, your first decision should be what material to use. While making this decision, it is helpful to understand some of the most popular materials used in backsplashes. Some of the most common materials used to create backsplashes include:

  • Ceramic – Ceramic tiles are durable, smooth, and cost-effective. They withstand heat and moisture very well, but they require a high level of skill and expertise to install.
  • Stone – Stone backsplashes give your kitchen a natural and classic appeal. The unique cuts of stone tile mean that every backsplash is a one-of-a-kind work of art.
  • Glass – Glass tiling can create a mosaic backsplash in your kitchen that brightens up your space. Glass does not fade over time, which makes it a supreme long-term option.
  • Metal – Metal backsplashes can really make your whole kitchen shine. They are easy to wipe down and install.
  • Brick – Brick backsplashes can give your kitchen a city vibe and set it apart from other backsplashes you may see. Brick is one of the trickier backsplash materials to install, but that’s no problem for the pros at My Handyman of Dover, Portsmouth, and Rochester.

We Perform Kitchen Backsplash Repairs

While we are experts at installing kitchen backsplashes, we have just as much experience repairing them. Kitchen backsplashes protect your walls from harmful substances in the kitchen. This means they are often exposed to some rough treatment that results in damage. If you have a broken or chipped section of tiling on your backsplash, we can repair or replace it for you. Our handymen have an average of 10 years of experience working in the field, which means that you can trust them to solve any problem your backsplash has.

Why Choose My Handyman of Dover, Portsmouth and Rochester

When installing a new kitchen backsplash, you want a team of handymen with a proven track record. My Handyman of Dover, Portsmouth, and Rochester has become known all across The Granite State for our friendly and reliable specialists. That is because we offer unparalleled service and craftsmanship. When you work with us, you can expect the following:

  • A safe and worry-free experience
  • Local handymen
  • We will clean up after completing the work
  • Fully insured experts
  • Upfront pricing

Schedule A Kitchen Backsplash Installation Appointment Now!

Setting out to remodel your kitchen can be a big project. So, you want to make sure that you have a reliable team of handymen behind you. When you work with My Handyman of Dover, Portsmouth, and Rochester, you aren’t just working with one handyman. You are working with a whole team of experienced experts. We will meet with you to inspect your space, plan the work ahead of time, and provide you with upfront pricing. On top of that, we always make sure to clean up when the work is done, removing all debris and equipment from your home. That’s the sort of quality that you get when you work with the best team of handymen in Dover, Portsmouth, and Rochester. Schedule your kitchen backsplash installation appointment now!

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