Detailed Procedure From the Time A Job Is Booked By the Office Up to the Time Our Technician Completes the Job

Service Area & Zips Covered by Mr. Handyman

Our Company Name is "Mr. Handyman." Our full name is Mr. Handyman of Fairfax and E. Loudoun County in Virginia, commonly known as "Mr. Handyman" and we are a franchisee. Our "Service Area" (Map & Zips) can be clicked on the Left. When you call Mr. Handyman, first we will note down your zip code, address, (name and phone number) to be sure you're in our service area.

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Employees Are Insured, Bonded and Have Workers Comp. Class a Contractors License in VA

For your protection, Mr. Handyman has a VA Class A Contractors License. We are fully insured and bonded. For your safety, all of our Technicians have gone through criminal background checks and drug testing.

Charges Are by Time and Material

Residential and Commercial: We do both Residential and Commercial jobs.

Time and Material Model: We work on the TIME AND MATERIAL Model. That means, we charge for the Time the Tech works and Materials are extra. For T & M Model, we collect payment at the end of each workday. When you call in at our office, we note down all your projects and roughly assess the amount of time it would take to do the work. From the time estimate, you get an idea about the total labor cost. Contact the office, as it may be possible to schedule based on Tech availability in your zip code.

Arrival Time Options, A) Morning 8 AM or B) Flexible 11 – 2 PM (in winter) & 11 - 3 PM (in summer)

When you call our office we will schedule the work date that is convenient for you. We have two appointment timings for the day:

  1. Our Tech can arrive in the morning at aFixed Arrival time of 8:00 AM.
  2. The next Tech arrival timing is called Flexible Arrival Timing. The Tech may arrive any time between 11 AM to 3 PM. If you are generally at home and do choose this flexible arrival, then, we give you a call (on your cell or home), about 1/2 hour prior to his arrival at your home.
  3. First Available. If we booked your job on a farther date, it can be helpful to change your appointment to an earlier date/time. If you are listed with the office as First Available, then we can call you if an earlier opening becomes available. If the new schedule suits you, then the office will move your appointment up. If not, your original appointment stays. However, you need to tell the office at the time of the booking that you want to be placed with the First Available schedule.

Email Address, Payment and Other Details

When we schedule your appointment, we will also note your email address. We use your email address to send you an email confirmation for the job booked. We collect the payment at the end of the job on daily basis, preferably by a check. To track our marketing expense, we also ask "How did you hear about us?" From all first time users, we do get a Credit Card number to confirm your appointment.

Better Time Estimate by the Tech Before Starting

When the Tech arrives and knocks, he will note his arrival time. He'll take 5 to 10 minutes or so and go over the list of your projects. He'll write down his own better estimate. In the end, however, you will be charged for the actual time the Tech would have worked. You will be requested to sign the Invoice, thereby, authorizing him to start the work. You may give him additional work even after you sign. Our Service Checklist contains the list of the jobs, including the odd jobs that we do. Also, we encourage you to read the Work Agreement on the Invoice. The Tech check marks jobs completed in real time on the Invoice. That lets you know the progress of the entire work order. If any project takes more time than the Tech first estimated, he will/should keep you informed of the reasons. Sometimes, some jobs pose unexpected repair problems while some other jobs get done, like a breeze. That is why you are charged for the actual time spent by the Tech and not his estimated time or the time the office scheduled it for. If your Work Order has many job items to be completed lasting two or more days, then the Tech will keep track of jobs through use of the “Long Jobs Form”, and, you can add jobs, or delete or change priorities for your jobs as they go.

On-site Estimate

Mr. Handyman specializes in jobs from two hours to few days. For Booking Larger or Longer Jobs, the customers have following options:

1) If for any reason, the customer feels uncomfortable booking the job when calling first time, we do suggest that you first "try us out" for the two hour minimum. After doing the 2-hour minimum work, the Tech can take a look at the larger jobs/projects and give you an item-wise FREE estimate on T & M Model. That way you would have assessed our Tech’s pace and quality of work.

2) After he has given you his estimate, you may decide and tell the Tech to continue with the estimated projects. Tech can continue working for you, if he still has time available to continue your projects AND he does not have another customer Work Order on hand.

3) Or, discuss your projects with the office 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM and office will advise the best possible way to handle your jobs or the estimate.

4) We have been in business for over 10 years. We have completed over 20,000 Work Orders using the T&M model. The Tech will charge for the actual time worked. One customer gave us this Review:

“I specially like the efficient, quality workmanship I received from a very professional crew. Additionally I like: (a) the T&M basis of work which lends itself to a very reasonable price, (b) the fact that Credit Cards are accepted." ~T. A., Ashburn VA

5) We hear all the time that customers are looking for Quality Technicians and Quality Customer Service experience. Like-wise we at the office and my Techs too, are also looking for Quality Customers who want a hassle-free service and would treat our 20-years Experienced Techs with respect, value/appreciate their workmanship and pay due consideration to their professional advice. They are experienced in all fields of home repairs. In a nutshell, you will find the Techs are multi-talented and amazing.

Van Stocks & Purchased Materials

Materials used are of two types: Van Stock & Purchased Materials. Van Stock means general materials that the Technician carries on his van, like caulk, screws, nails, drywall mud, tape, thin-set for tiles etc. Obviously he can't carry the entire Lowe's inventory on his van. The Tech will charge, as a separate line item, the amount with mark-up, which is 3 times, for the Van Stock Materials used. The more Van Stock that is used, the more the charges will be. Van Stock saves the Tech a trip to the marketplace to buy those items. If there are additional materials needed for the job that the Technician does not already have on his van, we refer those items as Purchased Materials. Customers can purchase the materials or the Tech can go and get them. After he makes a list of the needed materials, the Tech can go to purchase the materials. He goes to the nearest home center and picks them up. He will be on the clock when he goes to the store, so that would add time to the final invoice. He will also apply a % mark-up to those materials on a sliding scale from 60% to 100%. The mark-up depends on the cost of the materials. The mark-up charged also covers the royalties paid to the franchise. If the van is used to bring in your materials or for any other use, then Van Use Fee of $15 is also charged. Technician's expertise comes in handy if he picks up the materials. It's fine with us if a customer would like to buy the materials. The Tech will let you know what materials are needed. He will start working on another part of the project while you go to the store to get the needed materials. For commonly known or simple materials, you can have the needed materials available beforehand, ready for the Tech to start the work when he arrives. If you get the materials, you save on Tech time as well as mark-up. Most customers let the Tech to do the buying. That way, the materials bought are absolutely correct and backed by our one-year warranty policy.

Heavy & Longer Ladder Policies

If the Technician needs a 40' extension ladder or a 16' A-frame ladder, he'll need help from a second Tech. Those ladders are very large and heavy. It is mandatory by OHSA that two people handle it. If you have a job where the handyman needs help from another Tech using the ladder, then you will be paying for the second Tech for the actual time worked. Our charges starts with a one-hour minimum and then in 15-minute increments for each of the Techs. There is no ladder rental or charge for the 32' or 40' extension and 16' A-frame ladders.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

About 15-minutes before the job completion, or when the Tech requests the customer, the customers need to go through all the completed jobs while the Tech is still working at your home and see that the jobs are done to your satisfaction. After finishing all your jobs, the Tech will request you to sign the invoice at the top, whereby you will be acknowledging that the work was done properly and to your satisfaction. Even after your signature, you still have our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Yet, we do request you to check the work before signing. If an issue arises within one-year relating to the workmanship, please give the office a call. We will come back and re-do it, with no additional labor charge to you. Material cost and the Service Charge will apply. However, we do not guarantee water leaks of any kind, as mentioned on the Invoice Work Agreement. In addition, the guarantee covers only those materials that have been bought by our Techs and not those bought or supplied by the customers. Read more about it in “Customer Q and A." So, do check those water leak jobs (roof leaks repaired, window leaks repaired, new plumbing fixture installed, etc.) for the next two or three days. If a leak does re-develop, please call us to do more investigation and work against payment.

Consider Recommendations for the Near Future

Please read your yellow copy of the Invoice and consider Tech Recommendations near the bottom-left, discussed and written by the Tech. If another visit by the Technician is needed, for example DAY 2 of the dry wall or DAY 2 of the tile job, or you decide to get additional jobs done as per the Tech Recommendations, please call the office to schedule it. However, it is best to get it scheduled while the Tech is still working and has collected the payment from you.

48-hour Cancellation Policy

Once your appointment is scheduled, we do have a 48-hour cancellation policy. The office operates Monday through Friday 8 AM - 6 PM. If you do need to cancel your appointment, please call the office at least 48 hours before your appointment. If you cancel within the 48 hours, there is a first hour charge of $158.

To Sum Up the Experience of Hassle-free Repair Service

If you want to experience hassle-free repair service, from start to finish, with 100% satisfaction guarantee, then try us. After the first visit, when you feel comfortable with our service and the T & M Model, we are sure your next appointment will be hassle-free. All you have to do, is email or call with your:

  1. Projects or the to-do list
  2. Date the service is desired
  3. Morning Fixed or Afternoon Flexible Arrival Time, and,
  4. Just your guesswork for the approximate hours that you want us to send the Tech for. Then the ball is in our court to organize and confirm the appointment for you.

Following Are Useful Policies in Favor of the Customers

* We never collect a down payment.

* We also have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

* We have completed over 20,000 work orders since May 2005, all on the Time & Material Model. Many projects were for more than two days and all of our customers are fully satisfied.

* You too will become one of our over 80% repeat customers.

* Our attention to detail, whether in customer service or the Tech’s work, sets us apart from the rest. Mr. Handyman has one priority, to keep the customer fully satisfied.

* We stand for: On Time, Done Right, Professional, Safe and Reliable.

* On the landing page, it is written: No need to take time off from work to get your home repairs taken care of. Just spend 10 minutes with your Mr. Handyman Technician before you leave for work. When you come home you will be welcomed with a job well done! Our Techs can work unsupervised and do good job for you.

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