Windows are likened to the smile of your humble abode as they shed natural sunlight into an otherwise debilitating indoor living space by illuminating your home. Apart from providing you with some much-needed vitamin D as you bask in the warm nudge of the bright sunshine, windows also allow you to crack open a refreshing breeze on a moment's notice. A house without windows is akin to a decrepit and dank dungeon devoid of any livelihood, and although mysterious, does not promote a healthy lifestyle. Not only does a window-damaged glass or stuck latch sour the mood, but it’s a major inconvenience not being able to open your windows. Besides the superstition that broken glass brings you ill will and bad fortune, it’s never recommended to leave a broken window unrepaired as not only does it make your home look like a dingy eyesore and somewhat shady to onlookers but your monthly utility bills will soar as your home’s energy efficiency is impacted. This is made worse if any leaks haven’t been sealed with caulk or proper weather stripping as the excessive moisture can slowly seep into the indoors and wilt away the inside of your drywalls and ceiling, resulting in rotting wood alongside mold and mildew growth, and overall, a weakened house structure. Eventually, you’ll realize that not only have you compromised on the structural integrity of your home, but now you are exposed to air quality issues. So it may be about time to hire a local, licensed, and fully insured Fairfax handyman from Mr. Handyman of Fairfax and Eastern Loudoun Counties for a window repair service.

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What Is A Window Repair & Why Is It Essential?

 Newly repaired window on Fairfax home by Mr. Handyman

A damaged window doesn’t necessarily consist of only broken glass either, as there are other subtle repairs as a window’s frame can shrink, bend, or warp due to accumulated debris such as dirt and dust and jam the window’s sliding track. Our Fairfax handyman can perform, for example, mends for a busted window latch which is normally due to local weather conditions, debris, or leaks, or its attached components such as the hinge, warped sash, or crank lever, which may have become faulty. We do so by repairing the broken parts and, atop this, recaulk your window frame and securely tighten it around the edges so air drafts can‘t escape and impact your indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Trust us–you don’t want to be stingy about a window repair, as a window is like the smile of your home and sets the mood and tone of a room.

Although windows have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years on average before they fall into disrepair, it depends on your effort and motivation toward their proper upkeep through a routine annual inspection and regular cleaning. If you outrightly ignore any maintenance whatsoever, you will rapidly see your grimy windows begin to falter and weaken, susceptible to air drafts and leakages. Sometimes too, it’s more cost-effective to get a window repair over a replacement, as it's a matter of tweaking a loose nut or bolt rather than doing an expensive and total overhaul of your window. The longevity of a window depends on its durability, materials used, local weather conditions, and the aptitude of the original technician for the installation service. Lately, if you’ve noticed your window frame has crumbling wood, is cracked, chipped, or dented, has foggy surfaces from moisture build-up inside the panes from condensation, or has the worst-case scenario of shattered glass or your presence around the window feels unusually colder than usual–these are all red flags you require a Fairfax window repair.

Our Forefront Fairfax Window Repair Services

Fairfax window that was recently repaired by Mr. Handyman technician

Keeping your windows in pristine condition should be mandatory rather than optional, as apart from broken glass panes giving off a spooky vibe and uninviting atmosphere, it makes it seem as if your home is uninhabited. And so, you are best advised not to be complacent about window repair. Fairfax, VA homeowners are only hurting themselves by losing out on improved comfort, lower electricity bills, and bolstered physical and mental well-being.

Glass Replacement

Our professional technician can replace your single-pane windows with more robust double-pane ones offering better protection as this version has gas sealed between the pieces of glass, which not only insulates your home but also you save big bucks on your monthly utility bill. If you already have double-pane windows but find they have hairline fractures or cracks from hail damage, have been completely shattered from a baseball, or fogged out due to trapped condensation and extra moisture between panes, we can rectify this, so you are back to inhaling a fresh, light and clean outdoors breeze.

Peeling Wood

Normally, in Mother Nature, a tree would readily shed its dead leaves and prune its branches, but in the artificially built and real-world of our home your home’s wooden structures, such as your window frame, cannot do so. If your window frames happen to be peeling away, it may be due to rotted wood. After removing the damaged areas for a window repair, Fairfax, VA property owners will notice it can take a bit of elbow grease with soft wood putty or a patch to restore the window’s surface to pristine condition. It is best not to overlook wood on your swollen window sill as it results in a domino effect of further problems, such as stuck window latches and unsightly cracks that snake through your drywall.

Window Latch

A window latch or sash lock is the standard lock found on either single-pane or double-pane windows and basically connects the two portions or sashes of the window and securely upholds them. If the latch is broken, you cannot open the window completely and allow in fresh air indoors. Most broken window latches can be replaced by removing the screws holding the old latch and disposing of the latch itself. This is followed up by installing a new latch and using silicone lubricant on the latch mechanism to not only ensure it remains slick but to improve your window’s performance and preserve its lifespan.

Sash Repair

The window sash is the exterior border that encapsulates the glass and is a movable fixed frame that supports and holds the glass in place within the window frame. Depending on the sash, it can be either movable or stagnant, which can or cannot allow the glass to slide up and down from where it is positioned. Depending on the extent of the damage, a sash may or may not be easily repaired. For example, if the damage is reserved to a specific spot on the window glass pane replacing just the sash is no sweat. But in certain circumstances, you need to replace the entire window if the sash is badly damaged, for example, from water and moisture damage.

Jamb Repair

The jams are the vertical borders on either side of the window frame and are lined with a strip which allows for a secure fit for the window sash. Jambs serve as support mechanisms for window latches and contain a track or rail which allows you to physically adjust the window itself.

Sill Repair

A sill is the twin counterpart of a jamb as it is the horizontal part or bottommost part of the window frame. Window sills help to shield your windows from rain and snow, readily preventing water damage from seeping through, resulting in rotting wood structures. Both window jambs and sills can be repaired with an epoxy wood filler for minor damages such as small holes or dents during a Fairfax window repair service.

Hinges Repair

Also called friction hinges, these mechanisms use the persuasive force of friction to keep windows open at the required angle and are located on either side of the window sash. Usually, window hinges are not difficult to adjust or even replace on most windows and if they become stiff or loose, your expert technician will give them the quick fix they need by unscrewing them and reinstalling them again.

Crank Lever

Most modern built houses may not have this old-school window component as a window’s crank lever is used to open and shut a window–as you guessed it–by cranking it out using a handle located at the bottom of a frame. The handy crank, in turn, connects to a movable arm which connects the sash or again, the encasing that holds the glass pane. Although crank levers are considered outdated these days, if you have older windows, our skilled technician can fix them during a window repair service.

Trim Repair

Similar to a portrait being encased by a photo frame so does your window need to have a decorative border too, with interior window trim. Trim is a piece of wood that bridges the gap or seam where the window meets the wall and serves not only as eye-catching decor but offers extra protection for your window, sheathing it from accumulated debris and a pest infestation. Our trained technician can fix your window’s trim using a wood filler or patch for minor cracks or fractures and follow up with sandpaper to smooth over and finish off by applying a polish of stain.

Why We Are The Formidable Choice For Window Frame Repair

Despite your window exhibiting shattered glass, hairline cracks or fractures on the window frame, or a jammed latch due to a leakage, a window repair, Fairfax, VA homeowners should rest assured a window repair is more affordable the vast majority of times than an expensive and brand new window installation. It’s best not to procrastinate on a Fairfax window repair, as quality windows make your home a more habitable place to reside in. Mr. Handyman is your one-stop shop for professional window repair services, as this is our area of expertise:

  • Transforming single-pane windows to double-pane windows
  • Window shutter installation
  • Weatherproofing
  • Plugging leaks using sealant
  • Replacing rotting wood on window frames
  • Window defogging
  • Adjusting stuck latches
  • Repairing or replacing trim
  • Hanging blinds, curtains, and drapes

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Repair

Can You Replace The Window Without Removing The Frame?

Yes–this is doable. Although you are recommended to replace the frame too, certain circumstances warrant the replacement of only the window pane itself, especially if the frame is in a ship-shape condition free from any damages such as peeling, cracking, or holes. In doing so, a brand new pane is installed in place of the existing window frame.

Is It Better To Repair Or Replace Old Windows?

It depends on the extent of the damage–if the frame is in good condition, you can save money by just replacing the broken glass. But if the frame has deteriorated over the years and is looking worn out, it’s best to replace the whole window. And recall, a window repair or installation is almost always worth the price tag as it's a worthwhile investment as you make a return of up to almost 70% with quality windows and you will reap these rewards upon the sale of your home.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Full Frame Window?

Generally speaking, on average, it can cost anywhere between $600 to $2,500 per window depending on if you are getting a refurbishment based on materials, size, and any customization for a full frame replacement.

What Time Of Year Is Best To Replace Windows?

Spring or early summer is the best time for repairing or replacing windows, as it’s warm enough to replace multiple windows without letting cold drafts sneak into your home during the remodeling project. As a last-chance attempt, Fall also works great for Fairfax window repairs as it will allow you to winterize your homes and allow for better energy efficiency during the cold winter months, and as you become more sedentary, remaining indoors more during the hibernation period of winter.

How Do I Know If My Window Frame Is Rotted?

Some telltale signs your window frame has fallen into disrepair due to water and moisture damage include peeling paint, cracks and fractures, warped wood surfaces, and crumbling sections of wood.

Handyman Of Fairfax Will Beam Bright Light Into Your Humble Abode!

Live in decrepit ruins no more with a Fairfax window repair! Your home is your sanctuary and windows are needed for radiant sunshine to beam through and light up your world. If you are indecisive, feel free to schedule a no-obligation consultation and if you’re still hesitant, please note that we only offer transparent, upfront pricing backed by our one-year parts and labor, guarantee so if you are not satisfied with your window repair, Fairfax, VA need only ask our expert technician to make the proper adjustments. Whether you’re in Fairfax or nearby areas of Ashburn, Centreville or Dunn be sure to reach out to our courteous customer service representatives and we eagerly await to serve you for all your residential and commercial renovation needs.

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