Your home may not be a palace, but it should feel like one to you: beautifully appointed, perfectly functioning, and designed to cater to your unique needs. Unfortunately, that's often not the case. If you have a long list of home repair and maintenance tasks that need to be taken care of, your home can feel less like a palace and more like a dungeon that you can't wait to escape.

Sadly, neglecting those seemingly minor issues like drywall repair and deck refinishing can cause bigger problems down the road when the damage gets worse and causes a costly, time-consuming headache. Every home needs maintenance, but you may not be equipped to tackle every single thing that needs doing — frankly, who has the time?

We do! The team of service professionals atMr. Handyman of Fairfax and Eastern Loudoun Countieshas the skill and training, backed by years of hands-on experience, to cross off every task on your to-do list quickly and efficiently. You don't need to give yourself the hassle of hiring multiple contractors to manage this, that, and the other thing when one call does it all at Mr. Handyman.

It can be stressful to have someone working on your home, especially if you've had unpleasant experiences with other service companies in the past. That's why our handymen are focused on treating you and your property with respect while doing everything possible to provide a safe, worry-free experience along with exceptional craftsmanship. We'll arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment and take the time to address all your concerns or answer any questions you may have before we get started. That way, we can ensure that the final result of our work will be exactly what you were hoping for—or even better!

Professional Handyman Services in Reston, VA

We are a locally owned and operated business, and as such, our experienced home repair specialists are proud to serve Reston with a wide range of services from minor repairs to larger projects, including high-quality home improvement services. Reston's residents often recommend our comprehensive handyman service to their neighbors once they see our professionalism and skill for themselves.


Curb appeal is important, but there are reasons to keep your home's exterior in excellent condition that go beyond appearances. Your exterior cladding is your home's armor, its first line of defense against costly and aggravating interior damage in Reston. Your yard and deck are also another living space that you'll want to take advantage of during warm weather. Exterior maintenance services keep your outdoor living space safe and attractive for friends and family.

Our exterior services for both homes and commercial properties include:

  • Power washing
  • Gutter repair & cleaning
  • Deck staining, painting, & refinishing
  • Deck repairs & decking solutions
  • Rotten wood replacement
  • Garage door services
  • Stucco repair
  • Vinyl siding services
  • Carpentry work & repair
  • Fence & gate installation
  • Trim & decorative painting
  • Exterior caulking
  • Water damage mitigation
  • Patio furniture assembly
  • Weatherproofing
  • Installing basketball poles & other sports equipment

This list is far from exhaustive, so if you have something in mind that's not included above, like the need to repair storm damage, give us a call and let us know what you're thinking!


Natural light, fresh breezes, and of course, the views... windows are one of the best features of our homes, and the main thing standing between Reston homes and, well, cave dwellings. When they're in need of repair, they can cause some serious issues that make your home uncomfortable and cost you an arm and a leg on your utility bill.

When we think of broken windows, smashed glass tends to come to mind, but there are some more subtle signs that indicate your windows need attention from Mr. Handyman.

Watch for these symptoms:

  • Cool drafts near windows, even when they're closed
  • Rotten wood on frames
  • Insects finding their way in through window frames or screens
  • Heating and cooling costs are increasing even though your usage is not
  • Windows are difficult to open and close
  • Noise from outside is disturbing you when windows are closed

Whatever the issue, our handyman window experts can repair your window woes or complete environmentally friendly window installations that will drastically increase your home's energy efficiency.


Anyone who has ever had to dry their laundry by hanging it on a clothesline knows how important automatic clothes dryers are to save time, but many Reston homeowners are not aware that failing to clean their dryer vents creates a serious hazard to their home and family.

Normally, lint and other debris go into the lint trap, while the vent is used to rid the dryer of hot, humid air, but over time, lint and other materials make their way into the ventilation hose, partially or completely obstructing the airflow. This can cause the dryer to produce a tiny spark that sets highly flammable lint ablaze inside the vent, sending flames ripping through multiple levels of your home. But how do you know if your dryer vent needs cleaning? Here are some signs to be aware of:

  • Clothes are not dry at the end of one cycle
  • Takes more than about 30 to 45 minutes to dry clothes
  • Laundry has a musty smell or is very hot after drying
  • Visible lint around the vent opening (outside)

For safety, your dryer vent needs to be cleaned at least once per year, but large families that produce a lot of laundry may need cleaning services as often as every six months.

Rely on Mr. Handyman for Repairs, Maintenance, and Improvements in Reston, VA!

Mr. Handyman of Fairfax and Eastern Loudoun Counties has the expertise and skill to tackle a large variety of projects around your home or business, and we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service.

Give us a call today or submit a service request online to find out why we're Reston's first choice for personable home service.