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Are you having trouble with your door, but can't get it fixed? At Mr. Handyman serving Fort Myers and Bonita Springs, we specialize in making sure your doors are repaired or installed right the first time. With our insured, trained, and reputable handymen, we offer you a completely worry-free experience.

As homeowners like you, we understand that you want peace of mind knowing the job was done right no matter the door repair or replacement you need. For this reason, we guarantee our workmanship.

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Our Door Repair Services in Fort Myers

Need help with door repairs? We can help From minor repairs to major overhauls, these services can help you breathe new life into your doors.

Our door repair services can include anything from:

  • Replacing locks and hinges,
  • Repairing frames and thresholds
  • Installing weatherstripping and sweeps, or
  • Applying wood treatments such as refinishing and staining.

If you're looking for more than just a simple repair job, we can install custom-made doors in various sizes, colors, and materials.

Looking for someone to install or replace a smart lock? In addition to the traditional repairs that are often necessary with doors, there are some newer technologies that have become available for door repair services. Smart technology is being used to build automated locks that allow you to control who has access to your home. Talk about enhanced security!

From minor door repairs to door installations, count on us! Give us a call or request your service online today.

What Are the Benefits of Installing New Doors?

Installing new doors can have a number of great benefits for your home.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Improving Home Security. For one, new doors can provide increased security for your home. Most modern door designs often come with additional locks and other features that are difficult to break into.
  • Improving Energy Efficiency. Additionally, installing new doors can lead to improved energy efficiency in the home or business. Even small changes, such as adding weatherstripping or an insulated core around the door frame, can make a big difference in keeping cold air out during winter months and warm air in during summer months. This can result in lower energy bills.
  • Improving Your Home's Aesthetic Value. New doors also have aesthetic value which cannot be overlooked. Replacing old, dated doors with sleek, modern versions adds a fresh look to any space and helps to increase curb appeal if you're looking to sell your property. If the type of door being replaced is worn down or outdated, it’s likely that installing a new one may even increase the value of your property itself.
  • Soundproof a Room. Finally, replacing existing doors with new ones can create soundproofing benefits too. This is something important to consider if you live on a noisy street or are bothered by loud sounds coming from neighboring units. Installing solid core wood doors with gaskets between them (as well as weatherstripping) will do an excellent job at blocking out external noise pollution
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